Rating of the best domestic incubators for household plots


The sanctions policy of Western countries gave impetus to the active development of poultry farming in Russia. Breeding a wide variety of domestic birds has become a profitable business. One of the main roles in this difficult task is played by the incubator. It is used not only by farmers, but also by owners of personal household plots (LPH).

Our ranking contains the best incubators most suitable for private household plots or small farms. The categories consider different models that have proven themselves on the positive side. All of them have better characteristics compared to other, not even the worst products that were not included in our review.

The best inexpensive incubators of domestic production

Poseda BLITZ-48

Poseda BLIC-48 incubator

One of the best-selling models on the household incubator market. Blitz is a very successful model with an automatic turning mechanism, which quickly won the trust of the owners of personal subsidiary plots. The accuracy of maintaining the temperature in this incubator is 0.1 ° C (not every modern incubator can boast of such indicators). The inner lining is made of galvanized steel, the wall thickness is 40 mm. Humidity can be adjusted with a damper between 40 and 80 percent.

In the apparatus, everything is done in such a way as to simplify the process of hatching birds as much as possible and increase the reliability of the system. For example, if the mains fails, the device automatically switches to battery backup without additional settings for temperature, humidity and rotation mechanism. In this state, the incubator can work for more than a day. As soon as the mains voltage appears, the process of switching from the battery to 220 Volts occurs again automatically.


«Cinderella» incubator

«Cinderella» is a very popular household incubator, the production of which has been established in Novosibirsk. This device has received wide distribution, primarily due to its low price.
The peculiarity of «Cinderella» is that the heating element of the device can work not only from the 220V network, but also from the energy of hot water. Very well in the incubator, an automatic egg flip is implemented, which occurs 10 times a day. Capacity is 70 chicken and 40 goose eggs. If the turning mechanism is removed from the incubator, then the apparatus will mix 100 chicken eggs, but the turning process will have to be carried out manually.

The design of the «Cinderella» in comparison with foreign incubators is far from ideal. After the purchase, problems may arise, such as the wire at the grate has broken or the thermostat has failed. And this is normal, because for such a price there is simply no better option. Moreover, any information on the proper use of this incubator and its improvements can be found on specialized forums.

Ideal mother hen

Ideal mother hen incubator

Another popular Russian-made household incubator. Producer — Bagan LLC, Novosibirsk. The high demand for this model is due to the affordable price and solid functionality. Incubator «Ideal mother hen» is available in versions for 35, 63, 98, 104 and 150 eggs. As in the Cinderella incubator, the ability to work on battery power is implemented here. The case of an incubator is made of polyfoam that considerably facilitates the weight of the device. Of the obvious advantages, one can single out modern heating elements (REHs) with high heat transfer and an unlimited resource, as well as low power consumption (maximum 90 W).

The best functional incubators for home mini-farms

Incubator TGB-210 VLRA «BIO»

Incubator TGB-210 VLRA BIO incubator

This incubator occupies an intermediate position between the spacious household and compact farm models, so it can be easily used in small farms. The reduction of the incubation period in them is achieved due to a special sound stimulator that imitates high-frequency clicks. The embryos adjust their own rhythms to the detected fluctuations, and this is how the effect of reducing the development time is achieved. Moreover, the chamber is equipped with a Chizhevsky chandelier, which increases the amount of anions, allowing the embryos to develop faster and significantly reduce the number of “suffocation”. The design of the incubator is such that the flexible built-in heater is evenly distributed inside the walls of the case, due to which an almost uniform temperature is created.

R-com Maru 380 Deluxe MAX

R-com Maru 380 Deluxe MAX incubator

High-performance, with a capacity of up to 252 chicken eggs, the R-com Maru 380 Deluxe MAX incubator from the South Korean manufacturer was created using the latest developments in the field of electronics. Ensuring automatic adjustment of the incubation process is carried out on the basis of high-precision indicators recorded by internal and external sensors of the Swiss manufacturer Sensirion. This model has the ability to configure and control all the main parameters. To do this, the incubator provides:

  • LCD display;
  • Air supply adjustment;
  • Internal and external temperature sensor;
  • Water level indicator;
  • Humidity control;
  • Swivel mechanism, with shutdown function;
  • Open door protection and other features.

The body of the R-com Maru 380 is made of an aluminum profile with a special coating, which greatly facilitates the cleaning process. Heating the water in the tank provides the necessary humidity and prevents the growth of bacteria. The hermetically sealed transparent door and the polystyrene coating of the body guarantee the best thermal insulation with minimal energy consumption. The kit includes eight universal trays, six incubation and two hatchers. In the reviews there is a clarifying point about the discrepancy between the marking 380 and the real capacity of this incubator.

Incubator TGB-70 A «BIO»

Incubator TGB-70 A BIO incubator

An incubator designed specifically for breeding waterfowl. This was made possible thanks to an oversized tray, where goose eggs are placed in a strictly vertical position (initial bookmark). After culling, the tray becomes a little looser (as a rule, up to 10-15% of eggs are culled on average), after which the remaining eggs can be laid out at an angle or horizontally. The laying in TGB-70 A «BIO» is carried out directly in the body of the incubator due to the possibility of tilting the tray. It is impossible to call this method convenient — it is much easier to put eggs in a drawer. Auto-rotation in the process of incubation is carried out with the help of a remote reversible winch. In general, the model does not hit the pocket much with the price level, but it is a very solid incubator.

The best Chinese incubators

Incubator WQ 48

Incubator WQ 48 incubator

One of the most worthy representatives among Chinese-made incubators, the WQ 48 model is an unpretentious and extremely easy-to-use assistant in the process of hatching chicks. The tray is designed to accommodate 48 standard eggs, but as an alternative, you can place a special tray for quail eggs with a large number of cells. The tray rotation system works every two hours — the bookmark is turned over like a swing, by 45 degrees. Despite the positive characteristics, it will not work to call it a reference. The fact is that the body of the incubator is made of plastic with foam insulation — this is a double blow to a healthy microclimate inside the incubation zone. The electronics work quite accurately, but sometimes it fails and may well “trick up” with the temperature regime.


HHD EW-56A incubator

The Chinese-made model is designed for 56 chicken eggs. Differs in an optimum ratio of the price and quality than has earned popularity in households. The incubator is made of durable plastic and has automatic control of all incubation parameters (humidity, temperature, egg rotation). The values ​​are displayed on a convenient LCD display, which allows you to control the chick hatching process with high quality. The transparent cover of the incubator also allows you to observe the process.

It is possible to easily control the level of humidity by adding water to a special hole in the body — you do not need to open the lid of the incubator for this. Thanks to the fan, an even distribution of warm air is ensured. Users note that the device operates with virtually no noise, pleases with its compact size and ease of operation. But they complain that when the humidity decreases, the device starts to squeak strongly. Also, buyers call the inconvenience when removing the trays a minus.

Janoel JNL-42

Janoel JNL-42 incubator

Simple and easy to use, the Janoel 42 domestic incubator is designed to meet the needs of small poultry farms. It is designed to hatch from 129 quail to 20 goose eggs. This model is produced under the supervision of Italian specialists and is distinguished by high build quality and reliability. The case, made of impact-resistant plastic, consists of five trays with additional partitions, for the convenience of laying small-sized eggs.

The management of this digital incubator will not cause any difficulties even for a novice specialist. All the necessary indicators are displayed on the display located on the surface of the cover. Processes such as heating, ventilation, flipping are controlled automatically. You only need to monitor and control the humidity indicator, which needs to be changed, depending on the stage of incubation. But for this, too, everything is provided, and containers for water of various sizes, and special openings for filling them without opening the lid. Reviews about Janoel 42 are mostly positive: owners note a long service life, the best energy savings, the smallest error in the operation of the sensors, and a good recovery percentage.


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