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Gherkins have become popular among gardeners due to their extraordinary qualities. Their miniature and neat shape is great for brining. Such cucumbers do not cause trouble during conservation, they are successfully placed in jars of various types and do not get stuck in a narrow neck.

Gherkins first appeared in France and became famous for their miniature and neat forms. They instantly spread around the world and delighted the inhabitants with their taste. Modern technologies have stepped far forward and today breeders have created thousands of varieties of gherkins.

Top best varieties of gherkins


The very perfection of gherkins

The speaking name of the variety is fully justified. In 40 days, it gives a generous and high-quality harvest. The 9 cm fruits turn a pale green when ripe. Their pulp is fragrant and juicy, it never tastes bitter. Therefore, gherkins are suitable for making fresh salads and marinade. Unripe fruits — pickles — have the same quality taste properties. They can be successfully used in cooking.

High and stable yield distinguishes the variety from the rest. From one square meter it is possible to collect about 30 kilograms of ripe cucumbers. Gardeners note the resistance of the plant to sudden changes in weather conditions. Almost all reviews are positive. Unpretentiousness in care suits most buyers. Despite all the advantages, perfection itself, paradoxically, also has disadvantages — the fruits can overripe if they are not harvested on time.

Mels F1

Mels F1 gherkins

One of the most famous hybrids among modern gardeners. It is characterized by fast ripening and high fertility. Mels is suitable for planting both in open ground and in greenhouses. On the 35th after germination, the variety will ripen. The fact that the plant is self-pollinating makes it easier to take care of the plant. The ovaries are of the bouquet type. From a bush, on average, it is possible to collect up to 200 fruits per season. To do this, you need to follow the variety — water, loosen the ground and feed, which will not bring any particular inconvenience.

Elongated cucumbers have an average length of 9 centimeters. The pimples that cover the surface of the vegetable have a light fluff. The best quality of this variety is that its fruits are never bitter. In addition, Mels is resistant to temperature extremes, which is beneficial for the cold regions of the country. The plant is not susceptible to many diseases. All these characteristics give full right to call Mels the best among similar ones. Moreover, in the reviews of gardeners you can find only positive comments.


Champion gherkins

A variety that was created mainly for the changeable climate of Russia. Resistance to damage and significant fecundity made it possible to call the plant a champion, which indicates its leading position among similar ones. It is adapted for cultivation in the northern regions of the country. All gardeners like the early ripening of fruits. The variety will be ideal for salting. Small cucumbers fit perfectly in jars without leaving empty space. Over time, the gherkins will not be bitter.

According to experts, the taste of the vegetable is many times superior to other varieties. In non-flying weather, the champion will bear fruit without significant losses — its fruits will not deteriorate. Buyers note the high resistance of the plant to harsh climatic conditions. It can be successfully grown in Siberia — in frosty temperatures. The disadvantages of the champion are as follows: the prickliness of the fruit — it is better to collect it with gloves, and the instability to pests — careful monitoring and care is needed.

Micron F1

Micron F1 gherkins

A bee-pollinated hybrid is recommended to be planted both in open ground and in greenhouses. It is guaranteed to bring a bountiful harvest. Small-sized cucumbers have a pleasant presentation and reach 8 centimeters in length. The fruits are tasty and juicy, which is what almost all gardeners like. The bushes of the plant will not take up much space — they are medium-sized, with small leaves. From the moment of seed germination, Micron begins to actively bear fruit after 40 days. The tubercles on the surface of the gherkin are located close to each other. They protect the vegetable from damage.

Micron is suitable for conservation due to its dense pulp and miniature size. The variety bears fruit all three months of summer. He is not afraid of many diseases, so the plant will not require special care. From one square meter, the harvest will be about 15 kilograms. Micron fruits will not outgrow if left unharvested for a long time. Gardeners in the reviews write mainly about the advantages of the variety, but they do not notice obvious shortcomings.

Ecole F1

Ecole F1 gherkins

Ecole is called the most versatile variety — it is grown in various conditions: both on open ground and in greenhouses. Also, cucumbers are great for dishes and salting. This early ripe hybrid has a high fruiting. The vegetation period is 40-50 days. The first gherkins will please within a month and a half after germination. From May until the end of the summer season, the variety will continuously bear fruit.

About 20 kilograms of ripe and tasty fruits are harvested from one square meter. Their length varies from 10 to 12 centimeters, and their weight ranges from 50 to 80 grams. The bouquet type of flowering gives the plant a neat and interesting look. On each bunch you can find 4-5 gherkins. In general, gardeners enjoy caring for a variety, and then enjoying the fruits. The disadvantages include the exactingness of the plant to the light regime. You should choose a suitable place for growing.

Kuzya F1

Kuzya F1 gherkins

A variety that does not require pollination is loved by many gardeners. It is an ultra-early and high-yielding hybrid. Ripe fruits are used in the preparation of salads, and are also successfully preserved. Miniature cucumbers only 3-5 centimeters long look great on any table. Gherkins ripen within 40-45 days. With proper care, a generous harvest every summer is guaranteed by experienced gardeners. On the open ground grows up to 7 kilograms of cucumbers.

In greenhouses, you can safely collect about 15 kilograms of fruits in one season. Excellent taste qualities are noted by all buyers in their reviews. Crispy and juicy gherkins will appeal to all households and guests. Increased resistance to a whole bunch of diseases distinguishes the variety from the rest. He is not afraid of the cucumber mosaic virus, which can destroy the plant and significantly reduce the amount of the crop. There were no obvious shortcomings in Kuzi.


Madame gherkins

The most suitable variety for planting seeds in open ground. It will be possible to harvest a month and a half after planting. The hybrid is pollinated by various insects. Inflorescences are classified as female. On one bunch of plants grow 3-6 fruits. They have a cylindrical shape and small size, as well as quite light in weight — 70 — 80 grams. The peel of cucumbers is thin, almost imperceptible in taste. Therefore, this variety is suitable for pickling.

Madame is not afraid of most diseases. You can not worry that the gherkins will turn yellow or rot — the plant is resistant to various ailments. With banal care and standard algorithms of actions, the variety will give a rich harvest and tasty dense fruits. Their taste will allow you to enjoy fresh cucumbers immediately after harvest. Customer reviews say that such gherkins are a real find for gardeners. The only thing is that not everyone will like regular plant care.


parisian gherkins

Juicy and crispy variety has long been loved by many gardeners. Neat small fruits are used for various purposes. They are pickled, salted, salads are made and consumed fresh. After planting the seeds in open ground or a greenhouse, it should take about 45 days for the cucumbers to ripen. Outwardly, they are very beautiful and have a «correct» shape. They are often grown for sale. The yield is about 3.5 kilograms per square meter. Ripe gherkins are tasty and rich in useful trace elements.

The universal variety is one of the most popular in central Russia. However, it can be grown in rather harsh conditions. Bright green fruits also flaunt on the territory of Ukraine — many people liked the Parisian gherkin there. Judging by the positive feedback from people, the variety is good and not capricious. The flesh of each gherkin is dense and juicy. At the end of the fruiting period, cucumbers may be slightly bitter at the very base.


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