Metal gazebos


Metal gazebos

A gazebo is a building whose interior space is in direct contact with the environment. It is used for registration of landscapes and seasonal dachas. For their manufacture, a variety of materials are used, such as wood, brick, metal.

Arbors made of metal are the most successful choice, since this material has a lot of advantages:

  • strength, reliability;
  • the ability to create the most bizarre forms and implement all design solutions;
  • durability;
  • ease of care;
  • light weight construction;
  • easily repaired;
  • fire resistance.

The disadvantage of the material can be called high thermal conductivity, which leads to the fact that in the sun it is extremely hot in the gazebo. From metal, structures of various shapes are possible, for example, round, square, multifaceted.

Types of metal garden gazebos

For the manufacture of country structures often use an aluminum profile. In addition to being a lightweight and durable material, it does not corrode. In addition, such structures are easy to assemble and do not require much cost. Install the building on a concrete pad to protect it from oxidation.

Forged gazebos are highly durable, but take time to create. With the help of artistic forging, you can give an intricate and original shape to the structure. During installation, the structure should be slightly raised above the ground. The parts of the soil in which the supports will be installed must be tamped. Such gazebos need periodic inspection for rust, as well as timely painting.

Arbors made of metal and polycarbonate look stylish and beautiful. The profile pipe is harmoniously combined with forging. Such designs are strong and reliable. Polycarbonate transmits light well, but is resistant to ultraviolet rays. During installation, the material is easily drilled and cut. It is usually used for roofing or walls.

Both stationary structures and temporary ones, which are installed for the summer period, are possible. With the onset of cold weather, the structure is dismantled and hidden until the next season.

Selection, installation and operation

Before you install a gazebo, you need to prepare and consider this process. To do this, you can use the recommendations:

  • if it is planned to locate the building in a lowland, then it is necessary to lay a good foundation;
  • landscape irregularities must be carefully leveled;
  • when choosing a project, you should take into account the size of the site so that the building looks proportional and harmonious;
  • country arbors made of metal look advantageous when products made in the same style are used in their design, for example, a brazier, supports for plants;
  • after installation, it is necessary to cover the surface of the structure with a special primer and paint;
  • it must be remembered that the accumulation of precipitation on the roof should not be allowed;
  • to keep the gazebo clean, you can use watering from a regular garden hose;
  • when gardening, you need to remember that due to the high thermal conductivity of the metal for the winter, you need to remove the vines from the structure;
  • if a portable gazebo is planned, then it is advisable to use light materials for the roof.

Arbor decoration

In addition to plants, curtains from various materials can be used in the design of the building:

  • acrylic fabrics not only look beautiful, but also protect from dust, moisture, sun;
  • natural fabrics are well breathable and create a shadow;
  • organza allows you to give lightness, elegance.

The gazebo is a great place for family vacations and friendly meetings and events. Currently, there are many specialists who will help turn ideas into reality. And if you have certain skills and welding equipment, you can install such a building with your own hands.


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