How to build a toilet in the country with your own hands


How to build a toilet in the country - simple ideas for practical arrangement

The question of how to build a toilet in the country worries every owner, because this is the first building that needs to be built on the site in order to make your place of stay comfortable. Such work is easy to do on your own if you have some theoretical knowledge in technology.

How to make a toilet in the country?

Before you build an outdoor toilet for a summer residence, you need to decide on its location. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the remoteness of the structure from the main buildings and the place where groundwater passes. After that, you need to choose the type of ground structure — what the booth will be made of (brick, wood, metal profile). An equally important question is how the toilet will be cleaned of waste. It depends on the type of construction, which differ in the principle of operation and further maintenance.

Types of toilets for summer cottages

Before you build a toilet in the country, you need to decide on its type. The main difference is the presence of a cesspool for the structure. Toilet in the country — possible options:

  1. Pit toilet. The structure consists of an equipped cesspool and a house above it.
  2. pit toilet

  3. Toilet without a cesspool or powder closet. Under the capacity for sewage, any vessels are used — a bucket, a barrel, a plastic tank. After visiting such a toilet, sewage is sprinkled with peat, ash or sawdust to protect against odor. When filling, the vessel is removed, the contents are poured into the compost heap. If sewage was sprinkled with peat in time, then they will become an excellent fertilizer.
  4. toilet without pit

A simple toilet in the country with your own hands

It is easy to build a wooden toilet in the country with your own hands, even without carpentry skills. There are several sanitary and hygienic standards, on which the location of the closet on the site depends. Minimum distances from the toilet to other objects:

  • to water sources (wells, wells) — 8 m;
  • to houses — 12 m;
  • to the shower or bath — 8 m;
  • to a tree — 4 m, shrub — 1 m;
  • to the fence — 1 m.

simple toilet in the country with their own hands

The device of the toilet in the country

Often in the country they build a restroom with an equipped cesspool. It can be built completely sealed (concrete bottom) or absorbent (clay bottom, absorbs liquids). To eliminate the smell, the design is supplemented with a ventilation pipe. As the recess fills, it is cleaned manually or a special sewage machine is ordered.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of transport access to the closet at a distance closer than 4 m — otherwise the length of the sleeve, which is 7 m, is simply not enough. Sometimes the house is simply moved to another place. After 6-7 years, the contents of the pit will rot and the latrine can be returned to its former zone. In order to properly build and design an object, a toilet diagram for a dacha with a cesspool will come in handy.

toilet scheme for a summer residence

Do-it-yourself toilet dimensions in the country

Before you build a toilet in the country, you need to draw up its drawing. As a ground part of the restroom, you can use a wooden structure of the «birdhouse» type. Outside, it can be sheathed with any kind of material. It is allowed to build a single or double-pitched roof. The optimal dimensions of a wooden toilet for a summer residence:

  • back wall — 2 m;
  • front wall — 2.3 m;
  • width — 1 m;
  • base — 1×1.2 m.

do-it-yourself toilet dimensions in the country

Cesspool for a toilet in the country

After selecting and preparing the site, they begin to dig a cesspool. They make it square, at least 2 m deep. Pit for a toilet in the country — the order of work:

  1. They dig a pit, ram the bottom, strengthen with a layer of clay 20 cm.
  2. toilet pit

  3. Sometimes the bottom of the pit is concreted, making a completely sealed pit. Often only walls are concreted, leaving a clay layer at the bottom.
  4. pit wall concreting

  5. You can strengthen the walls of the pit with concrete rings, bricks, or install a special plastic tank inside.
  6. strengthening the pit with bricksconcrete sump ringsplastic tank for cesspool

Foundation for a toilet in the country

The foundation for the toilet in the country should be built over the waste pit:

  1. A flooring is laid above the excavated pit, two holes are left in the floor — the first for a toilet seat, and one more for organizing a hatch for cleaning. At the initial stage, metal pipes are laid.
  2. flooring from pipes on a pit

  3. Fittings are thrown on the pipes, hatches are welded.
  4. reinforcement and welding of hatches

  5. Boards are laid on the reinforcement, then a layer of waterproofing, then metal pipes again.
  6. laying boards, waterproofing and pipes

  7. All flooring (except hatches) is poured with concrete.
  8. concreting

  9. The toilet house is advised to be pushed forward 2/3 above the cesspool, providing access to the hatch behind the back wall.
  10. placement of a house over a pit

  11. The stability of the building will help provide a small foundation — it is advisable to install the base of the house itself on concrete blocks.
  12. foundation for a house

Toilet frame for a summer residence

The easiest way is to build a frame for a toilet for a summer residence from a bar. To do this, you need a material with a section of 50×50 cm or 80×80 cm. How to build an outdoor toilet in the country — assembling a house:

  1. On concrete blocks covered with pieces of waterproofing, a square base is laid in level. It is made of 4 bars, reinforced with a metal corner.
  2. foundation laying

  3. The bottom layer of the frame is screwed to the base.
  4. screwing the frame to the base

  5. Installed side racks. The front wall should be at least 10 cm higher than the back wall — this will provide the roof with the necessary slope.
  6. side racksinstallation of side racks

  7. Horizontal ribs are installed between the posts and the upper elements under the roof.
  8. installation of horizontal ribsfin installationroof frame installation

  9. The frame is reinforced with diagonal braces to give the building greater strength, after which it can be sheathed with a board. The thickness of the floor boards must be at least 3 cm so that it is strong.
  10. reinforcing the frame with diagonal ribssheathing of the frame with boards

  11. The door can be installed wooden, finished plastic or homemade. In this case, the frame is knocked down from the bars, sheathed with boards. Two hinges are enough to install the door, a handle, hook or latch is hung on it.
  12. door installation

  13. The roof of the birdhouse can be covered with a metal sheet. It should not protrude beyond the edges of the house by more than 30 cm. A visor must be provided above the door.
  14. roof installation

  15. At the end of construction, the plinth is sewn up with a board, sprinkled with earth.
  16. board claddingtoilet frame for a summer residence

  17. Floor toilet — the most primitive option. If desired, a podium and a comfortable toilet seat are arranged inside the house. You can even install a regular toilet there.
  18. catwalk toilettoilet for a summer residence

  19. For comfortable operation of the closet, it is better to make lighting in it. A battery powered wall torch or a small light fixture with electrical wiring will do. During the day, a small window can illuminate the restroom; it is equipped on top of any wall or right in the door.

Toilet ventilation in the country

Exhaust ventilation in the outdoor toilet in the country is a pipe that should remove odors from the cesspool. Its lower part is led into the pit, and the upper end should rise 20 cm above the roof. A plastic pipe with a diameter of 100 mm is suitable for arranging ventilation. It is fixed to the back wall of the house with clamps. To increase the draft in the pipe, a nozzle-deflector is installed on its head.

toilet ventilation in the countrypipe for ventilation of a country toilet

How to sheathe the outside of the toilet in the country?

The arrangement of the toilet in the country is its finishing. There are several options for external skin:

  1. Board is the most popular option. After sheathing, the wood is sanded, coated with antibacterial impregnation, painted or varnished. From the boards you can make many beautiful carved elements for the house. The vertical arrangement will save material, the horizontal one looks like a small log house and looks more interesting.
  2. wooden toilet in the country

  3. Plastic siding — lasts a long time and gives the structure a neat appearance.
  4. siding for the toilet in the country

  5. The metal profile is a durable reliable material, presented in a variety of colors.
  6. metal profile for a toilet in the country

Chemicals for the toilet in the country

Modern tools for a country toilet help get rid of many of the hassles associated with cleaning a waste pit. They eliminate unpleasant odors, reduce the amount of sewage in the pit, and reduce the cost of pumping out its contents. The preparations consist of bacteria that react with waste, destroy its structure, turning organic matter into liquid, gas and residual sludge. They simply start the process of rapid decomposition of sewage. The gas escapes, the liquids soak into the soil, and the compost occupies a smaller volume in the wastewater storage.

A biological preparation is the best septic tank for an outdoor toilet in the country. The product is safe for humans and the environment. Top most famous drugs:

  1. Roetech-K47. A liquid agent, a set of bacteria will cope even with petrified masses. For processing, you need to shake the product and pour it into the toilet. One bottle is designed for a pit with a volume of 2 cubic meters. m, exposure time — 6 months.
  2. Doctor Robik 109. Bacteria break down fats, starch, carbohydrates and urea. For input, a powder solution of a powder preparation is used. Validity — 30-40 days, a bag is enough to process a pit with a volume of 1.5 cubic meters. m.
  3. Bioactivator Green Pine 50. Contains a concentrated cocktail of biologically active cultures, the process of decomposition of organic matter begins 4 hours after the introduction of the product. One sachet is enough for a week, the exposure time is two weeks. The scheme of application is simple — pour into the pit and pour the drug.
  4. Biforce septik 250. The mixture liquefies the bottom sediment, removes putrefactive odor, and reduces the volume of hardened waste. The consumption of the drug for a pit with a volume of 2 cubic meters. m — 50-100 g per month. The septic tank has a good effect on liquid and caked masses.


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