Overview of the best varieties of potatoes for the middle lane


Potato is one of the most popular, inexpensive and easily accessible products in the country, and especially in its central part. From it you can cook a huge number of delicious dishes. Few people know that a certain recipe requires a special type of potato in order for everything to turn out beautiful, fragrant and appetizing. Some of them are boiled soft, while others retain their shape, but change color. Which variety is universal, but at the same time not whimsical in care, withstands constantly changing weather conditions in the middle part of Russia and has a high storage capacity is a difficult question.

The choice is so great that most amateur gardeners get lost when searching and find their ideal one only after a few years, having spent a lot of money, time and effort. To facilitate this process and get rid of unnecessary fuss, below is an overview of the best varieties of potatoes for the middle lane. It was compiled on the basis of feedback from amateur gardeners, entrepreneurs, assessments of specialists and experts in this field, so you should trust him and choose «the one» that may become someone’s «taste of childhood.»

Top best potato varieties for the middle lane


bellarosa potatoes

An ultra-early variety, which enjoys the unconditional love of many summer residents of the Central and Northern regions of central Russia, the Southern region of the Chernozem region. The culture steadfastly withstands dry weather, excess moisture, can grow on almost any soil composition. Bellarosa has a sweetish taste and is used to prepare various dishes. Another of the main differences of the variety is the rather large size of root crops, the weight of one tuber can exceed 200 g. This feature causes some problems in the selection of seed material, which should ideally be of medium size. Root crops are stored for a long time, do not rot and are not subject to mechanical damage due to the thick skin.


Rosara potato

This early ripe variety is the best for central Russia. It adapts to weather conditions and produces a good harvest every year. Among other positive aspects, gardeners note the resistance of potatoes to almost all diseases and the ability to withstand severe droughts or long periods of rain.

Rosara tubers are oval in shape. They are suitable for frying, boiling and preparing salads. It is also worth highlighting the high keeping quality and good taste.


Nevsky potato

A variety of domestic selection, considered for a long time one of the most popular among gardeners in many regions of Russia. Any soil is suitable for the culture, it normally perceives changes in weather conditions, has a strong immunity to various crop diseases. Due to the presence of powerful roots, the potato is resistant to dry weather.

Root crops are tasty, they are not damaged during digging, they are perfectly stored until the spring period, they are well cleaned, they do not boil soft, because they contain a little starch. But tubers begin to germinate early, and potatoes do not respond well to breaking off sprouts.


Adretta potato

This expensive potato variety is one of the most adapted to the conditions of central Russia. It is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature and withstands a long drought well. In addition, the variety is resistant to various diseases and grows well on any soil. Adretta does not require special care.

Its tubers are distinguished by a neat appearance and excellent taste. Because of this, this potato variety is often grown for sale.

Red Scarlet

Red Scarlet potato

A Dutch hybrid variety that has taken root well in many regions of Russia. The culture grows especially well in the Chernozem region, delighting summer residents with a rich harvest and even root crops. The variety is resistant to potato diseases and various pests, but summer residents discuss on the forums that the Colorado potato beetle does not bypass the plant with its attention. The culture normally relates to drought and is frost-resistant, but requires regular abundant watering.

The variety is tasty, well stored until spring, not subject to mechanical damage, and due to a small amount of starch, it is widely used by catering for cooking french fries.


Lorch potato

This species is the best among late potato varieties. It is ideal for central Russia, as it is resistant to diseases and is not afraid of a sudden change in weather.

Lorch tubers are small in size. At the same time, they are distinguished by good taste and contain a large amount of starch. In addition, the variety easily withstands mechanical stress and is not afraid of most pests.

Zhukovsky early

Zhukovsky early potato

Zhukovsky early fell in love with gardeners of the middle lane for even tubers of large sizes and the ability to adapt to changing climatic conditions. The variety feels good in dry weather, resistant to many diseases, but still prone to late blight. Gardeners believe that the taste of potatoes is average. Salads, french fries, chips are prepared from it, but due to the small percentage of starch, the variety is not suitable for mashed potatoes. Zhukovsky early, although it has good keeping quality, it is better not to store root crops for a long time, as they lose their taste properties. Summer residents recommend eating potatoes before the onset of cold weather, while they are still quite tasty and nutritious.


Aurora potato

Aurora is one of the most popular varieties grown commercially. It has a fairly high yield and has an excellent presentation. Among other positive aspects, there is a small thickness of the peel, good taste and the possibility of long-term storage.

Aurora is resistant to most diseases. She is not afraid of nematodes, late blight and other diseases that often attack other varieties. A nice addition will be the smoothness of the tubers, thanks to which they are very easy to clean.


Tuleevsky potato

A variety of domestic breeders, created for Siberian conditions, but highly appreciated by summer residents of the middle lane and many other regions of Russia. It is adapted to any natural conditions. It tolerates drought, heavy rainfall, intense heat and even cool summers, delighting gardeners with an excellent harvest. The plant is highly resistant to many diseases and pests, but is still prone to late blight and nematodes.

Root crops, according to summer residents, are very tasty, large in size, have a thick skin, so they tolerate transportation well and are perfectly stored for a long time. Gardeners of the middle lane consider Tuleevsky one of the best universal varieties, which pleases with a considerable number of tubers from the bush.


Asterix potatoes

The firm texture of the flesh and the low starch content make this potato the best choice for frying and french fries. It stands out for its oval tubers, which are easy to clean and do not darken when peeled. Gardeners also note the possibility of using mechanical harvesting and the resistance of the root crop to various diseases.

Asterix can be planted in any soil. He is not afraid of drought and strong moisture, so he easily tolerates adverse weather. A bonus for the gardener will be the excellent keeping quality of the tubers.


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