Interior of a country wooden house


interior of a country wooden house

The interior design of a country wooden house is always created more by inspiration, on a whim, than according to some rules. Such interiors carry a pleasant feeling of an informal atmosphere in which you plunge, you just have to step over the threshold.

Whether the walls of your home are covered in paint or you decide to leave the natural beauty of wood on display, you can guarantee that every room has a special nostalgic charm that will only become more valuable with time. One of the characteristic features of a tree is that, with proper care, it can serve its owners for centuries, becoming more and more beautiful.

Interesting interior details of a wooden cottage

It is not difficult to guess what items add coziness to the interior of a country wooden house or cottage — these are fireplaces and antique furniture with soft upholstery. However, there are more interesting solutions. Modern furniture in modern or high-tech style looks very unusual against the background of rough wooden walls. In this case, it is better not to cover the walls with anything, and if the location of the house and relations with neighbors allow, then you can not even curtain the windows. Thus, the focus will be on this wonderful material, and you don’t have to worry too much about furniture and other decor items. The simpler they are, the better.

In another case, you can paint the walls in light colors and fill the interior with a thousand wonderful little things that bring you pleasant memories and delight the eye. If you decide to resort to this option, it is advisable to go all the way and choose light-colored furniture. Small scuffs and scratches are welcome, which will not look messy against the background of white walls, but will only add a sense of habitation. This method is often used in suburban wooden houses, it is especially relevant for the interior of a small hall in a wooden house, as it will make the room seem larger than it really is, while retaining all the charm and beauty.


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