How to plan a yard


Everyone knows that the most expensive and time-consuming element of the yard is the house. And when it is already built, it’s time to start planning the adjacent territory — the yard.

This is not a design yet, but its initial stage, when the main functional elements are placed on the plan.

Any construction begins with planning and you should not assume that you can do whatever you want on your site. No, of course you can, but not all…

For example, if you do not take into account some of the nuances, then soon you may have problems with your neighbors and even litigation. To avoid friction, when laying the garden and building, it is worth observing the legally approved standards.

PRIMARY REQUIREMENTS (standards)which are the starting point for the layout of the yard.

A residential building should be located no closer than 3 m from the border with the street, and if the estate faces the highway, then this minimum is increased to 6 m.

Relative to neighboring plots The following approved standards exist:

  • House – no closer than 3 m from the border,
  • outbuildings — no closer than 1 m,
  • paddock for animals are moved to a distance of 4 m or more,
  • tall trees should not be planted closer than 3 m from the neighbor’s fence, for medium tall this figure is reduced to 2 m, and shrubs — 1 m; if you decide to plant a hedge along the border of the site, be sure to coordinate this with your neighbors and fix it in writing.

Sanitary requirementswhich must be followed are:

  • between toilet (septic tank) and residential building keep a distance of at least 20 m,
  • shower, bath, sauna removed from the house at a distance of 5 m,
  • paddock for pets should not be located closer than 15 m from the house,
  • well removed from the pens, compost pit and toilet by 20 m.
The «boring» part is over, let’s move on to more interesting moments. We make a list of «participants» and begin to «command the parade.»


PATHWAYS are divided into main (wicket-house, house-hozblok, garage-house) and secondary. The former are designed straight and wide (from 1.2 m), the latter can be winding and narrow (about 50-70 cm).

The main paths are made of hard surface — although modern women prefer comfortable shoes, it is possible that they will walk around the yard in heels.

Secondary paths-paths can be made in any way: from compacted rubble and sand, bulk, paved, and even grassy, ​​based on a geogrid.

GARAGE-CAPE is located opposite the gate or to the right (left) of them. What it can be you can see here.

PLACES FOR RECREATION are preferably planned not in the front part of the courtyard, but on the side or behind the house. Such objects include: patio, outdoor hearth, summer kitchen, benches, gazebos, etc.

LANDSCAPING for the yard should choose practical:

  • trees and shrubs that do not require special care,
  • lawn,
  • perennial ornamental grasses.

Not always the owners of the estate, especially in the city or suburbs, can devote a lot of time to caring for plants, and the yard is a reflection of the character and worldview of the owners. That’s why it’s important to always make a good impression.


Small elements of irregular use are often overlooked at the planning stage, and then they try to “squeeze” into the already lived-in space of the yard. Do not repeat other people’s mistakes and immediately find a place for the objects listed below.


car parking for guest transport. If there is not enough space in the yard, then it can be placed on a lawn reinforced with a lawn grate.

It can be concrete or plastic, sown with a lawn or filled with granite chips, in any case, you should first familiarize yourself with this technology.

Bicycle parking its place is directly near the gate. And it is not at all necessary to bend or «cook» arcs from a pipe or a metal profile. A few used tires will still work for the benefit of your bikes (see photo above).

Bicycles are often stored in a hozblok or garage, but you can also equip a separate box for them. Relevant for places where a two-wheeled friend is the main mode of transport.


If there is a hearth in the house or in the yard, then nearby under a canopy should be placed and woodcutter. It can look like anything, up to a decorative option. It is only important not to forget that its main purpose is to store firewood. Therefore, the size and location must match …

Garden house or hozblok in the far corner of the site. It is used to store inventory, fertilizers and work clothes.

Yes, a barn near the house solves many issues of warehousing and storage, but on plots of more than 10 acres, work in the garden or vegetable garden will become much more comfortable if you are spared from carrying heavy loads over long distances.

In addition, in such a house you can also hide a folding deck chair to arrange short breaks from work.

Outdoor Lighting — an element that many neglect, but this is protection against injuries in the evening. Communications for outdoor light are laid before the start of landscaping, and often under paved paths.

In addition to all of the above, on the site you can reserve a place for a summer kitchen, a bathhouse, a pool and a summer shower.

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