How to choose a front door for an apartment, a private house


How to choose an entrance door - what qualities should high-quality doors have?

Making a decision — how to choose the front door, excites all the owners, because the house actually begins with it. It performs several functions — it protects the home from intruders and is an adornment of its internal and external design. When choosing, you need to be well oriented in the market, to know what to look for when buying.

How to choose the right front door?

Buyers often face the problem of how to choose a good front door, because outwardly they are very similar, although they have a difference in prices. When buying, you need to focus on the design of the house. For example, for a country mansion you will need a high-strength, massive door, and in an apartment such a design will look ridiculous. Important parameters that are taken into account when deciding how to choose an entrance door:

  1. Protection. The design must be made of durable material that cannot be broken through.
  2. Insulation. The door should protect from wind, cold, noise and smells.
  3. Decorative. The appearance of the product should fit into the interior of the house.
  4. Quality. Products must be purchased from trusted manufacturers.

Entrance wooden doors for the apartment

When deciding which entrance doors to choose for an apartment, many stop at wooden products. Wood is a popular material, beautiful and environmentally friendly. In order for a wooden door to stand for a long time and become a reliable protection, it must have a reinforced structure, a rubber seal around the perimeter, and be covered with paint or varnish that protects against fungus.

How to choose an entrance wooden door — types of structures:

  1. Solid wood doors. Made from solid wood or glued arrays. The product is covered with several layers of varnish.
  2. Shield. They are a solid frame, chipboard or a hollow board filled with cardboard. Outside, the door is sheathed with wood, its price is lower than the whole one.
  3. Combined. These are panel doors, supplemented with insulation and having inserts made of iron plates.

entrance wooden doors for the apartment

Which entrance door to choose for a private house?

The main difference between models for the home is in the finish, since it is necessary to choose an entrance street door that does not burn out in the sun, does not dry out, is not afraid of moisture and frost. There are three product options to focus on:

  1. Metal painted. The product is an iron sheet coated with paint. The entrance metal door to a private house is invulnerable to atmospheric phenomena for many years.
  2. Finished with wood trim. The metal profile is decorated with overlays with decorative elements.
  3. Finishing with MDF panels. The option is optimal in terms of price, quality and beauty. MDF is not a completely natural material, but is much cheaper than wood.

How to choose a quality front door?

When buying a product, there are many things to consider. How to choose a good front door to an apartment or house:

  1. metal thickness. 2-2.5 mm — the norm for the door to the apartment, 4-5 mm — for the entrance structure of a private house.
  2. Box. A frame made of a bent profile with one weld is considered reliable.
  3. Stiffening rib. There must be stiffeners between the inner panel and the outer steel sheet — at least two vertical and one horizontal.
  4. Loops. The most reliable are hidden, they cannot be cut off.
  5. Lock. More reliable models with locks of two different types, additional crossbars for locking in several directions.

How to choose a warm front door?

When deciding how to choose a good front door, it is important to pay attention to its insulation. Inside the structure, a heater is laid between the metal sheets:

  1. mineral woolhas excellent heat-insulating performance and fireproof properties.
  2. Penoplexsurpasses mineral wool in insulating properties, but not in fire safety.
  3. polyurethane foamresistant to humidity and temperature changes, but flammable, more expensive than mineral wool and foam.
  4. Styrofoama cheap insulator, but ignites easily.
  5. Foam rubberfor good insulation, the layer thickness should be at least 10 cm.

What color for the front door?

When deciding how to choose a front door, do not forget that it sets the style for the room. With the help of its coloring, you can place the necessary accents in the design, add zest to the decor. How to choose the color of the entrance doors:

  1. If this is a private house, then you need to choose a tone that complements the shades present in the exterior. It should be combined with the color of the brick or wood from which the dwelling is built. If the exterior has accents in the form of stucco molding, a contrasting roof, it is better to choose a door to match their color.
  2. For an apartment, the outer side of the door can be chosen to your liking, as long as it is not light. Interior decoration should match the interior of the hallway.
  3. Popular color options: black, burgundy, green, brown.

Which entrance door to choose with soundproofing?

In order for the canvas to become an ideal assistant not only with extraneous odors and drafts, but also with sounds, you need to choose an entrance door with sound insulation. The most important factor in this is the tightness of the web to the box. To seal the doorway, voluminous plastic or rubber bands are used. They are glued around the entire perimeter of the box or door. Dust, drafts, odors and unnecessary sounds will not be able to enter the home if the seal is installed in two circuits.

which entrance door to choose with soundproofing

What firms of entrance doors are better to choose?

When deciding how to choose an entrance door, the manufacturer is of considerable importance. For example, it is known that Chinese products are not durable. To purchase a quality product, it is better to pay attention to proven factories. Which company to choose an entrance metal door:

  1. Neman — makes durable products from high-alloy steel, equips products with two locks, has a wide range of models.
  2. Became — uses complex profiles, which positively affects the strength of products. External finishing — laminate, film, polymer, veneer, natural wood.
  3. Legrand — for decoration uses MDF panels coated with polymers or natural wood. Products attract with a variety of design solutions.
  4. Torex — focused on the average buyer, pleases with a variety of designs. For external finishing milled MDF is applied.

Entrance doors — which is better to choose?

When deciding how to choose a front door, an important factor is its appearance. Manufacturers offer a wide range of materials — metal, wood, MDF, even plastic and glass. The design of the entrance doors is different — from simple panels to carvings, decoration with double-glazed windows, mirrors, stained-glass windows, artistic forging. When deciding which front door to choose, you need to pay attention to its quality. The material must be resistant to external influences, and the fittings (lock, hinges, peephole) must be durable.

Entrance glass door to the house

Popular glass entrance doors are made of toughened glass with a thickness of 10-12 mm. The atmosphere in the home with them will become light, because the canvases let in light. The structures consist of an aluminum frame, can be hinged, sliding, swivel, equipped with automatic mechanisms, electric latches and closers. There are also frameless models made of thicker glass.

Wooden entrance doors with glass inserts look beautiful. They are decorated with figures of different sizes, shapes and colors, which can be smooth, transparent, tinted, mirrored, corrugated, stained glass, with colored applications, fusing. With the help of glass inserts of the structure, you can give the most original design.

entrance glass door to the house

Entrance plastic doors

Modern plastic entrance doors to the house look aesthetically pleasing. The main advantages of such models:

  • low flammability;
  • unpretentiousness in care;
  • a large assortment of colors;
  • low cost.

Designs are produced in any shape: rectangular, arched, rounded, trapezoidal. The strength of such doors is increased with the help of metal profiles. A feature of the input plastic structures is the installation of power loops and special crossbars, which ensure the tightness of the web. Products can be supplemented with double-glazed windows made of transparent, frosted, stained glass, sashes.

plastic entrance doors

Wooden doors street entrance

Natural wood products are always in demand. The most durable models are oak, alder and ash. Pine is a cheaper, visually attractive option. The designs are decorated with figured panels, carvings, glass inserts. Such doors require special care, because the material undergoes drying and deformation over time. Their big advantage is environmental friendliness. How to choose entrance wooden doors:

  1. The product must be completely sealed for safety and insulation of housing.
  2. The wooden model must have a high quality protective coating.
  3. Wood must be impregnated with agents to prevent fire.
  4. The box must be undamaged.

outdoor wooden doors

metal entrance door with a mirror

Considering what kind of entrance doors are, metal models with a mirror attract special attention. They look good in any interior and are often a key element of decor. Mirror inserts are made in different sizes and shapes, decorated with ornate patterns, even backlit. They can have different colors and degrees of reflection, there are products for gold, bronze, silver. In addition to being decorative, this design also performs other functions:

  1. You can evaluate your appearance before going out.
  2. Visually increases the space of the corridor.
  3. Makes a room brighter by reflecting light.

metal entrance door with a mirror

Doors steel entrance metal

Many homeowners prefer to install reliable steel doors at the entrance; a sheet of 3-4 mm is considered the optimal thickness of the material. In addition to the strength of the canvas, they attract with the reliability of locks, the presence of crossbars, bolts, pins. On such a design, it is more expedient to install armor plates for locks to protect against cutting them out. Steel doors are distinguished by a burglary resistance class — from 1 (the thinnest) to 4 (armored door). They make single-leaf and double-leaf metal entrance doors, the second ones are installed in wide openings.

Modern technologies make it possible to produce metal structures that are not inferior in attractiveness to the rest. Products are decorated with veneer, overlays made of precious wood with carvings, panels, glass inserts. Cloths can be covered with vinyl leather, laminate, polymers. Doors with non-standard shapes look attractive — arched, oval.

metal entrance doors

wrought iron entrance door

The original front door with forged details is an aristocratic luxury that gives an interesting look to the room. Iron elements are painted in black, bronze, golden, silver tones. There are also glass inserts in such doors, decorated with wrought iron curls on top. There may be few of them, or vice versa, transparent forms in some models occupy most of the canvas.

Decorative openwork elements are also additional stiffening ribs, they protect the door from deformations and mechanical influences. The product with forging elements is very heavy, you need to choose the front door according to the parameters of the opening. Perhaps even, in order to avoid the collapse of the walls, it will be necessary to strengthen it and use special strong fittings when installing the box.

wrought iron entrance door


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