Interior decoration of a country house — interior design options


Interior decoration of a country house - the best interior ideas for a modern cottage

The service life of the housing and the frequency of repairs depend on what the interior decoration of a country house will be like. For it, such materials and methods of wall and floor cladding should be used that can simultaneously play a decorative and heat-saving role.

Interior decoration of a country house

During construction, you need to think not only about the external design of the room and the location of the rooms, but also about how to keep it warm in winter, and in summer — to provide decent ventilation. An important role in this is played by the design of the interior decoration of a country house, which is divided into several important parts:

  • wall cladding;
  • ceiling finish;
  • window cladding on the inside;
  • stair lining.
  • interior decoration of a country house

Wall decoration in a country house

Before carrying out repair work, it is necessary to set the primary task of protecting surfaces from fungus, mold and other destructive manifestations of summer humidity or winter frosts. Finishing the walls of a country house indoors should begin with soaking them with an antiseptic composition. Well, after this procedure, one of the following materials is used:

  1. Decorative plaster. You can purchase both a homogeneous and granular mixture: the latter will create the effect of marble chips or a Venetian coating.
  2. Wallpaper. For interior decoration of a country house, this option is considered the most inexpensive. Before sticking the wallpaper, you will have to align the walls in advance.
  3. Varnish. A house made of beams is worth trying to beat in country style, simply covering the walls with a transparent compound for interior work.
  4. Ceramic tiles and natural stone. They are suitable for decorating the toilet and bathroom, and also for lining the kitchen work area.

country house wall decoration

Ceiling decoration in a country house

In a cottage, the height of the walls is more advantageous than in ordinary city apartments, so the design can be chosen without regard to saving centimeters. The ceiling decoration of a country house should hide the ceilings and at the same time be in harmony with the general style of housing. The most popular materials for this zone are:

  1. natural array. Wood can be replaced with plywood or lumber made from cherry, oak, beech, maple, but this type of design is only suitable for those regions where the average annual humidity is no more than 16%.
  2. Tension cover. Such an interior decoration of the ceiling of a country house, among the advantages, has installation speed, elasticity and moisture resistance.
  3. Drywall. It helps to additionally insulate or protect the roof from leaks imperceptibly to prying eyes — hiding the finish under the multi-tiered structure.

country house ceiling decoration

Window decoration in a country house

Only wood or plastic sheathing can eliminate the risk of cold air entering the room. When deciding how to decorate a country house inside, it is worth relying on the material of the windows themselves — for example, only wood will be in harmony with the array. For decor, you can use drywall, but not at the joints of the frame, to exclude the possibility of mold or mildew. Finishing is carried out in three stages:

  1. A starting strip for plastic is glued around the entire perimeter of the window or a crate for wooden panels is installed.
  2. The sheathing is fastened with screws at the top and bottom on the inside of the slope, so that later they can be masked with corners.
  3. Internal corners made of wood or plastic are attached with liquid nails or mounting glue.

country house window trim

Finishing stairs in a country house

Steps without cladding look uncomfortable and unpresentable — moreover, you need to pay attention to both treads and risers, but also skirting boards, stringers and bowstrings. Applicable to this element, two factors can affect the design of decoration inside a country house — the shape of the flight of stairs and the options for using the stairs:

  1. If a straight-line rise can be lined with any material, then screw or rotary structures must not be covered with stone or tiles.
  2. In a house where small children and elderly people live, steps should be upholstered with carpet or softwood for safety.
  3. Concrete steps can be made warmer by pasting them with elastic roll material.
  4. When an economical interior decoration of a country house is required, you can veneer the treads with light oak, pine or dark dense wood, and the risers with mosaic plaster or cheap veneer.

finishing stairs in a country house

How to decorate the living room in a country house?

Since this is the largest room in terms of area, designers always rely on the fact that it will set the tone for the decor of the rest of the cottage. The design can be integral or zoning — for example, if the kitchen-living room is being decorated in a country house. As for the style, more often chosen:

  1. Classic. The walls and floor are sheathed with natural wood, the windows are framed with heavy curtains made of dense fabric.
  2. Provence or country. Just these two directions can be combined together if you want to visually divide the room into cooking and recreation areas. A small podium, a partition made of wood or dividing the wall with dark and light clapboard in sheathing will help bring the idea to life.
  3. East. Both Asian and Arabic directions imply that the interior decoration of a country house will be done with silk-embossed wallpaper or textured hieroglyphs.
  4. Eclecticism. Allows a combination of brick and stone, plastic panels and wooden logs — all that can emphasize the mixing of two styles.

how to decorate a living room in a country house

Finishing a bedroom in a country house

The lounge in a suburban cottage is not the place for bold experiments with neon colors and modern textures. Applied to the bedroom, the decoration design of country houses always hints at unity with nature and pastoral landscapes outside the window with its relaxed and romantic atmosphere. To create this impression, the following skin options are recommended:

  1. Cloth. The idea can be realized both through gluing wallpaper on a woven basis, and by covering wood or drywall.
  2. array. Ecologically clean wood of ash, oak, pine or walnut looks organically in the interior design of the Scandinavian, Provencal and rustic interior.
  3. Drywall. It can easily be given a pleasing to the eye and unobtrusive shade — mint, lavender or light coffee.

decorating a bedroom in a country house

Finishing a bathroom in a country house

The wettest room in the cottage needs thorough waterproofing in order to extend the life of the wall and floor sheathing, no matter how reliable they may seem. In this room, the decoration of a country house should begin with the application of waterproof mixtures — emulsion, mastic, bitumen or cement with the addition of silicone. Over impregnation processing occurs in two stages:

  1. Floor screed. Insulating material is laid in the first layer, a reinforced frame is installed on it, and then a solution is poured, the strength of which must be very high so that the internal processing does not have to be repeated twice.
  2. Finish lining. When the screed is dry, marble or ceramic tiles should be laid on the walls and floor of the bathroom.

country house bathroom decor

Options for finishing a country house

The design of a cottage or cottage is made based on the size of the building and its design features. The possible options are dictated by the layout and the master’s ideas about the harmonious design of the living space, but the main types of country house finishes fit into the following list:

  • wood;
  • lining;
  • a natural stone;
  • panels.
  • country house finishes

Interior decoration with lining of a country house

These panels are made of wood or specially treated MDF profile, which has a groove and tongue for easy installation. Finishing a country house with clapboard is cheaper than other materials, but at the same time it is completely harmless to health. Thanks to the elementary design of the castle, every beginner will be able to sheathe the walls and floor with panels. You can do this by following a simple algorithm:

  1. Laying insulation between the beams of the draft ceiling or frame rails.
  2. The panels are mounted taking into account the fact that the groove of each of them must be located at the bottom so that the accumulated moisture does not enter the internal cavity.
  3. To give the decoration a finished look, it is recommended to cover the lining with a layer of acrylic or polyurethane varnish — transparent or tinted.
  4. On the front side, you can decorate the panels with carvings or artificial aging.

interior lining of a country house

Interior decoration with wood of country houses

If earlier panels were made only from solid wood, today they can be replaced with lumber from sawdust, bark, shavings and other waste. Decorating a country house with wood can take the form of both rectangular panels and square tiles that create a regular or chaotic relief. Panels made of MDF, chipboard, fiberboard or plywood are also good for sheathing. Regardless of the type of material for sheathing, it is performed as follows:

  1. First, fitting and marking work is carried out. The lines to which the support bases will be attached are precisely selected.
  2. Holes are drilled at the required points and dowel plugs are driven in.
  3. The interior decoration of the country house continues with the installation of false spikes on nails without a hat.
  4. The panels are connected to each other on the installed locks. Wide gaps are closed with special thin strips.

interior woodwork of country houses

Country house — stone finishing

Natural materials are light and easy to care for, besides they are suitable for almost any interior. Artificial analogues look no less attractive, especially when several textures are combined in one room at once — for example, window trim with torn stone in a country house and smooth slabs on the walls are combined. More often than other rocks, marble, sandstone, granite and some types of limestone are used. They decorate not only the walls:

  • stairs;
  • bar counters;
  • fireplaces;
  • hallways;
  • doorways.
  • country house stone finish

Panels for finishing a country house

If the owner of the cottage has set himself the task of decorating it in the simplest possible way, then you cannot do without them. Decorating the interior of a country house with panels will take a few hours and provide a decent appearance to the walls and ceiling. There are such types as:

  1. Rack typesetting panels. These are narrow boards used for sheathing small rooms that require a crate made of wood or metal.
  2. Tiled panels. When facing walls, a monochromatic panel or pattern is created with a combination of different shades and textures.
  3. Sheet wall panels. Large multi-layer coatings with imitation of wood, stone or tiles are just made for indoor use.

country house panels

Combined decoration of country houses

By combining several materials and textures, you can achieve a visual modification of the free space — for example, reduce the room or make it brighter. To achieve this effect allows the decorative decoration of a country house, carried out according to the following combination rules:

  1. The combination of marble and wood in one interior will help to make any of the classic styles cozy.
  2. In bright rooms, cold tones of materials should be taken as the basis, in dark rooms — warm ones.
  3. To make the walls look higher, the walls are sheathed with vertical panels during interior work, while the height can be reduced by horizontal battens.

combined decoration of country houses


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