Street lamps for a country house and a summer residence


Street lamps - modern types and forms for creating decorative lighting

In the modern market, street lamps are presented in a large assortment. They are designed to provide good illumination in the local area, safe movement on it at night and for decorative decoration of the backyard area, creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

Street lamps for a country house

Lanterns for giving can have a different purpose: to illuminate the porches, porch, fences, steps, or carry a decorative function and decorate the site. Good street lighting fixtures must meet the following requirements:

  1. Protect from dust, moisture and contaminants.
  2. Be resistant to temperature changes.
  3. Have a durable material of the ceiling and bracket.
  4. Match the landscape of the site.
  5. It is advisable to use an energy efficient type of power supply.

To illuminate a private area, various lamps are used, they may have:

  1. Different shapes of plafonds.
  2. Different types of lamps.
  3. Different types of supports:
  • short;
  • medium height;
  • high;
  • on hangers;
  • on brackets;
  • ground.

Street wall lamp

These are functional or decorative street lamps, mounted vertically on the wall with metal brackets and serve to illuminate a certain part of the exterior. There are many varieties of wall-mounted devices — for example, powerful spotlights, their main task is to fully and brightly illuminate the entire territory for security purposes.

Interesting small street sconces with their elegant appearance can emphasize the beauty of the architecture of the house, illuminate the most attractive elements of the facade — niches, openings, columns and become a striking element of decor. They are hung on small verandas, terraces, balconies, used to illuminate the entrance of the dwelling. The shape of the plafonds and brackets is selected in accordance with the design of the facade:

  1. Strict minimalistic geometric with shades of the correct form.
  2. street wall lamp minimalistic

  3. With ornate wrought iron details and candle light bulbs for a classic, romantic look.
  4. street wall lamp

Hanging street lamps

An interesting choice are pendant street lamps, they resemble ordinary chandeliers or shades on rods, chains, wires, but are adapted for use in open space. Depending on the idea of ​​the landscape, you can choose models that imitate antique lanterns with a candle inside or large, regular-shaped plafonds of frosted glass in a modern style. They hook outdoor pendant lights to poles along paths, paths, benches, driveways, pools or on open terraces to the ceiling.

hanging street lamps

Outdoor ground lamps

Ground street lamps are used to illuminate plantings, flower beds, green areas, to frame driveways, paths, paths, stairs, steps. By design, they meet:

  1. Embedded. Mounted in pavement or floors during the construction phase. Such devices are restrained in design — they have simple round or square shapes.
  2. built-in outdoor ground lamps

  3. On low supports. Some of them can be dug into the ground and have a point, others are mounted on a stable footboard.
  4. ground street lamps

All outdoor floor lamps are equipped with durable glass, some are even protected by reinforced mesh to withstand the pressure of cars and pedestrians. Ground devices must have high levels of moisture resistance, wiring with good waterproofing, because they will be installed in the green zone, and plants are often watered.

Outdoor ceiling lights

There are three types of compact ceiling street lamps for the home:

  1. Suspended. The plafond is attached to a cable, a metal rod, a chain, this model is used in rooms with high ceilings.
  2. Overhead. Their body is screwed to the surface with screws.
  3. Embedded. Mounted directly into the holes of the suspended structure, allow you to maximize the height of the room.

All of them have one thing in common — they are fixed to the ceiling, used to illuminate gazebos, terraces, porches, entrance areas. The model should be selected taking into account the height of the room and its style. Ceiling lights illuminate the room as much as possible, emitting rays evenly from top to bottom. If the overlap area is large, then it is better to install several light sources on it.

outdoor ceiling lights

Street lamp with sensor

Modern street lamps for summer cottages are often equipped with motion sensors; such models were developed in order to save energy. Devices are used exclusively for temporary illumination of the yard, open area, terrace, entrance area, gates and perform the function of light signaling, notifying the appearance of guests by lighting the lamp.

The light turns on when a moving object enters the field of operation of the sensor and turns off after a few seconds. It is very convenient to illuminate part of the yard when necessary, so such devices are in demand among owners of private houses. Often, for models with motion sensors, LED lamps are used that emit soft diffused beams.

street lamp with sensor

Rotating street light

Modern rotating models are spotlights with a special design in which the body with a ceiling can be rotated in different directions. Thanks to this possibility of devices, you can adjust the level of light flow and its direction. According to the installation method, there are overhead and built-in models with swivel shades.

Rotating lamps help create different light compositions in design, emphasize niches, openings, architectural parts of the facade. Options for lighting the house are popular, in which case the devices are installed around the perimeter into the ground and gently illuminate the wall itself. An outdoor lamp with a waterproof function can even be mounted on the bottom and walls of the pool and create beautiful rays in the water using colored lamps.

rotating outdoor lamp

Outdoor table lamps

Original street lamps in the form of table lamps are a useful lighting device that will help make gatherings in a pleasant company on an open veranda or gazebo more comfortable, and rest lighter and more comfortable. They are portable with or without handles, they can have a variety of shapes — from a lantern in a metal case to a white ball or an unusual pyramid.

The key feature of these lamps is that they are waterproof lamps for the street. In this they differ from ordinary desktop counterparts, they are not afraid of rain and any vagaries of nature. Manufacturers have taken care of the tightness of such devices, the quality of the materials from which they are made, so that the safety of their use is on top.

outdoor table lamps

Solar street lamps

Recently, solar-powered street lamps for a country house have been widely used. They allow you to completely eliminate energy costs for outdoor lighting. During daylight hours, the battery of the device accumulates solar energy and turns on automatically at dusk, illuminating the adjacent territory and garden.

Another plus of such devices is mobility, they can be installed anywhere, because this does not require electrical wiring. Lamps are available in a variety of designs from smooth, reflective or tempered glass — in the form of geometric shapes, antique lanterns, even fairy-tale characters. There are different models — from wall-mounted and suspended to ground lawn options.

solar street lamps

Outdoor recessed luminaires

Another type of device is inconspicuous street built-in lamps, they are not subject to corrosion, protected from moisture and dust. They are mounted directly inside the surface, only a glass cover in a metal frame is visible from the outside. With the help of built-in devices, you can easily place light accents and gracefully illuminate potentially dangerous areas — the contours of reservoirs, paths, stairs, organize landscape and marking park lighting. They are made of impact-resistant material that can withstand high loads.

There are the following types of built-in street lamps:

  • ceiling;
  • wall;
  • floor.

outdoor recessed luminaires

Street lamp round

Spherical outdoor garden lamps are popular due to their ergonomic shape. The round geometry ensures even distribution of light rays in all directions. Spherical shades are often made in white, not transparent, but matte. If you use blue or red models, then the luminous flux will be colored. Depending on the design, you can choose an option with a painted ceiling with ornate or floral patterns.

There are different designs of round lamps — on a low leg and floor lamps can be placed among the grass in the garden and along paths, ceiling and wall lamps are used to illuminate gazebos, terraces and entrance areas. Autonomous luminous floating balls look original, they are placed on the water, powered by a solar battery and beautifully illuminate the pool.

street lamp round

Console LED Street Light

The design of console street lamps is made in accordance with modern trends — the absence of corners, broken lines or external components in the outline of the body. The frame of the device is often made of aluminum, equipped with an optical glass lens, and LEDs are used as a power source. According to the type of console, the LED lamp is found:

  • inclined;
  • angular;
  • g-shaped.

They have a high luminous power, emit natural light without glare and flicker, and help to achieve significant energy savings with a high ray flux. Diode street lamps are mounted on brackets, steel supports and are designed to illuminate large areas — paths, sports fields, open spaces.

cantilever led street light

Wrought iron lamps for the street

Openwork forged street lamps are not only lighting fixtures, but also original decor elements. With the help of curved metal scrolls and lace designs, you can emphasize the beauty of the garden landscape. They are made in the form of ancient multifaceted lanterns or spherical shades, fixed in an ornate case. There are the following types of forged products:

  1. Wrought iron street lights. They are mounted on a support, placed along paths, alleys, they emit not too bright light and fit well into the green landscape.
  2. forged street lights

  3. Forged street sconce lamps. Small decorative devices are attached to the wall of the veranda, terraces on a metal bracket with beautiful curls, they will be a great addition to the decoration of the porch.
  4. forged street lamps

  5. Plafonds in a forged case-stand can decorate a fence, gates, lawns.
  6. forged fence lights


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