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In order to cook a delicious smoked dish at home, you definitely need a special installation, which includes a chamber for placing food, a heater and a smoke-producing apparatus.

Which smoke generator is better to buy for smoking

The material of manufacture affects the life of such a device. The best choice for all-weather use would be a smoke generator, the body of which is made of stainless steel. The thickness of its walls should be at least 1.5 mm — this will protect them from burning through.

You should pay attention to the way the chimney is connected to the tank. The outlet pipe is attached to the housing with bolts or welding. In the second case, better sealing is provided, which eliminates the possibility of leakage. To fix the pipe with bolts, a special sealant is required.

When buying, we advise you to determine the components of the device. For commissioning, you need:

  • compressor,
  • connecting pipes,
  • fasteners,
  • smoking chamber.

The best smoke generators with automatic ignition

Hanhi Zmei (Hanhi Snakes)

Hanhi Zmei (Hanhi Snakes)

Even a child will be able to cope with cold smoking thanks to the Hanhi Zmei electric smoke generator. All operations are simple and convenient. There are power controls on the electric stand and on the compressor. With their help, you can set the optimal cold smoking mode, taking into account the type of semi-finished product. A distinctive feature of the model is the presence of a filter that retains condensate, moisture and tar from the smoke. To remove harmful fractions there is a drain valve. The reliability and durability of the device is provided by AISI430 stainless steel. It does not oxidize under the influence of high temperature and combustion products. The smoke generator has a high performance, it is able to form cold smoke for 12 hours. The smoke is cooled in a coil 6 m long.

Consumers note the simplicity of the smoke generator in operation. Thanks to the filter, products are not impregnated with harmful resins. The only downside is the high price.

Summer resident

Summer resident smoke generator

Automatic smoke generator Summer resident has a unique woodchip supply system. Thanks to her, it was possible to achieve a low consumption of wood material. At the same time, the device provides a wide range of heating adjustments, which allows the use of a smoke generator with smokehouses of different sizes. To choose the right temperature in the smoking chamber, you just need to lengthen the chimney. The design has a screw mechanism, which is responsible for the metered supply of chips. The worm takes a portion of sawdust from the storage hopper and delivers it to the working surface of the heater. The feed rate and intensity of heating is controlled by automation. The convenient bottom quickly opens that allows to clear the device of ashes.

The owners of the smoke generator Summer Resident speak flatteringly about the efficiency, simplicity, reliability and functionality of the device. The disadvantage of the device is a modest appearance and the impossibility of smoking in the cold.



For regular smoking of a large volume of products, it is better to purchase the Whirlwind-M model. The device works automatically, without requiring human intervention. Consumables are ordinary wood chips, not expensive briquettes or tablets. One load (3-4 kg) of wood waste is enough to operate the smoke generator for 24 hours. At the same time, it is possible to fill a chamber with a volume of up to 8 cubic meters with cold smoke. m. The device operates in oxygen-free combustion mode. Wood chips do not need to be set on fire, getting on a heating element with a power of 1 kW, it immediately begins to smolder. It should be noted that the smoke is supplied with a constant density and a certain temperature.

Users in the reviews write about the stable supply of smoke with the given parameters. The smoke generator works autonomously, only once a day it is required to fill the bunker with wood chips. Among the shortcomings, there is a high price, failure of heaters when using wet wood chips.


«Dymka» smoke generator

Among smoke generators equipped with a device for separating moisture and resin, this is the most affordable model. Dried smoke without foreign impurities helps to achieve a higher final quality of the cold-smoked product without bitterness. One load of wood chips is enough for 6-8 hours of constant work — there is no need to constantly monitor the smoking process. The device is quite powerful, designed for a chamber with a volume of 200 liters. A sufficiently large amount of meat, lard or fish is placed in it at the same time. Unlike most smoke generators for home use, this model is equipped with a coil, a condensate collection tank, a moisture separator, and a tar drain valve.

Users like a fairly simple, but at the same time effective design, the taste of the final product. The device comes with a book with detailed recipes for smoked meats. But the main advantage is the combination of excellent technical characteristics and affordable cost.

The best smoke generators with manual ignition

Hobby Smoke 3.0+

Hobby Smoke 3.0+

A large volume of cold smoke (up to 20 cubic meters) can be produced by the domestic model Hobbi Smoke 3.0+. The device is able to work autonomously for 16 hours. At the same time, the consumption of wood chips is 130 g / h. The design provides for the presence of a lower branch pipe, the cover is made of wood. A removable bottom is provided for quick removal of wood chips. Ignition of wood chips is carried out using an open fire thanks to two holes. The manufacturer completed the product with a lighter, alder wood chips for one load, a compressor with heat-resistant tubes, and universal fastening bolts. A book with recipes and recommendations will help you get your first cold smoking skills.

Hunters and fishermen, summer residents and villagers note the high performance of the smoke generator. The device is convenient to use, the products are fragrant and tasty thanks to the attached recipes. Among the shortcomings, consumers note the high cost and difficulty in igniting wet wood chips.

Finlandia 1.2L

Finlandia 1.2L

The Finlandia 1.2 L smoke generator will help smoke fish in field conditions or in the country. This compact model holds 1.2 liters of wood chips, which will smoke at least 2.5 hours on one load. In a small chamber, the fish has time to smoke and acquire a golden color. Distinctive features of the model are a stand-mount, a safe wooden cover, the lower location of the outlet pipe. The smoke generator can be used for both cold and hot smoking. The maximum chamber volume is limited to 3 cu. m. Ignition of the flail is carried out through a special hole in the lower part of the body.

Good reviews about the Finlandia 1.2 L smoke generator come from anglers and summer residents. Users note the affordable price, compactness, ease of use. Among the shortcomings, consumers note the insufficient tightness of the structure.

Merkel Standard

Merkel Standard

Lightweight and compact is the Merkel Standard smoke generator. It is made of high quality stainless steel 2mm thick. Due to its small size (height 29.5 cm) and weight (1.5 kg), the device can be taken to nature or to the country. The model is equipped with a special chamber in which condensate and harmful resins are collected. The lid is made of wood, which ensures the safe loading of wood chips. The device has a drain valve to remove condensate. A removable bottom allows you to quickly change wood chips and remove ash. 1.3 liters of wood waste can be loaded into the container, ensuring uninterrupted operation for 5 hours. No tools are required to assemble the smoke generator, you can connect the device to any smokehouse up to 11 cubic meters. m.

Buyers highlight several positive properties of the Merkel Standard smoke generator. This is compactness and lightness, accessibility and speed of assembly. The disadvantages of some users include low productivity, the need for frequent addition of wood chips.


Weber smoke generator

If you smoke products rarely and in small volumes, there is no need to purchase an expensive model. With the help of the Weber Smoke Generator, you can easily turn your grill or brazier with a lid into a cold smoker. The generator is simply installed on the bottom of the tank, filled with wood chips and set on fire. Despite the small volume, sawdust smolders very slowly, providing continuous smoking for 8 hours.

This is a completely mechanical, very simple, but at the same time effective and safe device that does not require any skills in using smoke generators. In this model, users like full autonomy and low weight. It is convenient to take the smokehouse with you on a fishing trip or just to nature for cooking smoked meats in field conditions.

The best smoke generators with a smokehouse

Bradley Smoker Original Smoker BS611EU

Bradley Smoker Original Smoker BS611EU

The best all-round smoker with a smoke generator is the Bradley Smoker Original. Obtaining smoke occurs automatically. The task of the owner is to arrange the products into 4 removable grates (size 35-28 cm), place wood chips in the smoke generator and turn on the appropriate mode. Briquettes are automatically fed into the «furnace» every 20 minutes. The smoking process takes up to 9 hours, the automation allows for both cold and hot processing (up to +160°C). Thanks to a small chamber (volume 120 l), the smokehouse can be transported, which makes the model indispensable in a country house. Additionally, for cold smoking, you should purchase an adapter worth 17,900 rubles.

Consumers in the reviews note the versatility of the smokehouse. It turns out beautiful, tasty and healthy food, without the need for frequent intervention. The disadvantages include the high price and not a complete set.

Dym Dymych 02B

Dym Dymych 02B

Affordable price is one of the main advantages of the DymDymych 02B cold smokehouse. The composition includes a smoke generator and a smoking chamber with a volume of 50 liters. For the manufacture of the device, stainless steel 0.8 mm thick was used. The smokehouse is exceptionally simple, the smoke generator is able to fill the chamber with cold smoke for 5-15 hours. The device is equipped with an upper nozzle, silicone tubes and a compressor. Up to 15 kg of products can be loaded into the chamber. In the manufacture of this model, the manufacturer took into account the comments and suggestions of domestic buyers.

In the reviews, users flatteringly speak out about the low price and the complete set of the smokehouse. The device is easily and quickly assembled, easy to operate, the products acquire a golden crust after processing. Among the shortcomings, the lack of a stand, the problematic removal and putting on of the cover, and the short length of the hoses stand out.


Grilek smoke generator

An excellent combination of price and quality is available in the smokehouse with a smoke generator Grilek. The complete set includes a smoking chamber with a lid, a smoke generator with a lid and a removable bottom, a compressor, hoses, fasteners, food skewers, wood chips. The structure is made of AISI304 stainless steel. Up to 3 liters of wood chips can be loaded into the smoke generator. Ignition is carried out with a lighter or a match through special holes in the lower part of the apparatus. The amount of smoke supplied is controlled by the compressor. Chips should be poured dry for uniform smoldering. The useful volume of the smoking chamber is 30 liters.

Buyers in the reviews indicate such advantages of the smokehouse as an affordable price, good operating parameters, ease of assembly and operation. Some users note such shortcomings as low productivity, the difficulty of igniting with a conventional lighter.

Dym Dymych 01M

Dym Dymych 01M

A fully equipped 32-liter household smokehouse from a Russian manufacturer is popular among users due to its affordable price and excellent performance. Smokehouse and smoke generator are made of carbon stainless steel, painted with hammer enamel. The package includes a smoke generator, a container for smoking, a compressor.

This model has the most affordable price compared to other offers on the market. At the same time, the smokehouse is very convenient, easy to use, and the output is excellent homemade meat and fish delicacies. Some users call the only drawback a not very large volume of smoking capacity, but for personal use it is quite enough.


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