How to knit brooms for a bath?


how to knit brooms for a bath

There is a folk proverb: “In the bath, a broom is more expensive than money!” What determines the quality of the banner? How to choose the time for preparing brooms for a bath, how to make and store them?

If you are interested in how to make bath brooms, it means that you love the bath and think that your own broom is better than a purchased one, more convenient, cheaper and more reliable.

“Broom and steam for health gift” — every lover of the steam room knows this. Inveterate bathers have 10 types of bath brooms — for mood one, for the treatment of sores others. For all occasions, they try to prepare their brooms so that they are fluffy, but odorous, biting, but not burning.

Knitting brooms for a bath yourself is a simple matter and begins with the procurement of raw materials.

Time of preparation of brooms for a bath

In the old days, the preparation of brooms did not begin anyhow, but only two weeks after the Trinity, when the bread was eared. The case was entrusted to sorcerers-herbalists who know everything about plants. After all, a bath broom (bannik) is not only a tool for injecting steam, massage, but also a healer — twigs give a person their strength and healing properties.

In order for the bannik not only to be useful, but also to serve for a long time, they chose the time of harvesting when the tree had the greatest strength according to special signs. Most often they were associated with the moon.

  • On the growing moon, they went for branches for a birch, alder or linden broom for a bath. Women’s days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Oak branches were cut on the 14th lunar day (before the full moon) or on the 13th of the solar calendar from July to September on Thursdays.
  • On the waning moon in the midst of summer in July and before the Ascension (Apple Savior) on August 19, they went for branches of maple, hazel, bird cherry, eucalyptus, ash, mountain ash.

How to prepare a broom for a bath?

Never break branches, but cut off young shoots 40-70 cm long with a sharp knife or pruner. This is practically the same as sanitary pruning that is useful for a tree, as gardeners do in gardens.

Their appearance and quality depend on the conditions of drying and storage of bath brooms. When harvesting, high humidity can spoil the quality of the banner.

Raw materials are laid out to dry strictly in the shade. The branches are turned every day. A broom with dry leaves and branches is hard, crumbles quickly and is not so fragrant.

A good banner has a matte dark green color. The most beautiful and fragrant brooms are obtained if the raw materials are stored in hay in the fresh air in a dry and inaccessible place for the sun: in haylofts, racks in a barn. In no case should it be stored in garages, pantries with paints and solvents, next to the toilet — the leaves absorb all odors like a sponge. In the city they are stored on loggias in a place protected from the sun and rain.

After the bath, the broom should be dried well in a suspended state away from the batteries, wrapped in thick paper and put in a plastic bag. If it is wrong to store a wet broom, then the leaves in the middle will begin to darken, or even mold, the broom will lose its qualities.

How to knit brooms for a bath?

Raw materials are sorted and sorted. Leaves, twigs and twigs are removed from the thick ends of the branches to a length of about 10-20 cm. The largest and fluffiest ones are placed on the table first — this is the base. Thin and straight branches are added to it by bending inward. Fill in the gaps so that the ends of the branches are at the level of the edge of the table. Tight bandaged. Flip over to the other side and work on. At the end, the broom is once again tightly tied at the top with the same rope. They clean the place of the handle, cut to size. Tie down below. Sometimes the handles are wrapped for convenience. cloth.

Banniks are of 2 types:

  • Flat like a fan, they are convenient to carry. This form is obtained by stacking the brooms on top of each other.
  • linden broom for a bath

  • fluffy in the form of a bouquet will be if hung loosely on a rope.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and can no longer withstand the wild everyday stress — go to the bathhouse!

If you feel that you don’t fit into the rhythms of life, you can’t cope with the blues and depression, unrequited love tormented you — go to the bathhouse!

Make yourself a prefabricated broom from the branches of your favorite trees and go to the bathhouse!

Steam and a broom will help you become a happy person!


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