Garden furniture


Garden furniture

Even the smallest garden can be turned into a cozy lounge area with a thoughtful design and a minimum of stylistic tricks. To begin with, it is worth choosing furniture for the garden, and only then complement the intended composition with decorative and atmospheric trifles.

Fortunately, today the choice of furniture for the garden and summer cottages is quite wide — it will satisfy both lovers of the classics, and fans of stylish European design, and romantics who are attracted by tropical, oriental or pirate themes.

Wicker garden furniture

Classic garden design. Wicker furniture is made from willow, rattan, bamboo and reeds. It is produced both in large factories in Asia, and in European design studios, and in small workshops. The latter are best sought in provincial towns and villages, where folk craft traditions are still preserved.

Forged garden furniture

Forging is quite expensive, but durable and reliable. Therefore, forged furniture is a choice for those who decide to approach the design of their dacha thoroughly. The style of metal furniture for the garden can be extremely diverse — the rough texture of the metal will be appropriate in eco and country decor; more elegant products with fantasy patterns will suit lovers of classics and modernity, fit into the oriental style of garden design. The forged frame of tables, armchairs, sofas and garden swings is most often combined with wood, less often with fabric, leather and wicker elements.

Wooden garden furniture

Wood garden furniture is a theme that has countless variations. It can be very different — both in design and in price. In general, you can even get by with a minimum of funds, since restored old furniture (chairs, chests of drawers, shelving, sofas, tables, benches, etc.) will fit perfectly into the garden surroundings. The easiest way is to process it with emery, paint it with water-based paint and cover it with craquelure varnish. Colors can be used bright, catchy or, on the contrary, delicate pastels. By the way, pale lavender in combination with craquelure will create a lyrical Provencal mood. Complement the vintage design with old furniture with other “trash” from your grandmother’s attic — umbrellas, nostalgic porcelain, watering cans, buckets and suitcases instead of flower beds and vases.

Also, wooden eco-furniture is popular in garden design — tables, benches, chairs, swings made of roughly processed material, with a pronounced wood texture (trunk joints, branches, pronounced annual rings on a log house).

Plastic garden furniture

Plastic garden furniture can be of two types: cheap and short-lived «Chinese» tables and chairs, or expensive designer items, which can partly be classified as art objects. The latter will please fans of pop art, hi-tech, fusion design.


Those who do not accept standard solutions can be offered an alternative to the usual garden furniture or an addition to it: hammocks or dastarkhans.

Hammocks can be on the crossbeams and «cocoons», there are also hammock chairs — either option will give your garden the glory of a lounge paradise. In general, if you have a good sewing machine, suitable material and instructions, you can sew a hammock yourself.

Dastarkhans are common in Central Asia, and they can also often be seen in seaside teahouses. In fact, this is a wooden platform with a high back-side along three sides, in the center of which there is a low table. You can make it from boards yourself (or entrust it to a carpenter), then decorate it with textiles: carpets, bedspreads, pillows, make a beautiful cloth or straw canopy over it.


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