The best electric snow blowers in 2022


The best electric snow blowers in 2022

In winter, residents of private houses and cottages are overshadowed by the need for snow removal. In this difficult matter, special units will be of great help. We talk about the best electric snow blowers in 2022
The best electric snow blowers in 2022
The best electric snow blowers. Photo:

Among the owners of small-sized households and summer cottages (up to 600 m2) electric snow blowers are the most popular. The explanation for this is very simple. Despite the fact that electric snow blowers require a mandatory mains power source, they have many advantages:

  • Even a child can handle the controls;
  • The devices do not require complex maintenance;
  • The snow blower motor runs almost silently (up to 90 dB);
  • The absence of fuels and lubricants does not require the organization of a place for their storage (convenient in terms of fire safety);
  • Environmentally friendly equipment, the operation of which does not spill on the ground and nothing harmful comes out;
  • The length of the power cable (up to 12 m) allows you to clean a small area (about 600 m2) without any problems;
  • Electric cleaners are economical to use (the cost of electricity consumed is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of gasoline);
  • They are compact in size and weigh little (from 5 to 20 kg) compared to gasoline (from 20 kg and above);
  • The cost of electric snow plows is much less than gasoline counterparts.

A small drawback is the need to insulate the body in severe frost (below -20 ° C), if it is not provided structurally. And the model with rechargeable batteries solves the problem of dependence on the cable. Some models of such snow blowers can effectively work for about two hours without recharging.

The principle of operation of the mechanism is quite simple: an electric motor mounted on a movable frame drives the auger. The screw device with the help of a bucket captures the snow and crushes it. Next, the snow mass enters the internal cavity of the cleaner. From there, a powerful stream of air through a wide bell is thrown out far to the side (from 5 to 15 m).

Among the varieties of snow blowers, there are self-propelled and non-self-propelled with augers of various design and material:

Non-self-propelled self-propelled
There are wearable and transportable. The first can be described as a shovel with an electric motor. The latter are equipped with a support in the form of a wheel axle; There are on wheels (with the possibility of additional installation of skis under the bucket);
Single-stage: there is only an auger for snow intake; One — and two-stage (except for the auger, they are equipped with an additional rotor for crushing snow);
The design weighs little (up to 15 kg), which reduces physical effort during operation; The mechanical stroke allows you to apply a minimum of force when operating the device, the weight of which exceeds 20 kg. The operator can only adjust the course in the desired direction of movement;
The range of snow ejection usually does not exceed 5 meters; A more powerful power plant (2 kW or more) is capable of throwing snow at a distance of up to 15 meters;
Good for removing freshly fallen or lightly packed snow. Optimal for regular cleaning of small areas (up to 600 m2), for example, tracks; Perfectly cope with compacted snow layers. Powerful devices cope with drifts of about 30 cm over an area of ​​​​more than 600 m2;
Works at one speed. Battery operation mode is limited by battery capacity (up to 40 minutes) with breaks for 10 minutes. Has multiple cleaning speeds.

The screw can be made from the following materials:

  • Metal. The material is durable, but can damage the surface to be cleaned;
  • Rubberized with wear-resistant rubber. While maintaining the strength qualities, it protects the surface;
  • Made of impact resistant plastic. Less durable than metal, but cleans without damaging the surface;
  • Rubber. It has good wear resistance, delicately removes, but does not capture solid fractions of ice.

The design of the screw consists of two spiral strips, mirror mounted on the same axis. They grab the snow from the sides and feed it into the middle of the device. Rotary augers have a rotary device installed above the auger and giving the snow additional crushing and acceleration.

The snowplow mechanism is placed in a beautiful stylish case, usually made of durable plastic. Above it is a bell in the form of a chute for ejection of snow. A handle is installed on the frame, by turning which you can change the direction of the flow of ejected snow. In cheaper models, this is done manually by turning the chute.

There are devices equipped with an LED headlight and an audible warning signal. A convenient folding handle simplifies the control of the snow blower (in some models it may be heated). The auger lock stops it from rotating if the operator releases the controls, greatly reducing the risk of injury during operation.

Editor’s Choice

Greenworks GD40ST

Greenworks GD40ST.  Photo:
Greenworks GD40ST. Photo:

The snow blower is easy to operate, reliable in operation and has excellent performance on a scale of price-quality-efficiency. The power unit is represented by an induction motor of the DigiPro model. The brushless design of the motor is not afraid of moisture — this allows you to calmly remove already thoroughly melted snow without fear of a short circuit. Charging the battery (40 V, 4 Ah) is enough for efficient operation up to 40 minutes (depending on the density of drifts, this figure may vary). The engine is quiet (50 dB) and absolutely environmentally friendly.

Durable plastic auger when cleaning snow does not scratch the surface of the coating. It is reinforced with a metal mesh that protects it from damage. The unit is equipped with a bucket of optimal half-meter width, which can capture the optimal layer of snow up to 25 cm thick (thick crust from 30 cm collects worse).

The removed snow is thrown out to a distance of about six meters. The direction of the snow flow in one direction or the other can be adjusted by turning a special knob that fits directly to the control arc. The height is adjusted by changing the angle of inclination of the nozzle from 0º to 90º.

High maneuverability to the device is provided by plastic wheels and small weight (17 kg). Switching on is done by pressing the button and the blocker bracket located nearby. The LED torch brightly illuminates the place of cleaning in the dark. The height-adjustable control handle folds down for easy storage.

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 50×25 cm
Screw smooth, plastic, reinforced
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 6 m
Wheel diameter 17 cm
Weight 17.2 kg

Pros and cons

Ease of operation, high maneuverability during operation, low weight, protection against screw breakage, nozzle adjustment
The control handle is not adjustable in height, it is difficult to remove snow with a thickness of more than 30 cm

Top 3 Inexpensive Electric Snow Blowers


PATRIOT PE 1001 UES.  Photo:
PATRIOT PE 1001 UES. Photo:

The “shovel with an electric motor” type unit is optimal for cleaning freshly fallen snow in the yard of a country house or garden paths in city parks (300-500 m2). Power supply (300 V) of the electric motor is carried out by means of a battery, which must be purchased separately. It provides work for 20 minutes (then the device needs a break for 10 minutes). The total time of use is no more than 2 hours per day. A high-strength plastic auger gently and without damage removes snow from the decorative coating. A scraper 26 cm wide is also made of impact-resistant plastic.

The telescopic design of the rod allows you to choose the optimal length for any height (from 1.5 to 1.8 m). The five-kilogram device is easy to operate, as it has two handles (one of them is rubberized). The inner one is equipped with a trigger switch, the outer one is equipped with a lock button. Snow is thrown in the direction of travel by 6 meters. The collapsible design and the possibility of folding the handle greatly facilitate the storage and transportation of the device.

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 26×17 cm
Screw smooth, plastic
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 6 m
Weight 6.5 kg

Pros and cons

Light weight, easy to use, has a telescopic handle with two handles
No battery included, short continuous cleaning time

Petrol snow blowers

Autonomous units for cleaning large areas from snow

2. Sibrtech ESB-2000

«Sibrtech ESB-2000». Photo:

The snow blower is equipped with a 2 kW electric motor. The motor is environmentally friendly, operates without strong vibrations and noise (less than 90 dB) and has a maximum degree of electrical safety (double insulation of live parts). With a working width of 46 cm, the engine power is enough to throw snow at a distance of about 9 m.

The auger, made of a 6 mm thick rubber reinforced belt, provides delicate and high-quality cleaning of freshly fallen snow. However, the lower plastic scraper often sticks into surface irregularities. It is also necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the gap between the auger and the body (frost often forms). Snow is also packed under the belt drive casing, so it is advisable to store the device in a warm place.

Comfortable control knob, covered with foamed heat-insulating material (can be operated with bare hands). The direction of snow throw is controlled by a remote control. The height of the trajectory of the ejected snow is set manually with screws, which does not always ensure reliable fixation of the socket. There is a bracket for blocking the rotation of the auger.

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 46×31 cm
Screw smooth, rubber, reinforced
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 9 m
Wheel diameter 17 cm
Weight 15 kg

Pros and cons

Large length of snow throw, convenient operation, large thickness of the removed snow, the ability to change the direction of the throw
Bottom scraper catches on uneven ground, snow gets under belt cover, ejection height adjustment screws loosen

3. DDE STE160

DDE STE160.  Photo:
DDE STE160. Photo:

The electric shovel on wheels is intended for cleaning freshly fallen snow up to 12 cm thick. Unlike other models in this category, the unit is equipped with an adjustment of the direction of the snow mass ejection in the form of slide gates (several plastic plates into which the snow hits). Small plastic ribbed wheels and a handle make it easy to move the cleaner during work.

A rather powerful (1.6 kW) electric motor is connected to a 220 V household network using a short wire (0.5 m) with a standard plug. The engine power ensures a snow throw length of up to 6 m. The collapsible bar makes transportation and storage of the unit convenient.

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 34×12 cm
Screw smooth, rubber-plastic
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 6 m
Weight 6.6 kg

Pros and cons

Large throw length, adjustable throw direction, wheels
Small thickness of the removed snow, short electric wire

Ranking of the top 3 best non-self-propelled electric snow blowers


ELITECH CM 2E.  Photo:

The unit with small dimensions has a fairly powerful (1.8 kW) engine that provides high-quality cleaning and snow throwing at a decent distance (up to 8 m). The power of the engine is enough to clean large volumes of snow and compacted layers of snowdrifts. The reinforced rubber of the auger does not damage the coating of the harvested surface. The presence of a wheel pair increases the maneuverability of the device.

A capacious half-meter bucket will speed up the cleaning process. For one fence, the device removes about 0.5 m3 snow. The thickness of the snow layer being taken is also impressive (33 cm). However, a loose belt cover does not protect it from snow.

There is a mechanism for turning the snow ejection nozzle by turning the remote handle. Convenient control handrails are equipped with an engine blocking mechanism. Unfortunately, the design of the snow blower does not provide for other options (illumination system, handle heating).

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 50×33 cm
Screw smooth, rubber
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 8 m
Weight 16 kg

Pros and cons

Large single-stage snow grip, easy to operate, has good maneuverability
There is no tightness of the belt drive casing, there is no headlight and handle heating

2. Hyundai S 500

Hyundai S 500. Photo:
Hyundai S 500. Photo:

The reliable snow blower has a powerful (2 kW) and environmentally friendly electric motor. A capacious bucket (46×33 cm) allows you to immediately pick up a large layer of snow (about 0.5 m3), which speeds up cleaning. Snow masses are ejected at a distance of up to 6 m. The direction of the ejected snow can be changed remotely by turning a special adjusting knob.

The movement of the device is provided by small plastic wheels, due to which the installation often gets stuck in the snow. The auger is made of reinforced rubber mounted on a metal shaft. This allows you to remove snow without damaging the surface to be removed. The cover of the belt drive housing does not provide tightness, which leads to snow getting inside the device.

The control handle folds for storage or transport, and there is a carrying handle on top of the body. The LED headlight provides good illumination at night. There is also overload protection and engine blocking.

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 46×33 cm
Screw smooth, rubber
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 6 m
Weight 14.2 kg

Pros and cons

Large volume of snow removed, delicate cleaning, overload and blocking protection, carrying handle
The wheels get stuck in the snow, the snow mass is knocked into the cavity of the belt drive

3. AL-KO SnowLine 46E

AL-KO SnowLine 46E.  Photo:
AL-KO SnowLine 46E. Photo:

The model is quite comparable with gasoline counterparts in terms of power and volume of captured snow. A powerful engine (2 kW) has a capacious bucket (46×30 cm), which allows you to quickly remove large amounts of loose snow (0.5 m3). The elastic auger made of reinforced rubber makes for a gentle cleaning without damaging the decorative surface. The rotation of the auger from the engine is transmitted by a belt drive, the cover of which does not provide a tight closure, which is why snow often clogs the belts.

Snow throw (up to 10 m) is adjustable both in direction and angle. In the first case, there is a special knob for adjustment. The ejection angle is set by clamping the screws on the nozzle. The control handle is covered with a porous material that protects hands from contact with cold metal. Screw «lambs» make it possible to change its position. A transport handle is located on top, and small wheels (diameter 20 cm) facilitate the movement of the unit.

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 46×30 cm
Screw smooth, rubber
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 10 m
Weight 15 kg

Pros and cons

Good power, large snow load, large snow throw
Loose closing of the belt drive, small dimensions of the wheels

Rating of the top 3 best electric snow blowers with metal augers

1. Daewoo Power Products DAST 2600E

Daewoo Power Products DAST 2600E.  Photo:
Daewoo Power Products DAST 2600E. Photo:

A powerful (2.6 kW) snow blower equipped with an electric motor with an overheating protection system provides high-quality and delicate cleaning of adjacent areas (500-600 m2) without damaging the cleaned surface. This is facilitated by a durable auger made of rubberized metal. The power of the motor allows you to pick up snow up to 30 cm thick and throw it up to a distance of 10 meters, while there is an adjustment of the direction of the snow flow using a remote control with a special handle.

The handle with the button of inclusion is equipped with system of control of presence of the operator. It instantly disables the mechanism when the locking bracket is released. The handle is foldable for storage and transport. Ease of use adds a powerful LED headlights. Power is supplied by a wire (it hardens in severe frost) from a 220 V power supply. According to customer reviews, the actual distance of snow ejection is less than the declared one (up to 5 meters).

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 46×27 cm
Screw smooth, metallic
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 10 m
Weight 15.5 kg

Pros and cons

Large thickness of the captured snow, the presence of a headlight, good protection against overheating
The actual throw distance is less than the declared one, in severe frost the wire hardens


CHAMPION STE1650.  Photo:
CHAMPION STE1650. Photo:

The unit is distinguished by the high strength of the ergonomic compact plastic housing, light weight (16 kg) and ease of operation. The low-noise (45 dB) electric motor is equipped with an overheating protection system and a rubberized winding, which greatly increases the safety of operation. With a power of 1.6 kW, the machine throws snow at a distance of 3 to 8 m, depending on the degree of humidity of the coating. This power is enough to remove loose snow with a thickness of more than 30 cm, but problems may arise with dense drifts (disabled).

The chassis on small wheels (25 cm) facilitates the movement of the device during transportation, but gets stuck in the snow. The smooth rubber-metal auger cleans well and does not harm the surfaces. The direction of ejection is switched remotely by a special handle. The snow blower easily captures a strip of snow up to half a meter wide and up to 33 cm thick. There is an electric motor blocking device that works in denser snowdrifts.

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 50×33 cm
Screw smooth, metallic
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 8 m
Weight 16 kg

Pros and cons

Thick snow removal, reversible throw direction, good noise protection
It can cut down the engine when cleaning a dense crust; during operation, the device often gets stuck due to the small size of the wheels

3. RedVerg RD-ESB45/2000

RedVerg RD-ESB45/2000.  Photo:
RedVerg RD-ESB45/2000. Photo:

The snow blower is designed for cleaning loose snow cover with a thickness of no more than 20 cm in small areas (500-600 m2). The electric motor with a power of 2 kW provides a stable rotation speed to the metal screw. Its rubberized surface does not damage the surface coating during cleaning. Double insulation of current-carrying connections provides reliable protection against moisture (according to the fourth class of water resistance). Snow is thrown up to a distance of 9 m.

The frame of the cleaner is located on small wheels (20 cm), which facilitate the process of cleaning and transportation, but skid in loose snow. Also, the device can be carried in the hand, holding the handle on top of the case. The inclusion of the snow blower is located on a comfortable handle covered with heat-insulating material. There is also an engine lock bracket. The handle can be folded down by loosening the thumbscrews. According to customer reviews, the device cleans packed snow and ice poorly.

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 45×30 cm
Screw smooth, rubber-metal
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 9 m
Weight 16 kg

Pros and cons

Cleaning delicacy, large snow ejection, reliable short circuit protection
Poorly removes caked crust and ice, wheels get stuck in loose snow

Ranking of the top 3 best electric snow blowers with plastic augers

1. Carver STE 1333

Carver STE 1333. Photo:
Carver STE 1333. Photo:

The 1.3 kW model removes both freshly fallen and stale layers of snow with equal success. Snow removal does not form new snowdrifts, since the ejection distance in the direction of travel is about 6 m. However, this creates some inconvenience in that you have to re-remove the ejected snow — the device does not have a nozzle rotation. The toothed device of the auger allows you to cleanly remove even dense ice.

The starting device on the handle is equipped with a safety button. Below the shaft is a second handle with an ergonomic design for easier control. The unit has a decent working width (33 cm), which reduces the cleaning time by about 1.5 times, but does not exclude snow from getting under the casing. The small weight of the device (6.3 kg) facilitates its operation.

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 33×15 cm
Screw smooth, serrated, plastic
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 6 m
Weight 6.3 kg

Pros and cons

Can remove caked crust, easy to operate, light in weight
There is no adjustment of the direction of ejection, there is no complete tightness of the body

2. Partner for garden ST-4500

Partner for garden ST-4500.  Photo:
Partner for garden ST-4500. Photo:

The device with a power of 2 kW (2.72 hp) is suitable for cleaning the local area up to 30 m2. The compact machine has good handling and maneuverability. This is facilitated by a powerful wheelset on a reliable suspension. In one pass, the snow blower picks up snow in a strip of 41 cm, up to 15 cm thick and throws it up to a distance of 6 m.

The durable auger is made of plastic coated with wear-resistant rubber. This allows you to remove not only freshly fallen snow, but also caked crust and layers of ice without damaging the road surface. The device provides the possibility of manual adjustment of the direction of the ejection flow. Inclusion is made by pressing of the button and two handles. Power is supplied by a short wire (0.5 m) with a standard plug. Ergonomic handle folds for easy storage.

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 41×15 cm
Screw smooth, plastic
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 6 m
Weight 10.5 kg

Pros and cons

Powerful, easy to operate, long throw distance
Small snow fence in thickness, short supply wire

The best snow blowers

Electric and petrol snow blowers from the simplest to the most functional


RYOBI RST36B51.  Photo:
RYOBI RST36B51. Photo:

Relatively light (17 kg) and compact unit is highly mobile and easy to operate. It is powered by a 36V lithium battery and has a second slot for a spare battery device. The 1.8 kW brushless motor provides cleaning in one pass of a strip of snow over 50 cm wide and up to 25 cm thick. Snow ejection is 7 m.

The convenient handle of management easily develops during the transportation and storage. Its length can be changed (from 1.5 to 1.8 m), adjusting to the individual height of the operator. LED lighting located on the front of the housing in the form of two LED lights brightly illuminates the cleaning area in the dark. According to customer feedback, when the surface is uneven, the lower scraper may get stuck and slow down the movement, and also in severe frost, the spare battery may not start the engine.

Main characteristics

Snow Capture 51×25 cm
Screw smooth, rubber-plastic
Cleaning system single stage
snow ejection up to 7 m
Weight 16.9 kg

Pros and cons

Lightweight, compact, mobile, large snow grip and ejection
In severe frost, the spare battery may not start the engine, the scraper slows down the movement, sticking into uneven terrain

How to choose an electric snow blower

Selection criteria should be based on long-term use of the electric snow blower. The following characteristics should be taken into account:

Power plant power

The more powerful the unit, the larger the territory (over 600 m2) he will be able to clean in a shorter time, but such a device will also cost more. Another important factor, depending on power indicators: the width of the bucket (from 250 to 500 cm). For low-power (up to 1.5 kW) snowplows, it is about 2 times less, and the cleaning time depends on this indicator. In the case of battery-powered machines, the duration of work without recharging the batteries depends on the power. For example, a motor with a power of about 2 kW can work continuously for about 40 minutes, which is 2 times higher than a motor with 1.5 kW.

The presence of a self-propelled chassis

For cleaning larger areas (over 600 m2) it is better to use self-propelled snowplows. As a rule, they have a large (over 2 kW) power. This allows you to easily remove even very packed and icy snow. Their bucket width usually exceeds 500 mm. Controlling the mechanism does not require much physical effort. Wearable and transportable snowplows are about 10 kg lighter in weight, it is advisable to use them for everyday cleaning of freshly fallen snow.

Screw material

A metal auger will last longer than a plastic auger, but is more expensive. Plastic screw devices clean better, but wear out faster. Models with a metal auger covered with a wear-resistant rubber sheath may be optimal. Moreover, such an auger will not damage the surface of the road surface.

Snow chute width

It is selected depending on the terrain and other landscape features of the site. A snow blower with a wide grip (about half a meter) copes with high snowdrifts more easily. It justifies itself when cleaning spacious and free from plantings and buildings. Narrow winding paths are easier to remove with a maneuverable snow blower with a narrow grip (200-300 mm).

Snow collection system

It is determined by the number of screw-rotor devices. The mechanisms of one stage are equipped with only one auger, and the devices themselves throw snow over a relatively short distance (up to 5 m). When choosing such a model, it should be borne in mind that the recommended width of the paths should not exceed the ejection distance, otherwise the snow will have to be removed again. Two- and three-stage machines, even with low power (about 1.5 kW), throw snow up to a distance of 15 m.

Direction of snow throw

This refers not only to the range (from 5 to 15 m), but also the direction of the snow flow. The farther the removed snow is thrown, the less likely it is to be re-shoveled. There are models with adjustment of the ejection distance depending on the change in power. There are also devices with the ability to change the direction of the ejection. This can be done manually by turning the nozzle, or with a special handle. Its rotation activates the bell rotation mechanism.

Snow blower weight

Weight becomes important if physically weak people (teenagers, women, the elderly or people with disabilities) will remove the snow. In this case, portable snow cleaners or devices with a large mass (over 20 kg) and a bulky design are not suitable. The matter may not even reach the cleaning itself, since it will be difficult to deliver a massive unit to the workplace. There are optimal options on the market for light weight and control with sufficient efficiency.

Way to connect / disconnect the cleaner

Ease of inclusion plays an important role in the operation of the snow blower. The large accessible power button, located directly on the handle, will greatly facilitate the work. The presence of a blocking device for the rotation of the auger will make it safe. When the lock knob is released, the engine immediately stalls.


When choosing, consider the length of the power cable. On average, it is about 10 m. If it is not enough, it is often possible to extend it up to 30 m. It is worth considering options for battery snow blowers. In this case, attention is drawn to the operating time without recharging, charging time, battery capacity. For areas of 500-600 m2 the optimal mode of operation is about 40 minutes without a break.

Availability of additional functions

Additional functionality includes:

  • Lighting device in the form of a headlight;
  • Heating of a handle of management;
  • Possibility of using a brush, which is mounted on the auger for sweeping the surface;
  • The possibility of folding the control handle and its adjustment to the height of the operator.

Expert Review of Electric Snow Blowers

Feedback on the use of an electric snow blower and tips for choosing is shared Alexey Shikhovhead of the service department of AL-KO KOBER LLC:

“Unlike gasoline machines, the design of an electric snow blower is simpler, there are no innovations here either, they are produced by both European and Russian brands. It is necessary to evaluate the quality of snowplows not by the brand, but by the quality of their workmanship.

We chose a snow blower so that a woman could handle it, although, of course, I would like a gasoline snow blower, as it is more powerful and can remove any snow — both packed and freshly fallen. The selection criteria were frost-resistant plastic, a durable engine and snow grip from 20 cm.

Popular questions and answers

Answers to popular reader questions Alexey Shikhovhead of the service department of AL-KO KOBER LLC, and Ernest IshmakovTechnical Expert and Senior Sales Manager at Globaldrive.

Which snow blower is better: gas or electric?

Alexey Shikhov:

“It is difficult to say unequivocally that gasoline is better. For example, every woman can 100% cope with an electric snow blower: it is quite easy to start and clean it, it does not require maintenance of the engine, and it is also compact and lightweight (up to 20 kg). At the same time, it is necessary to understand that only freshly fallen loose snow can be removed with such a snow blower. He will not be able to remove a dense layer of stale snow, since the engine power (up to 2.5 kW) is not enough, and besides, they are not self-propelled. A heavy load on the electric snow blower can cause the engine to overheat. Also here it is worth considering the difference in price — a gasoline unit has a cost higher than an electric one.

Ernest Ishmakov:

“The choice must be made based on performance and operating conditions. In most cases, gasoline snow blowers are superior to electric snow blowers in terms of power (for example, 2.7 hp vs. 6 hp), auger strength and aggressiveness (300 rpm vs. 15 meters, the second — up to 10 meters), as well as functionality and ease of use (for example, the presence of gasoline self-propelled models).

But much depends on the conditions of use — for cleaning small and «light» precipitation in small and medium areas (up to 600 m2) electric is quite suitable. It is also suitable for those surfaces where gentle cleaning is required (eg decorative). For large areas (from 600 m2), «heavy» precipitation is better to use a gasoline snow blower.

What can and cannot be saved on when buying an electric snow blower?

Alexey Shikhov:

“When buying, you should pay attention to the strength of the case, the ejection range, whether the electric motor is protected from snow and the guarantee from the manufacturer. Such a snow blower has one function, and it will not be possible to save money by giving up something. Minimal differences in functionality: the presence of LED-headlights and some models are not at all suitable for uneven ground surfaces.

Why it is important to pay attention to the body: the auger can rotate at speeds up to 2100 rpm, and if a stone comes across on the way, it will pierce the body of the snow blower.

Ernest Ishmakov:

“You should not save on the quality of the main components of the machine: engine, gearbox, auger, wheels. But the stylish design, comfort options (for example, handle heating) and additional accessories can be completely neglected.

Is it possible to buy a snow blower with a plastic auger?

Ernest Ishmakov:

“It all depends on the operating conditions. Snow blowers with a metal auger are effective against «heavy», wet snow, with fractions of ice and stale snow. Plastic and rubber-plastic augers are not aggressive and cruel, and they can be used for cleaning “light” snow and on those surfaces where gentle cleaning is needed: parquet or roof.”

Will an electric shovel replace a snow blower?

Alexey Shikhov:

“Everything depends on tasks. The main differences between electric shovels and electric snow blowers are: smaller grip (up to 20 cm) and snow throwing range (up to 3 m). When working with an electric shovel, it is important to consider the direction of the wind, since there is no rotary ejection chute and snow often flies in the face. Shovels are suitable for clearing almost perfectly flat surfaces: asphalt, tiles without patterns, paving stones, concrete. And at the slightest irregularity, it immediately sticks up and creates difficulties during cleaning.

Ernest Ishmakov:

“The electric shovel has less power (up to 1.5 kW) and limited functionality (capture, snow throwing range). A shovel is more suitable for cleaning a small porch or cleaning a garage right after a snowfall. It is also needed where a snow blower cannot drive up.

Can an electric snow blower remove snow?

Alexey Shikhov:

“The electric snow blower is designed to solve problems with uncleaned paths on the way to the house and garage. If you come to the dacha once a week for the weekend, and before that there were snowfalls, then you should not count on your electric assistant. If the snow melted slightly during the day, and it froze at night, then it will also not work to remove the crust with an electric snow blower. Attempts will only lead to the fact that the engine will work with increased load, as a result, its resource will quickly decrease.

Ernest Ishmakov:

“It all depends on how quickly you start cleaning and for what purposes you plan to use it. The electric snow blower effectively copes with freshly fallen snow of low specific gravity (up to 50 kg per 1 m2).3)».

How to take care of a snow blower?

Alexey Shikhov:

“Before each use, the snow ejection chute, auger, handles and body must be cleaned. In case of wear or damage, the rubberized cleaning plates on the auger must be replaced, and the drive belts must also be replaced.

The unit must not be washed with water! If the snow blower and augers are covered with snow, dirt or road salt residues, brush them first. Next, clean the handle, safety clip and switch with plug. Then put in a dry room and dry before using it again.

As a rule, the snow blower is lubricated with oil at the factory — additional lubrication of individual parts can harm the device.

Ernest Ishmakov:

“Monthly maintenance of the snowblower consists of checking the amount of oil, the tightness of the bolts and nuts, the reliability of the augers, the level of pressure in the tires and the health of the starter contacts. You also need to regularly lubricate all cables with special frost-resistant oil. Immediately before the season, to all the previously mentioned procedures, the replacement of belts and friction rings, gear lubrication and engine oil, spark plugs and fuel filter (if necessary) is added. After each cleaning, the chute, ejection impeller and auger should be regularly cleaned of snow to prevent oxidation.”


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