Stone, wood, metal — combination options in fencing


Each individual fence material has already been reviewed on the pages of the site. But after all, fantasy or possibilities are not always limited to the choice of one thing.

And more often it happens like this: there is money — the owner made a solid foundation for a stone or brick fence. For the period of development of the site, the spans between the pillars are filled with less expensive wooden shields.

The period of arrangement will pass, financial opportunities will appear, and maybe new technologies — the owner of the estate will remove the old shield and put up the fence of his dreams.

So, slowly, but confidently, most households acquire a complete look.

Here are some fences photographed in my city.

Photo #1 For the execution of such a fence, a computer program is used: it creates a template according to which the contour of the board is cut out (30-40 mm thick), although our homemade ones do not even need a computer.

And this is a photo from the Internet: the drawing, as you can see, is already different, but with the same effect of volume.

Photo #2 In the original, this fence is quite high, to match the pines on the site. And although the street is quite quiet and impassable, the owners nevertheless decided to hide the details of life in the cottage behind such a massive building. I must say that up close it is very impressive.

Photo #3 Combination of red brick and rubble stone foundation. The inserts on the fence posts are made of stone. The contrast of right (man-made) and wrong (natural) leaves a good impression and is remembered.

Photo #4 And here the fence is made in a combination of plastered brick columns and wooden sections with double-sided cladding. The lower part of the section is made of a concrete foundation and covered with a canopy (horizontal stone slab). Over the entire fence there is a protective visor made of metal with a polymer coating.

A fence surrounds the half-timbered house in the same color scheme (light plaster and dark brown timber and roofing).

Brick, concrete with imitation of rubble stone and round timber — durable and beautiful for a chalet-style building.

A stone frame and wooden blinds are a very reasonable and durable solution. a big plus of such a fence is that it cannot be called deaf. The movement of air currents, which is so necessary for plants growing near, is provided by gaps between the slats.

One auxiliary vertical post in the center of the section — and the flat shield turned into a voluminous «braid».

With a little effort, a picket fence can turn into a beautiful fence section. The boards are fastened to the frame.

The illusion of a round beam… In fact, prefabricated shields from a block house are not of the highest quality (judging by the number of «knots»), but you don’t need the best for a fence.

Even if you buy already processed lumber, assembling sections of such a fence will take a lot of time. Like it or not, but this «beauty» is worth a very impressive amount.

The wider the board, the more convenient and faster it is to assemble sections from it. Well, in this fence, each «piece of wood» is carefully sanded and covered with a protective layer of alkyd varnish.

The unedged board organically fits into the design of the plots in the forest zone. A tile under a wild stone will only emphasize all the advantages of the geographical location of your estate.

combined fences

Combination in English: an imitation of a dilapidated stone wall in combination with a hedge — as if it fell into the possession of the times of Richard the Lionheart.

combined fences

The successful combination of a wooden venetian blind fence and a gabion section is ecological modernism in its purest form.

combined fences

A bit of European classics: a wooden picket fence with supporting posts made of masonry material is duplicated by a living fence.

Stone frame plus diagonal picket fence — a new approach to traditional solutions.

combined fences

Booth and wood are a modern take on the traditional fence combination.

combined fences

A combined fence made of clinker and a picket fence looks cozy and homely.

Wood and stone have always been great side by side with each other and the fence is no exception. In this embodiment, the posts and the plinth are made of buta. Pay attention to the protective visor above the plinth — it is made with a slope to drain water from under the timber.

combined fences

A difficult combination of a foundation of pellets, brick posts and a picket fence. The work is difficult and painstaking, but the effect is worth it.

Classics of the genre: brick pillars, tiled plus welded fence sections — neither add nor take away.

combined fences

Familiar materials for the fence in an unusual interpretation made the fence somewhat exclusive.

combined fences

Brick and welded fence — a standard combination with an extraordinary approach: the gate is recessed into the yard (such a solution is more and more often seen on the Internet).

combined fences

A fence with a touch of aristocracy — plastered brick with stucco decoration, forging. The modern origin gives out a polycarbonate sheet, but it only enhances the effect of respectability.

If it can be considered a combination of a metal frame and a filler, then a gabion fence can also be attributed to the topic under consideration.

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