How to make a brazier from metal


The advantage of metal braziers is their mobility. At any time, you can put an iron hearth in a suitable place in the yard or garden.

And folding models are very convenient for outdoor picnics. Although, for those who live in estates, there is no point in going anywhere …

You have decided to acquire this indispensable attribute of a lover of outdoor recreation and decide which grill to choose?


The most common are thin-walled braziers — they are more often found in markets because of their cheapness. But such a hearth will serve well only in some cases:

  • if there is a need to go somewhere — a thin-walled brazier with a metal thickness of 2 mm weighs much lighter than its relatives; such a brazier is often made folding and weighs about 5-7 kg, which is very convenient for manual and automobile transportation
  • if you do not often have picnics and your company is small, thin-walled braziers are usually small in size and limit the amount of food being cooked.

The disadvantages of barbecues with thin walls include a short service life due to burnout or oxidation of the metal.

Those who want to buy such a brazier should know that it is impossible to kindle a fire in it, otherwise the hearth will quickly fail: thin walls simply cannot withstand the temperature.

Firewood is first burned aside on the ground, and then the burning coals are transferred to the barbecue with an iron scoop.

collapsible brazier with a lattice

collapsible brazier with a spit


metal grill with lid

This type of hearth is distinguished by durability and massiveness. It is not surprising, because the thickness of the walls in them reaches 7 mm, which, even with modest dimensions, makes the metal product quite weighty and protected from fire. The metal from which such braziers are made is distinguished by enviable strength — it is cast iron or stainless steel.

A thick-walled brazier is not cheap, not only because of the large amount of metal — a good part of the price is handmade, in addition, many models are supplied with all kinds of additions:

  • skewer
  • grill grate
  • lid that turns the grill into a barbecue.
metal brazier

Thick metal walls perfectly retain heat, which makes dishes cook faster.

Such a brazier is acquired by gourmets and aesthetes. After all, forged structures become a real decoration of a private area.

I strongly recommend giving preference to the model on wheels if your barbecue does not have a permanent place of residence.


Brazier made of sheet iron 4-6 mm can be welded by yourself. It is enough to have a welding inverter.

The main thing is the base. This is a metal box consisting of rectangular sheets.

Cutting can be done with a grinder, although the consumption of trimming wheels (2 mm) will be impressive.

Optimal dimensions:

  • barbecue for one family: width 30-35 cm, length 50-60 cm, for 5-6 skewers;
  • barbecue for a large campaign: width 35-40 cm, length 65-75 cm, for 7-8 skewers.

The height of the brazier ranges from 16 to 22 cm, 16-18 cm — optimal for cooking meat, 20-22 cm — for grilled vegetables.

grill with two tiers for skewers

Universal option: make a wall height of 22 cm (for a grill grate), and cut holes for a skewer at a height of 18 cm.

The pitch of the holes for the skewer is 6-8 cm. The extreme holes are made no closer than 10 cm from the corner.

At a height of 2-3 cm from the bottom, holes with a diameter of 5 mm are drilled (no longer makes sense) to keep the coals burning (blowing).

All holes are made in advance at the stage of blanks.

After welding, the irregularities of the seams are ground with a grinder.

barbecue bowl

The box is «put» on the legs. The total height of the brazier should not exceed 85 cm (this is the optimal size). Too low a brazier is inconvenient.

Small legs are only for barbecues installed in the firebox or outdoor barbecue.

The finished brazier can be strengthened around the perimeter with a strip, decorated with finished forged elements.

Finishing — coating with heat-resistant paint.


foldable barbecue grill mounted on the wall

Barbecue-transformer, waiting in the wings, hangs pressed against the wall.

metal grill with roof

A large brazier with a small roof looks neat and solid.

metal grill with roof

A sink under the same roof with a barbecue is a convenient solution, plus a small table and a stove for cooking.

metal grill with roof

Barbecue under the roof with a mini smokehouse and a stove, the whole structure is under the roof.

metal grill with roof

A whole metal summer kitchen. Lace summer kitchen 🙂

metal grill with roof

You can’t forbid living beautifully, and those who can pay for the work of a master are ready to turn their brazier into a real work of art.

metal grill with roof

Such a stepped roof structure helps to avoid the concentration of smoke under it (just at the level of the respiratory organs of the cook).

metal grill with lid

A good example of a mobile barbecue: a weighty forged structure can be rolled to the right place like a garden wheelbarrow.

metal brazier

Grape amber inspired the master who made this brazier model, and it will serve as a reminder to the owner about what is better (healthier) to use everything cooked in this brazier.

metal brazier

I hope this lid over the barbecue is hinged, otherwise it will be inconvenient to cook …

metal brazier

This model has a retractable ash pan. Theoretically, it’s convenient, but practically … the gap should be large so that it can move easily, plus for this they sacrificed a blower, I don’t know how justified this is.

metal grill with lid

A beautiful, high-quality metal brazier made by a master…

metal brazier

Everything is good in this simple grill, but the legs are a little thin …

grill on wheels

A small mobile brazier made of metal. Neat and no nonsense…

metal brazier

A metal grill for 11 skewers, a cooking compartment in a pot, a small bowl for heating sauce (marinade), a shelf for dishes, a firewood rack, in general, a complete set for a picnic with guests.

mobile metal grill with lid

Big brazier for a big company…

metal brazier

This brazier was made by people who know a lot about picnics: an economical bowl, just for one family, two comfortable shelves and a firewood rack.

metal brazier

Simple design of a brazier with handles for carrying.

metal grill with lid

A simple and elegant design of a metal brazier, which includes a firewood rack, a shelf for dishes, a hook for a poker and a lid.

metal grill with lid

The brazier-smoker made of metal is distinguished by an unusual design of the rack (legs), but I think this is a spontaneous decision, since the brazier was originally planned as a tabletop brazier.

barbecue on wheels

The design of this mobile barbecue is a little simpler, but no less attractive in terms of aesthetics.

mobile brazier made of metal with a roof

And this is already, so I want to say «a full-fledged car», but I’m afraid such a term will offend the master. No, it’s a real «33 Gourmet Delights» carriage…

metal brazier

For a cooking place, not only beauty is important, but also additional amenities, such as shelves for dishes and a firewood shed.

metal brazier

Less functionality, more «beauty», but still the same option with an exhaust pipe to increase traction in the brazier.

metal brazier

The photo above shows the «golden mean» of the two previous designs: sufficient functionality and decent appearance.

thick-walled metal brazier

Bravo master! What «power»: 7 mm steel, racks designed like railway crutches, heat-insulated handles.

metal grill with lid

A chest-shaped brazier is a very functional solution Please note: the lid can be closed and cooking can continue in smoking mode.

In the photo on the right: a very successful barbecue model for a suburban area.

Frankly, I do not like any attempts to depict nature in rough sculpture, however, there are beautiful exceptions.

The graceful sculpture of a deer, made of an iron rod, does not burden the landscape, and can always be moved to a convenient place.

A great option for a location by the terrace, pool, gazebo.

Brazier hidden in a bowl imitating a ship’s hull…

barbecue grill

A non-standard approach to the design of the barbecue oven…

unusual brazier made of metal

An interesting idea is to hide the brazier in a cut of a metal pipe.

metal fire bowl

This is not a brazier, but a metal fire bowl that can be used as a brazier.

metal grill with lid

If it weren’t for the poker and the scoop, it would be difficult to guess that this chest is actually a brazier… Beautiful work.

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It is impossible to imagine how one can indifferently pass by the area where dishes are prepared on the grill. The fragrant smoke of the food being prepared, even if for a moment, will distract your mind from worldly worries and problems, forcing you to think about something more “monumental and eternal”…


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