Outdoor LED Lights for Street Lighting


Outdoor LED lights - modern ideas and options for landscape lighting

Modern street LED lamps attract with a long service life, strict design and compactness. LED technology is energy-saving; many owners of country houses use such devices. With their help, you can save money on electricity and decorate landscape design.

LED Street Lights

LED lamps are rapidly becoming part of everyday life. With their help, they organize architectural lighting, beautiful framing of reservoirs, fountains, paths, curbs. Powerful street LED lamps illuminate entrance areas, driveways on the site, open areas, parks. They are completely protected from the negative effects of the environment, have excellent color reproduction. LED devices differ in the types of installation (overhead or built-in) and attachment points (floor, wall, ground, floor lamps). They may look like:

  • searchlights;
  • lanterns;
  • decorative tubes, nets, rulers.

Outdoor facade LED lamps

Outdoor LED universal lamp is used to create beautiful lighting effects on the wall of the building, its evening illumination. He creates an incredible play of shadows on the facade of the house. For this, both powerful spotlights and less bright lamps are used. Models are single-sided, directing the beam in one direction, and double-sided, capable of radiating a stream simultaneously up and down.

There are fixtures that are mounted on a flat surface, but have the ability to set different angles of the spotlight. Facade devices are mounted on the walls — from below, above, in the middle, they create accents on various architectural elements of the building, highlight windows, balconies, the perimeter of the building, emphasizing the benefits of the exterior.

street facade LED lamps

Outdoor Wall LED Light

Stylish wall-mounted outdoor LED lamps are small in size, they are installed, if necessary, in spot or additional lighting of the entrance area, terrace, and other functional places. A huge selection of product shapes is offered, the most popular are round, semicircular, oval, elongated. They are mounted on the wall like ordinary sconces, at the entrance, on the terrace, they give local light, decoratively illuminating a section of the wall of the house.

In the usual version, outdoor LED wall lamps are made of metal (copper, cast iron, steel, aluminum), some parts are sometimes made in gold, silver. Art glass in products is also of great importance. Their upper part is often made matte with a coating in the form of:

  • bubbles;
  • papyrus paper;
  • dust;
  • antique cracks.

LED outdoor wall lamp

Outdoor recessed LED luminaires

Compact outdoor built-in lamps with LED lamps are mounted directly in the stairs, in the walls of the house, in the borders around the flower beds, in the garden paths. Their main function is local illumination and demarcation of space. The main difference between the built-in model is that most of its body is hidden in the ceiling, wall, roadbed, under the steps, in the ground. Only the front side of the device, which is a window or a reinforcing grid, remains accessible to the eye.

Being almost imperceptible during the day, at night recessed lamps gracefully illuminate tree trunks, shrub crowns, small architectural forms, scenic landscape compositions, and mark garden paths. They favorably set off all the features of the building and landscape. When choosing a recessed luminaire, the consumer is guided by the size and shape of the ceiling, attractive design of its front part.

outdoor recessed LED luminaires

Console LED Street Light

Modern console LED lamps for the street are made taking into account fashion trends — the absence of sharp corners, broken lines. Their body is made of high-quality aluminum or steel, the product is equipped with an optical glass lens that creates a wide beam opening angle. Such lamps have a discreet appearance, high quality light parameters, high light output.

Their feature is consoles for fastening light elements. They have a different configuration, with their help the product is mounted on a bearing plane (wall, facade, pillar) in an inclined position. The placement of the lamp depends on what exactly it should illuminate. Console models are best suited for use in open areas — roads, house adjoining areas.

cantilever LED street lamp

Suspended outdoor LED lights

Original suspended street LED lamps are attached to the bearing point by means of a bracket. Their design resembles a room chandelier, adapted to the effects of an aggressive environment, dust and moisture. Often they are a ceiling on a chain or pipe. They hang suspended street LED lamps on poles, the ceiling of the gazebo, terraces, verandas. They look harmonious in a high room. Devices differ in the shape of the ceiling, the most popular

  • in the form of a lantern, a ball, a cylinder;
  • horizontal elongated rectangular models.

pendant street lights led

Ground Street LED Lights

Ground LED street lamps are designed for installation directly into the ground, roadside or embedding in its canvas. Their main function:

  • illumination of plants, paths, small architectural forms;
  • zoning of the territory.

Products are invisible as long as they are not included in the network. Ground models give out soft light directed from bottom to top. Luminaires have excellent indicators of moisture resistance, strength, can withstand mechanical stress, pressure from cars and pedestrians. The light sources in them are protected by thick glass, in some cases even reinforced mesh. At the stage of their installation, wiring with good moisture insulation is laid. Ground lamps are produced without any special decorative frills, sometimes they are disguised as stones.

ground street LED lamps

LED Floor Street Lights

Among the models for lighting the local area, one can distinguish street-type LED lamps, which have a small height and are mounted directly on the floor. It can be:

  • beautiful lanterns;
  • luminous figures;
  • console models;
  • street spotlights.

The console is fixed to the floor with a bracket, and the lights can be installed on a stable base. Spotlights have a very bright light directed in one direction. On the floor, they are installed on a tripod, providing them with stability. Decorative outdoor LED floor lamps can be made in a variety of luminous shapes, including cylinders, cubes and balls. They will decorate any landscape design.

street LED floor lamps

Floor lamp outdoor LED lamp

The floor lamp type model is a classic form of street lamps, it is a high pillar — the base with a lantern or a ceiling lamp at the very top. There are many variations of such devices. They differ in the number of shades, their shape and design. The lanterns themselves are at such a height that they do not interfere with people walking around the park or territory.

Floor lamp LED outdoor park light is used to illuminate a large open area with soft diffused light, often installed along garden paths and driveways. Sometimes they are also used to illuminate lawns, flower beds, at night they help to navigate well in space and add aesthetics to landscape design.

floor lamp outdoor LED

Outdoor LED lamp with motion sensor

To illuminate private houses, courtyards, driveways, entrance areas, it is convenient to use LED street lamps with a motion sensor. It will turn on the LED device when a moving object enters its range and turn it off after a specified time. This provides energy savings for the household.

An LED with a switch-on sensor is used exclusively for temporary lighting and is unlikely to play a decorative role. But they are very much in demand by the owners of private houses, because they allow you to illuminate the desired part of the yard only when it is needed. Often, motion sensors are used on wall models of lamps, spotlights.

outdoor LED lamp with motion sensor

LED street light ball

Separately, it is worth highlighting outdoor decorative LED lamps in the form of balls, which are now very popular. They have a spherical shape of the ceiling, look great, evenly emit streams of rays in all directions and perfectly illuminate the place around them. Balls can be installed on low posts of different heights, they are used to highlight paths, paths, decorate stairs, and install in the garden.

There is another variety of them — floating spherical shades, impervious to water. They are used to decorate the illumination of reservoirs, pools, artificial ponds. Balls floating on the surface of the water create an atmosphere of mystery and inner strength around. Underwater analogues of floating spheres contribute to the design of the internal glow of the reservoir.

lamp ball led street

Linear street LED luminaires

Line — LED street lamps operating at safe low voltage (12 V) and characterized by a long service life. They have the form of a flexible thin plastic tape with a silicone braid, on which high-power LEDs are mounted in a vertical position. Due to the flexibility and strength of the ruler, it can be installed in any part of the building at the desired angle.

Such a warm light LED street lamp gives non-standard lighting. Such rulers are used for decorative decoration of the perimeter of the building, highlighting its architectural features and contours. The LED backlight can have several different colors, the installed controller will change them independently one by one.

linear street led lights


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