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Today, gardeners grow a large number of different flowering crops. Among the variety available, it is worth highlighting phloxes, represented by a large number of species and varieties, thanks to which the plant can become an ornament to any flower bed. Phloxes are attractive perennial ornamental plants that are very popular in gardens.

They are easy to care for and not picky about the soil. But which variety is the best? From the variety of shapes and colors of this plant, eyes run wide. I want to buy and plant everything, because each variety is beautiful in its own way, but do not rush to grab it from the shelves at random, because below is the TOP of the best varieties of phlox, based on customer reviews.

Top best varieties of phlox

Creme de la Creme

Creme de la Creme phlox

Everyone who encounters this variety of phlox will want to have a unique color plant. The yellow buds, opening, show a complex transition on the petals from soft green to pale pink, very rare among gardeners. Perhaps this is the best option for those who want to add zest to their site, make it special and unique.

The flowers are medium-sized (2-3 cm in diameter), but there are many of them in one inflorescence, they form magnificent spherical heads. Some of them unfold like roses, which is practically not found among other varieties. The height of the bush can reach one meter. It is quite compact and easy to maintain. He loves the sun and abundant watering, but do not be zealous, otherwise the plant can be destroyed. For the winter, the root system is allowed not to be hidden from the snow, because the variety tolerates frost well.


tenor phlox

A bright red tall plant will become an expressive decoration of any site. Strong stems are adorned with numerous thin narrow green leaves. Large fragrant inflorescences up to 20 cm in size will bloom almost all summer until early autumn. They require minimal care in the form of regular watering and fertilizing. Red bushes will grow well in partial shade, so it is better to hide them from the scorching sun.

Tenor has excellent resistance to various diseases and tolerates changes in weather conditions, so it is perfect for growing both in the Moscow region and in any part of Russia. The variety grows well, propagates without problems with the help of seeds or by dividing the bush. Experts recommend planting plants at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other.


victoria phlox

Deep purple phlox will grow well in shade or partial shade, but not in the scorching sun. Large velvet flowers grow in large caps on straight stems with bright green foliage. The plant perfectly retains its rich colors throughout the entire flowering period, practically without fading and without changing color. Although some gardeners note a slight lightening of the center.

The height of the bush is a little less than a meter and it is perfect for cutting. Such a flower will look great in a tall vase. It is also worth noting that this phlox at home will stand for quite a long time, which is a significant advantage over other varieties. The aroma is pronounced, spreading over several meters. This is the best option for those who like brighter and more fragrant.


Zenobia phlox

The panicled variety, originally from Holland, is a real curiosity for the Russian consumer, whether living in the Moscow region or another corner of Russia. Opening, double flowers acquire an unusual shape unique to phloxes. The small petals curl, fold, bulge and curl differently at all stages of flowering. Every day they are able to have a «new» appearance, not similar to the previous one. The color of the plant is also unusual: it shimmers from pale pink, almost white, to rich purple.

The high stem is decorated with green foliage with a burgundy tint. Experts say that such a beautiful phlox is very unpretentious in care. So, it can be transplanted at any time of the year at any stage of growth. Grows well both in the sun and in the shade. This is probably the best option for those who are just starting to get acquainted with this type of flower.

Pina colada

Pina Colada phlox

The snow-white wheels, which make up a fluffy dense oval-shaped hat, will appeal to everyone who is not indifferent to flowers. A half-meter plant blooms profusely and for a long time — from July to early October. It will well endure the cold winter, which so often happens in the central part of Russia. In care, the flower is not at all capricious, and will respond to due attention with large inflorescences and a pronounced aroma.

It is best to plant this variety of phlox in a place where the lighting will be diffused, which will help protect the leaves from sunburn. In order for the color of the flowers to be bright and uniform, ash must be added to them, according to experts. The acquisition and cultivation of this plant is available to all Russian flower growers, but it is especially popular in the Moscow region.


katarina phlox

An interesting phlox variety that changes color depending on weather conditions, soil type and care method. So, it can be sky blue, and soft lilac and pink-blue. During the day in the sun, the flowers have a slight lilac hue, but by the evening there will be no hint of it. An amazing plant that changes color not only from the way it is kept, but also during the day.

A low shrub is best planted in a sunny place. It will bloom from July until the end of the season. It can be cut, so the variety will be a good component for a mono-bouquet due to its durability and unusual color. Lush caps are not whimsical to care for and do not require constant watering. This is the best option for busy people who do not have the opportunity to constantly be in their summer cottage.

White Sparr

White Sparr phlox

This paniculate variety resembles a ball, decorated with many small delicate fragile flowers. It differs from other colors in its lightness and airiness. The only disadvantage of phlox is its flowering period: from August to the first autumn month, because it belongs to late varieties.

Dense inflorescences can reach up to 20 cm in diameter, the bush itself is low. It will look great on a green lawn or on a mono flower bed. It will also be in harmony with bluebells and carnations. Often it is grown under the cut, but in this case it is recommended to leave 6-7 peduncles so that the heads in the bouquet are large and luxurious.


nikki phlox

Phlox, conquering those who are crazy about dark colors. This is the only variety with flowers of such a magical color. This dark purple perennial is great for sunny areas and won’t fade or lose its sweet, alluring scent. Shimmering under the sun’s rays, the shade can become purple, then black, then burgundy.

Without sun, phlox will grow slowly and the flowers will be small. Also, do not forget to water it, because the variety loves moist soil. A tall bush is perfect for landing in a front garden, along fences and arbors — a kind of decorative fence. Gardeners note that Nikki looks great next to red and yellow plants. It is not always easy and simple to find a harmonious neighbor for them.


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