Garden paths from plastic bottles


plastic bottle garden paths

The hot summer flies by quickly, autumn comes to replace it — it’s time to harvest the last harvest and prepare for winter. When cleaning the site, summer residents collect a rich «harvest» of plastic bottles. What to do with these «treasures», what to do with the plastic accumulated over the summer? Collect in bags and take to a landfill, burn it along with branches and leaves? You can, of course, and so, but it is very harmful to health and the environment.

We offer you another option — to make garden paths from plastic bottles. Our option will bring convenience to you, joy and pleasure to your children. Your site will become original and bright. There will be fewer enemies — weeds.

How to make a garden path with your own hands?

Plastic bottles are a free, great material for garden paths. Even a child can make paths out of them on a garden plot with you. No one is better than children to cope with such painstaking work as preparing bottles and decorating garden paths.

To start creating country masterpieces from bottles, you will need:

  • select track type;
  • prepare the place, sand. If necessary, dig a trench for garbage for 1.5 spades;
  • install formwork-box;
  • provide a tool: scoops, buckets, two boards along the width of the track.

Garden paths from whole plastic bottles

Bottles are filled with sand, dry earth. Small children do this carefully and with pleasure, for them it is a game, and you will not waste time on this main operation. The bottles should be periodically shaken, knocking the bottoms on the ground, compacting the sand. If the bottles are large, then a small child will not do it, let the adults come up, praise and shake the bottles.

Garden paths made from yoghurt bottles are elegant and beautiful, but ordinary transparent bottles can also be decorated. For example, cut from colored bags, magazine covers into rectangles the height and width of a bottle. Roll into a tube and insert inside. The tube will unfold along the wall, then the insert will press against it with sand. You can also mix finely chopped foil, candy wrappers or dye with sand.

Sand bottles are placed in a trench horizontally on a sand cushion. Before this, the trench is filled with branches, broken bricks, household waste and covered with earth. So that the bottles are evenly immersed in the sand, a board is placed on them. Let the kids jump on it, look like. The gaps between the bottles are covered with dry sand and cement, the backfill is leveled with a board. Lay down the board and walk along the path, then sweep away the excess bedding. Water the path from the watering can. When the cement sets well, the formwork can be removed. The necks of the bottles along the edges of the path do not look very nice, so it is better to cover the slopes with stones or make a fence from the same bottles.

Tracks of the bottoms of bottles and caps

decorating garden paths

These are the best and safest paths. And for children — an interesting activity, they love mosaics, puzzles, play in the sand. The bottoms of the bottles are cut off with scissors. A layer of sand is poured into the formwork on a well-packed earth. Align. Watered. Bottoms or lids are pressed into wet sand. From the bottoms you get a flower meadow, and from the covers you can lay out any pattern or picture according to the cross-stitch pattern.

Take the time and make yourself such original tracks. They will bring joy and pleasure to the whole family with their beauty and convenience. Your site will become original and bright.


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