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Winter is the time for the formation of a snowdrift not only on the roads, but in the yards of country houses and cottages.

Some people still shovel snow the old fashioned way, but those who want to minimize effort and reduce shoveling time purchase snow blowers.

Gasoline snowmobiles are considered the best for a reason. They have good cross-country ability, which is important when cleaning difficult areas. In addition, gasoline snowmobiles have a large number of gears, through which you can adjust the power of work. With a headlight, this device is suitable for night cleaning.

Top petrol snow blowers

Denzel GSB-53 self-propelled

Denzel GSB-53 self-propelled

A small-sized snow blower with a four-stroke engine is intended mainly for use in private houses or summer cottages, for cleaning garage entrances or paths.

Only suitable for flat hard surfaces. The silent operation of the engine will not cause discomfort, and the engine itself consumes fuel very economically.

Five speeds will provide comfort of use. The hardened steel auger easily copes with dense snowdrifts and ice crust thanks to powerful teeth that easily grind frozen and compressed snow. Large wheel tires are equipped with a massive tread that guarantees stability and at the same time good maneuverability.

The 3.6-liter fuel tank is enough for several long cleanings without refueling. Works on all types of gasoline, but AI-95 is preferred.

ELITECH SM 6 self-propelled

ELITECH SM 6 self-propelled

A snow blower for small areas and sites is suitable for both home use and for cleaning driveways and parking lots.

The four-stage engine will provide excellent efficiency. The durable auger quickly crushes not only dense snow and hard crust, but also icy surfaces. Large wheels with good deep tread ensure high flotation and stability on various surfaces.

Six speed modes add maneuverability to the unit. The rotation of the chute is mechanically adjustable by 190 degrees. A 3.6-liter tank with the preferred AI-92 gasoline will ensure long-term uninterrupted operation of the unit.

Ergonomics is added by the presence of heated handles. The machine is easy to use, and in case of difficulties and malfunctions, detailed and understandable instructions will help to solve them.

PATRIOT PS 603 E self-propelled

PATRIOT PS 603 E self-propelled

Inexpensive unit with good maneuverability and performance. The equipment in the form of a four-stroke motor and a hardened steel auger will allow you to remove even icy and compacted snow.

The embossed projector on pneumatic wheels will provide excellent traction even in icy areas. Adjustable bucket skids protect the bucket from damage and improve snow and ice removal on uneven surfaces.

Optimal for harsh weather conditions in the form of cold and snowy winters. The snow throw angle is adjustable both in direction and in range.

The main difference from the basic version is the presence of a built-in LED headlight and a spatula for cleaning the gutter in the kit.

Hyundai S 5556 self-propelled

Hyundai S 5556 self-propelled

A small self-propelled unit for personal plots or clearing the entrance to the garage. The metal auger is equipped with special teeth for grinding ice and crust. The engine is less powerful compared to analogues, but also consumes less fuel.

The unit is equipped with a bright LED headlight that allows you to work in the dark and twilight. The distance of snow ejection is mechanically adjustable, as is the angle of rotation of the chute. The snow removal bucket is height adjustable and equipped with special skids for working on uneven surfaces.

The volume of the fuel tank is enough for 3 hours of continuous operation. The manufacturer recommends using AI-95 as fuel.

Husqvarna ST 227P self-propelled

Husqvarna ST 227P self-propelled

Functional unit for universal use for large areas. Handles both wet and fresh snow, as well as dry or packed snow.

Suitable for drifts up to 30 cm thick. The auger is designed for heavy loads, made of durable metal, which makes it suitable for both home use and use at commercial buildings and parks, parking lots.

Small size and stable wheels, as well as seven speed modes make it easy to maneuver the unit and process hard-to-reach places — corners, areas near walls and fences. Stability is provided by a large weight and a deep tread. High-quality components and reliable assembly are designed for a long period of operation.

The snow throw distance can be easily adjusted mechanically. Ergonomics of the car are added by comfortable heated handles and bright LED headlights.

Hyundai S 7713-T self-propelled

Hyundai S 7713-T self-propelled

Professional Heavy Duty Crawler Snow Blower features high flotation and stability on all types of surfaces.

The large working surface ensures the speed of processing large areas, including parking areas and areas near shopping centers. Rigid frame construction withstands huge loads and work efficiency in various weather conditions.

However, the manufacturer does not recommend using the machine at temperatures below -10 degrees, which greatly limits its use. The snow blower is equipped with a large 6-liter fuel tank, which lasts up to 5 hours of continuous operation.

The preferred type of fuel in this case is AI-95.

Huter SGC 4100L self-propelled

Huter SGC 4100L self-propelled

The compact unit for small areas is designed for operation in harsh environments at temperatures below -25 degrees.

It features a reliable frost-resistant motor equipped with a cold start system. Large wheels have a special deep tread pattern that allows you to move not only on ice, but also on snow-covered areas without slipping and blocking the wheels.

The auger is equipped with steel knives, which can easily cope with compacted snow, crust, ice. The direction of ejection is adjusted mechanically during snow removal using a special handle. A seven-speed gearbox makes it easy to control the unit.

The fuel tank is designed for 3.6 AI-92 gasoline and is equipped with a fuel level sensor. The built-in headlight allows you to work in the dark.

Huter SGC 4000 self-propelled

Huter SGC 4000 self-propelled

A self-propelled snow blower for small areas can easily compete in terms of technical characteristics and performance with more expensive units. Here is a powerful four-stroke engine, and a 3-liter fuel tank, and good wheels with a stable tread and spikes.

The latter will provide excellent cross-country ability and stability on the ice crust. The snow ejection range is regulated by mechanical switches.

The detailed instructions that come with the kit will allow you to understand the device and control of the unit, even for those who have never encountered snow blowers before.

Start is carried out by a manual starter. The bucket is equipped with support skis for snow removal on uneven surfaces such as gravel or lawn.


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