Summer kitchen — not only barbecue


Who said that the summer kitchen is an exclusively country attribute?

Just imagine what it’s like to do canning and other summer preparations indoors in a «home» kitchen.

And what about the constant picnics and just receiving guests in a private house? Is it possible to combine cooking in the house without compromising communication with a large group of friends.

Therefore, if you have a plot and some free space on it, you simply need a summer kitchen. She will replace you with a place for cooking, and a dining room, and even a living room. And all this in the fresh air, surrounded by greenery.

The question immediately arises: how to equip a summer kitchen in a private courtyard, what building format to choose for this. Let’s look at someone else’s experience…

The European way to set up a summer kitchen is with a long work table flowing smoothly into a tall breakfast table.

It has a built-in gas BBQ oven. Plus a sink with water supply (how could it be without it!).

Given the mild climate and proximity to the house, it is not necessary to equip a canopy over such a summer kitchen. Is that a light awning or pergola to protect from the hot sun …

A more comfortable and familiar option for our mentality and climate is a gazebo with a barbecue. A photo selection on this topic is presented here.

The gazebo has two disadvantages:

  • wind blowing;
  • Dinner cannot be cooked quickly on an open fire, since the firewood must at least be kindled and brought to a certain temperature, and this will take time.

Therefore, a gazebo with a barbecue is the best option for Sunday picnics.

And if you want to cook with comfort in the summer kitchen every day, it is better to make the gazebo closed.

You can put electrical appliances in it and adjust the degree of openness.


Under a simple canopy, it is enough to concrete the supporting pillars (the depth of the pit is at least 40 cm, the width is at least 20 cm), which will serve as the basis of the frame, and a more complex structure will require the laying of a shallow (25-35 cm) foundation on which the walls will rest.

For blank walls, the most suitable building material would be brick, limestone (another masonry stone) or timber, and in a lightweight version, lining over the frame. These materials are decorative in themselves and do not require complex finishing.

Ventilated walls are made mainly of wood, or rather, of a board (not edged is also suitable). Design for your choice:

  • blinds or slatted grille,
  • sheathing with gaps, horizontal, vertical, diagonal direction,
  • full height or in the form of a parapet with railings.
A universal option is glazing walls with sliding structures. Perhaps a little expensive (but not more expensive than stone ones), but there is always a beautiful view around, the illusion of open space and you can control the degree of protection of the room from the wind.

The floor is an important detail, because although it is summer, it is still a kitchen.

It would be nice to have a washable surface: tiles over a concrete base, decking or wood plank laid on the logs, perhaps linoleum covering the boardwalk. With an open layout (linoleum is not suitable here), a slight slope of the base should be made to drain rainwater.

A roof with elongated overhangs will protect the base of the summer kitchen from getting wet, and on a hot day it will protect it from overheating.

By the way, the easiest roof option to implement is a shed (flat with a slope). And if you dream of real coolness on a hot afternoon, green your roof and it will serve as a natural air conditioner.


A key element of any kitchen is HOMEon which everyone cooks. As for the summer, it all depends on the desire of the owner and the functions performed:

  • give someone a Russian stove, so that with an oven,
  • fans of European culture will prefer the barbecue complex,
  • for lovers of a quick meal, a brazier and a stove are enough.

Under any brick structure, a foundation is required.

In addition to the hearth, you will need a stove. She is can be wood, gas or electric, but must be present.

Judge for yourself: it takes time to kindle and cook coals for a barbecue or barbecue, and in one cycle you can cook only vegetables and (or) meat products. And what about the garnish?

For an outdoor picnic, a light lunch is quite acceptable, but for a longer stay in a country house or in the country, more comfort is required from the cooking place.

Since you have decided to make a summer kitchen with your own hands, you should not neglect the competent organization of the cooking process.

Whatever focus is chosen, ideally, it should be accompanied by WORKTOPwhere the hostess cuts food and serves a meal.

The size of such a working plane should allow you to comfortably arrange kitchen utensils and products.

Take as a basis the minimum parameters of a similar element of a kitchen set: width 90 cm, depth 60 cm.

The comfortable atmosphere of the summer kitchen will complement LOCKER under the tabletop: pots, pans, plates and cutlery can be conveniently placed here. Make one or two shelves in the closet for more rational use of space. And the closing door will protect kitchen utensils from dusting.

final chord — WATER SOURCEto rinse food and rinse hands.

It’s good for someone who has hot water from the house at their disposal — just bring the plumbing to the kitchen. And far from civilization, a basin installed in the recess of the tabletop is also welcome. But if you take the cooking process seriously, then I recommend equipping the summer kitchen with a water tank heated by a stove, electricity or the sun.

Even for a permanent summer kitchen, sewerage is not necessary. If you do not use toxic household chemicals, you can make a deep (up to 1 m mine) with a drill and lower the pipe from the sink into it. The water will gradually sink into the ground. When the mine silts up (usually it lasts for a year or more), another one is dug nearby, and the old one is covered with the excavated earth.

Of course, the hole is covered from above with a slab (cover from boiling, etc.).


The main thing in any architectural element of the yard is compliance with the style of the exterior. If the summer kitchen is located next to the house, then it involuntarily becomes attached (does not mean “repeats”) to the style of the facade of the house.

And in the garden, a gazebo made of wood, a forged version, a brick, a facing stone will organically look. The choice is yours, and I picked up already implemented options for ideas.

The U-shaped arrangement of the worktop saves not only space, making the kitchen compact. Working in such a space will be as convenient as possible. Because all the elements are at arm’s length of the cook.

The linear arrangement of the working area of ​​the summer kitchen is most suitable for an elongated space. Please note that for safe and comfortable movement between the dining table and the worker, a space of at least 1.2 m wide must be left.

But this project is more adapted for operation without a canopy: the cabinets are wooden, and the countertops are made of artificial stone, the doors are made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum.

The photo above shows a rather bold project for an open-air kitchen. Bold, because the furniture clearly needs to be made with the expectation of high moisture resistance. Or still bring this area under the roof …

Another amazing design. And not a canopy or even a pergola, so, a huge wooden cornice on the racks … a cornice for curtains. They then create shading in the open area with a summer kitchen and modern equipment for it.

This summer kitchen on the terrace is curved with the letter U — an optimal and ergonomic solution for a small space.

It’s hard to believe, but this is a completed summer kitchen project. Panoramic glazing sashes can be assembled with an accordion and fully opened. In a niche of stone walls «hidden» area for cooking.

And again the project: stylish, expensive and … not quite for our climate. The upholstery of terrace furniture, even water-repellent, should be hidden from prolonged rains.

A great idea to hide the kitchen area in a closet with glass doors.

The terrace at the exit from the living room is a completely expected element, and therefore it would be quite reasonable to equip a summer kitchen on it.

A plot of a small area is sometimes difficult to decorate with such a relatively bulky structure as a summer kitchen. The optimal solution would be to place the complex in the corner of the site, surrounded by trees, in order to «balance in height».

Under one roof, all the «highlights» of the summer kitchen are concentrated: a boiler, a barbecue, a smokehouse, except that there is not enough tandoor … And most importantly, there is a large worktop and a sink.

This gazebo kitchen project is convenient because of the presence of three blank walls that protect the contents from sudden gusts of wind. In this case, it is prudent to position the open opening towards the south. Then the meal will be as comfortable and cozy as possible.

The summer kitchen is not only a place for picnics, but also a great place for romantic evenings.

The photo above is a typical stone terrace, brought under one roof with a house. This is typical for the architecture of the Mediterranean countries with an unusually mild and warm climate. Here, on the terrace, a large living room with a fireplace and a summer kitchen were arranged.

Oh, those Europeans, they also have an electric grill 🙂 But seriously, this summer kitchen is entirely made of wood and is located on the terrace. It is quite accessible to do it yourself. A better angle is shown in the next photo.

Isn’t it convenient? You leave the house and find yourself in the open-air kitchen… right in your slippers 🙂 But the firewood here is clearly for decoration. however, no one will bother you to put a brazier somewhere nearby, for example, metal.

Stone is a solid material for «sculpting» kitchen furniture, especially since on the Mediterranean coast this technique is used not only for summer kitchens, but also for traditional houses, where even sofas are stone benches with a pile of pillows.

And in conclusion, one more photo of the kitchen, located along the fence.

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