Glazed gazebos — comfort with a beautiful view


Everyone garden gazebos are good! But in cool windy weather they are chilly and uncomfortable … And if you make walls — what’s the point in such a garden house without a view of the surroundings?

All issues are easily and naturally solved by panoramic glazing of open openings. Moreover, today there are four options for how to glaze a gazebo.

TRADITIONAL GLAZING with the help of wooden frames and glazing beads, to this day has not lost its relevance. Whatever one may say, it is inexpensive and available for independent execution.

For a small garden gazebo or summer pavilion — the option is quite acceptable if the lower part of the building is wooden. Glasses of small size are easy to cut and mount.

Disadvantage of the old glazing method I I consider only the fragility of glass and the danger of being cut.

PANORAMIC GLASSING surpasses the previous method in terms of safety. Tempered glass breaks into shards without sharp edges.

The second plus of double-glazed windows is tightness. Well, who would refuse a picnic in a snow-covered garden if the pavilion warms the warmth of the fireplace!

Despite the fact that the most inexpensive profile is usually chosen for glazing arbors, the design, in the end, is not so budgetary. This is a minus that covers a long service life.
You can glaze the entire surface from floor to ceiling, while the reliability of the design will not be in doubt.
NUANCE: although metal-plastic balcony doors are cheaper, experts recommend choosing the so-called external doors for the entrance area. They are made from a reinforced profile.

FRAMELESS GLAZING — a kind of panoramic. Its main trump card is an unobstructed view of the surroundings. The complete feeling of the absence of walls …

If necessary, the glass can be moved apart like a screen and inhale the aromas of the garden without getting up from a comfortable chair. The system is automated and is under remote control.
With all the advantages of frameless glazing, there are also disadvantages: the price and not tightness.
Almost all flaws are devoid FACADE GLAZING SYSTEM. The thin profile looks aesthetically pleasing, the design is completely sealed and safe.
The walls can be moved apart like a slider or «accordion».

This type of glazing is also used on the roof, it is so reliable.

If you are thinking of doing something solid, this is the best option.

PS All double-glazed windows can be tinted and reinforced.

The disadvantage of a fully sealed arbor is the high probability of overheating of the air if the arbor is located in an open area.

The problem is solved by the ventilation gap. In the photo above, you can see that the roof is, as it were, cut and raised. The heated air rises and exits, and fresh air flows through the open door.


The glazing of the gazebo does not have to be continuous. In some cases, a combined option is more acceptable. For example, it makes no sense to glaze the walls, the view from which opens up an overview of the neighboring yard or a blank fence.

The photo gallery opens with a series of pictures in a modern design.

In the photo above, an arbor, unusual in shape and lined with clapboard, is a separate bedroom in nature.

The front window is also the front door.

The frame opens on the principle of a slider.

A similar solution, but now as an office in nature: the facade is fully glazed with a double-leaf sliding frame.

And this solution is for those on whose site the container is located: its end part was cut out, like a piece of the facade.

The holes were glazed, painting on the outside, lining on the inside, a green roof was built on the roof, and a protective polycarbonate visor was installed above the entrance.

This photo is staged. it’s just that the authors dreamed about how a glass gazebo could be used, hinting that in winter a bath in nature is quite realistic. Well, of course, if you took care of its heating.

Infrared heating will make the room warm in just half an hour. The only question is the supply of hot water and thermal insulation of the water pipe 🙂

For glazing, in this case, they resorted to a frameless version.

Rotary (oar) glasses provide airing of an interior when it is necessary.

But this is not a project or a fantasy at all — this glass gazebo, or rather, garden houseactually built and privately owned in Norway.

They appreciate the unique beauty of their nature. Therefore, the owner decided to equip a garden house on the shore of the lake.

The frame is metal, the sleeping part is decorated with facade glazing, the rear compartment is sheathed with wood. There is a utility room with shelves for products, fishing rods, tools and things.

Nostalgic for the days of the nobility?

Option for a house with a mezzanine. Arbor in the same style: a pyramidal roof made of Plexiglas (polycarbonate) rests on four tall columns.

The space between the columns is glazed with frames (considering the height, it would be better to choose glass-composite ones).

In the photo above, there is a spacious gazebo (or rather, a summer kitchen-dining room) with simple glazing.

Quite a reasonable solution: maximum effect at optimal costs.

An option similar to the previous one.

If it were not for the glare on the glasses, then one would think that they are completely absent.

To avoid a large number of vertical posts in the project of this glazed gazebo, a reinforced frame resting on triple bars at the corners helped.

Horizontal overlap is no less reliable.

The use of glued beams made it possible to avoid shrinkage and, as a result, warping of light wooden frames.

Standard metal-plastic windows with wooden lining completely replaced the walls in this gazebo.

The presence of a large number of frames is offset by their white interior coloring and a glass roof, giving a feeling of spaciousness.

Either a gazebo, or a garden house …

The frame is made of round timber, which means that it can shrink by 15%.

For large windows, this can be a critical indicator, therefore it is recommended not to glaze such a log house immediately after construction.

Without problems and excesses, the process of glazing in a brick structure takes place.

The result is a capital building for decades to come.

An absolutely modern version of the summer kitchen: the frame folds like an accordion and, if desired, can completely open the opening.

It is very convenient for serving dishes directly from the barbecue, located right there on the terrace.

White chic: a spacious glazed gazebo (judging by its size, it would be more correct to call it a pavilion).

The rigidity of the glazed part is provided by brick columns with facing under wild stone.

Can anything compare with a sincere company among friends in a cozy kitchen! Only the same thing, but in the garden near the barbecue with burning coals and stunning aromas of the upcoming feast … There is no place more popular in the summer than …


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