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gazebo with glass roof


glass roof

From the category of outlandish features of the architecture of shopping centers and swimming pools, glass roofs gradually moved into the category of more affordable delights, which gave rise to their popularity in private construction. Not being more insanely expensive, the technology began to be actively used in the construction of country cottages and houses.

glass roof house

Glass attic, winter garden, indoor pool, terrace, gazebo with glass walls and roof — all these elements are actively used in modern private construction. At the same time, their reliability is in no way inferior in strength to standard roofs.

  1. The glass roof in the house must have a slope, that is, be pitched so that snow and rain do not linger and do not increase the weight of the structure.
  2. The bearing base is often made of aluminum, which has useful properties, such as lightness and strength, and the absence of a tendency to corrosive processes.
  3. The design of double-glazed windows is somewhat different from ordinary windows. Outside, there is always durable tempered glass, while inside a triplex sheet is installed — laminated glass, where the layers are interconnected by a polymer composition or film.
  4. The tint film on the upper surface of the glass, formed by vacuum deposition of the thinnest polymers, creates UV protection, makes the room invisible from the street, reflects heat, keeping the house cool in summer.
  5. If desired, you can lay the wiring to connect the controlled flaps, which can be opened and closed from the remote control.

Panoramic glass roof

Many dream of falling asleep looking at the stars. This dream can be realized with an invisible roof, the shape and design of which can be very diverse. If your choice is a flat glass roof, it is provided with a heating system for double-glazed windows to melt snow. To do this, electrical equipment is laid along the perimeter of the profile, which can be turned on and off as needed.

flat glass roof

If the glass roof is made in the form of a dome, hemisphere, arch or inclined plane, this implies the presence of a more complex and reinforced frame made of aluminum or, less often, steel profiles. The main difference between a panoramic roof is a large area of ​​glazing, which sometimes affects the walls of the house, turning your home into a futuristic architectural delight. The main thing is to think over in advance the convenience of maintaining such a design, including maintaining the cleanliness of the glass.

panoramic glass roof

Glass roof attic

Very often, in houses with an attic, so-called skylights (partial glazing) are made or a panoramic roof is installed. This room is best suited for such experiments. Glass elements are inserted directly into the roof. They play the role of additional lighting, and also allow you to admire the sky in any weather and any time of the year.

attic glass roof

At the same time, such warm glass roofs allow you to equip a full-fledged room or even a winter garden in the attic. Laminated glass and a reliable profile ensure the proper level of heat retention under the roof. At the same time, it protects against ultraviolet radiation and sunburn thanks to a special coating. So people and plants can feel very comfortable under such a roof.

warm glass roofs

Glass roof for terrace

Being a kind of link between the house and the surrounding nature, the glass roof terrace looks very light, stylish and elegant. Such a roof does not interfere with enjoying the view of the starry sky, in addition, it does not interfere with the penetration of natural light into the house at all. The glass roof of the terrace is made of high-strength sheets with a minimum thickness of 10 mm. Even serious loads are not able to break and somehow damage such a roof.

terrace glass roof

When installing it, you need to correctly calculate the required cross section of the support beams. As a rule, they are made with a margin of safety, since you need to rely not only on the weight of glass, but also on snow, especially for residents of regions with heavy rainfall in winter. This structure is attached to the house with steel anchors. The slope of the roof should be 8 degrees or more. This will help prevent rain from accumulating on it. Also, do not forget about the arrangement of the gutter and drainage system. This will significantly extend the life of the floor.

terrace with glass roof

Glass roof veranda

As you know, a veranda is a terrace closed on all sides, which can provide a comfortable stay at any time of the year and in any weather. If at the same time you can enjoy the view around without restrictions, such an extension becomes a favorite corner for relaxation for many. A glass roof veranda is equipped with glazing systems that are installed on pre-designed supporting structures.

glass roof veranda

An additional benefit of a glass roof on a veranda is energy savings, as it provides excellent levels of natural light. At the same time, glass protects from the harmful effects of sunlight. As in the case of glazing the main roof of the house, durable and reliable double-glazed windows are used here.

glass roof veranda

Glass roof for the balcony

Residents of apartments, not wanting to lag behind modern trends, often choose glazing of loggias and balconies from all sides. As a result, a balcony with a glass roof has become far from uncommon in urban realities. If the task is to make this room a full-fledged room suitable for use at any time of the year, the roof is made warm using a multilayer structure with additional heat and vapor barrier.

balcony glass roof

In order to prevent snow and water from accumulating, the roof over the loggia is made with a slope or a heating cable system is laid, which successfully melts snow and icicles, eliminating the problem. In addition to transparent glass, frosted glass can be used. It simultaneously maintains a good level of light penetration and eliminates the sun’s rays that hit the eyes.

balcony with glass roof

Gazebo with glass roof

The main advantage of a glass gazebo is a panoramic view. You can not only observe the landscape around you, but also enjoy the view of the endless sky. The light transmission and soundproofing ability of glass also benefits such structures. And so that in winter there are no problems with the accumulation of snow, there is always a heated glass roof. Since the glass used is thick and tempered, the total weight of the gazebo is significant, therefore a reliable foundation and a strong frame are required. But the end result is simply amazing.

gazebo with glass roof


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