How to choose camping furniture, tips for choosing and reviews


Camping furniture includes almost any type of furniture, it is lightweight and compact. Sold both individually and in sets.

There are interesting hybrid models that combine various furniture and fixtures: for example, a fishing backpack that transforms into a stool; complex designs that combine a tent, deck chair or chair; kitchen tables with a large number of shelves for products and a compartment for a small gas stove. Hybrids are more expensive than furniture separately, often convenient only if you have a car.

To choose the right camping furniture, you should pay attention to its strength, dimensions, weight and ease of transformation.


Stool — the simplest camping furniture, which is a folding chair without a back. The main advantage is light weight (0.8 kg-3 kg). Uncomfortable for prolonged sitting.

Tourist chair – folding chair with backrest, lumbar support and adjustable armrests. It has good stability, despite its low weight (2-3 kg). Often these chairs are equipped with side tables, which is especially convenient, for example, for fishing.

Sun lounger — a lounge chair that can fix several positions — sitting, reclining or lying down. Used near outdoor pools, beaches and terraces. The chaise longue can be used both as a chair and as a folding bed. There are models with soft inserts, plastic armrests and even a sun screen. Weight — 3-8.5 kg.

Cot — folding bed for rest and sleep. Some models (tourist, carp) are equipped with headrests, adjustable legs and headboard, soft inserts. Weight — 5-11 kg.

Table — exists in three varieties: with a solid, folding and fabric roll-up tabletop. The most convenient is a table with a solid top, but it takes up a lot of space, which makes it difficult to transport it in a car.

A convenient option is a table that folds in half in the form of a case. Weight — 4-12 kg.


Complicated — It is compact and light in weight, which is convenient for transportation. For example, a table for 6 people can take up a small volume of 63 x 75 x 62 cm when folded, and a chair can even fit in a backpack. There are models of chairs with folding frames instead of legs — a good choice for sandy surfaces and fishing.

Reclining back — such chairs are more comfortable, as they allow you to be in a reclining position.


As a rule, the frame of camping furniture is made of aluminum and carbon fiber — this is the optimal combination of high strength and relatively low weight. Other materials (plastic, wood and steel) are either not strong enough or too heavy.

Synthetic fabrics (polyester, nylon) are often used as a covering material for stools, folding beds or deck chairs. Their main advantage in comparison with other materials (wood, etc.) is high strength with minimal weight. Such fabrics are not afraid of small cuts and holes, as special reinforcing threads will not allow them to grow.

The material used for countertops is plastic, aluminum, MDF or wood. A good option would be a one-piece plastic or aluminum (consisting of slats) countertop that is resistant to moisture.

Important: some chairs are equipped with plastic tips to increase stability.


For maximum comfort of using furniture, it provides for adjusting the backrest, the height of the headrest and the lumbar support. Adjusting the height of the legs makes it possible to securely set the chair on an uneven surface.


Depending on the model, furniture may include pillows, pockets for small things coasters under cups, for legs, under a rod, hole for an umbrella in strong sun or rain.

Packaging (bag) – for storing and transporting folded camping furniture.


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