The best lawnmower robots of 2022


The best lawnmower robots of 2022

Caring for a garden plot takes a lot of effort. The best robot lawnmowers in 2022 will save us the most precious thing we have — our time
The best lawnmower robots of 2022
The best lawnmower robots. Photo: shutterstock

In order for a summer cottage to please the eye, it is necessary to make a lot of efforts to improve it, and it can take more than one day to care for green spaces. The best robotic lawnmowers allow us to automate everyday processes and thus help us free up our time and energy for other, more important things.

Robotic lawn mowers are a good helper in lawn care. These devices can work autonomously, with little or no human intervention. Because robotic lawnmowers are battery powered, they are virtually silent, which also gives them an added advantage over petrol-powered lawnmowers.

The principle of operation of robotic lawn mowers is to grind grass and stems into natural fertilizer. The grass collector on such devices is extremely rare. In addition, there are models with a waterproof case, which makes it easier to clean them from adhering dirt and grass. Also, models of the high price range are equipped with sensors that allow the device to return back to the lawn in case it hits the ground or asphalt. For other models, a special wire serves as a limiter, which is pulled along the perimeter of the treated area.

In general, these devices are presented in a wide price range. The price tag starts from 30 thousand and ends with professional models at a price of about 2.5 million rubles. We have compiled a rating of devices for domestic needs, everyday «dacha» use with the best ratio of price and functionality from trusted manufacturers.

Editor’s Choice

Robomow RS622

Robomow RS622.  Photo:
Robomow RS622. Photo:

This model is one of the best lawnmower options for owners of large areas. Boundary 350m wire included. You can set up a mowing program for up to four different zones. A rain sensor is included to determine whether work will be performed in high humidity or rain. Anti-theft protection is implemented by the need to enter a PIN code and turn on an alarm if the movement of the device is detected without entering the code. The child lock prevents people who are not familiar with the safe operation procedure from operating, and cutting elements stop working when the device is raised or tilted. Two three-bladed knives are driven by two 200W motors. It works very quietly, mows perfectly, supports mobile applications for iOS and Android, if necessary, can be equipped with a remote control. The manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years.

Main characteristics

Processing area up to 2200 m2
Cutting width 56 cm
Cutting height adjustment from 20 to 80 mm
Work on the slopes up to 36%
Time of continuous work 120 min
Full charge time 120 min
Weight 20 kg
Noise level 74 dB

Pros and cons

It can process a large area without recharging, it is equipped with an additional GSM module, it has a convenient control panel with intuitive buttons
Long set up

Top 9 robot lawnmowers in 2022 according to KP

1 Husqvarna Automower 305

Husqvarna Automower 305. Photo:
Husqvarna Automower 305. Photo:

Husqvarna has been continuously developing the robotic lawnmower concept for over 20 years. This model combines ease of use and rich functionality. A good plus is the presence of a 150 meter boundary wire in the kit, which can also be used to quickly find a charging station in difficult terrain. The steel cutting blades are mounted on a robust cutting disc system.

Main characteristics

Processing area 600 m2
Cutting width 17 cm
Cutting height adjustment from 20 to 50 mm
Work on the slopes up to 40%
Smartphone control through a proprietary application
Display with graphic menu
Weight 6.7 kg
Other theft protection | child protection
Frame waterproof
Noise level 59 dB

Pros and cons

Equipped with sensors to determine the height of the lawn, it comes with a 150 m boundary wire in the kit, you can buy an additional wire. The case is waterproof, the robot can automatically select operating modes

2. WORX Landroid M WR142E

WORX Landroid M WR142E.  Photo:
WORX Landroid M WR142E. Photo:

WORX is the flagship of one of the largest brands of power tool manufacturers, Positec Technologies. A special clutch that allows you to prevent overloading the engine in a collision with a solid object. The patented intelligent system and navigation allow you to increase the processing area by up to 30% compared to competitive models. Additional modules can be connected to the robot, thereby expanding the functionality. Includes a 150m boundary wire. You can control it from your smartphone through a proprietary application. The PIN code lock helps protect your device from theft. If movement is detected without entering a code, an alarm is triggered.

Main characteristics

Processing area up to 700 m2
Cutting width 18 cm
Cutting height adjustment from 30 to 60 mm
Work on the slopes up to 35%
Time of continuous work 60 min
Full charge time 180 min
Weight 9.4 k
Noise level 67 dB

Pros and cons

Equipped with universal PowerShare 20V batteries, compatible with many WORX battery equipment, controlled via Wi-Fi, the manufacturer gives a 4-year warranty
It takes a long time to charge, but this problem can be solved by using several batteries

3. Caiman Tech X2 DELUXE

Caiman Tech X2 DELUXE.  Photo:
Caiman Tech X2 DELUXE. Photo:

Futuristic design and compact size. Very quiet in operation, the device allows you to mow up to 700 square meters. m lawn. It is possible to divide the cultivated area into 4 zones. A 100m boundary cable is included. Rubber wheels provide excellent grip on the ground without destroying the turf or creating a rut. You can control the device both from an intuitive touch panel and using an application on your smartphone via Bluetooth. A switchable rain sensor allows you to work in rainy weather (although not recommended due to the possible formation of bald spots on the lawn). A special sensor turns off the knife if the robot rolls over or is lifted off the ground. In order to prevent unauthorized start-up or programming, there is a four-digit PIN code protection. If there is an attempted theft, the device will be blocked and an alarm will sound.

Main characteristics

Processing area up to 700 m2
Cutting width 18 cm
Cutting height adjustment from 25 to 70 mm
Work on the slopes up to 45%
Time of continuous work 120 min
Weight 7.2 kg
Noise level 57 dB

Pros and cons

The manufacturer gives a five-year warranty, and the average service life is 10 years. Runs quietly, can handle steep slopes

4. Gardena Sileno Life 750

Gardena Sileno Life 750. Photo:
Gardena Sileno Life 750. Photo:

Device from the middle price category. The model received the 2019 Reddot design award for special achievements in consumer product design, presented by the North Rhine-Wesphalia Design Center in Essen. Allows you to process large areas. It is possible to set the schedule and work program from a smartphone through a proprietary application. Attempted theft triggers an alarm. A 200 m boundary wire is included. The waterproof case makes it easy to clean the device with a garden hose. There are collision sensors to prevent interruption of work by obstacles in the garden. When the body is raised, the knives stop automatically to prevent injury.

Main characteristics

Processing area up to 750 m2
Cutting width 22 cm
Cutting height adjustment from 20 to 50 mm
Time of continuous work 60 min
Full charge time 65 min
Weight 7.3 kg
Noise level 57 dB(A)

Pros and cons

Operates almost silently, comes with clear and detailed instructions
According to customer reviews, sometimes there are failures when charging the device

The best lawn mowers

The larger the area of ​​​​the lawn, the more necessary the owner of the lawn mower

5. Robomow RC304u

Robomow RC304u.  Photo:
Robomow RC304u. Photo:

The optimal model of the middle price category from the eminent Israeli manufacturer. Comes with 150m boundary cable. Bluetooth control from a smartphone through a proprietary application is implemented, in addition, the model can optionally have a remote control. There is a rain sensor and anti-theft protection. The powerful 200-watt motor allows you to tidy up the lawn in a short period of time. The maximum slope during processing is 36% (20°).

Main characteristics

Processing area up to 500 m2if necessary, can be increased up to 1000 m2
Cutting width 28 cm
Cutting height adjustment from 15 to 60 mm
Time of continuous work 45-50 min
Full charge time 50-70 min
Weight 10.3 kg
Noise level 64 dB

Pros and cons

Compact dimensions, clear instructions included
Some users have difficulty routing the boundary wire

6. STIHL iMow RMI 422 P

STIHL iMow RMI 422 P. Photo:
STIHL iMow RMI 422 P. Photo:

This model is controlled by a touch screen. There are 15 cutting height levels. The rain sensor allows you to automatically interrupt the mowing process, in addition, the lawnmower itself decides whether it can catch up with the interrupted mowing process later. If anyone tries to lift the unit or touches it, it will stop. You can set a lock with a pin code, theft in this case will be meaningless. The robot automatically distinguishes between areas with more or less dense grass, adapting its speed of movement depending on this. The double-edged knife changes direction when stopped, thus ensuring uniform wear.

Main characteristics

Processing area up to 1500 m2
Cutting width 20 cm
Cutting height adjustment from 20 to 60 mm
Work on the slopes up to 40%
Time of continuous work 60 min
Full charge time 90 minutes
Weight 10 kg
Noise level 62 dB

Pros and cons

Equipped with a double-sided knife, it makes little noise, there is a multi-stage cutting height adjustment and an ergonomic carrying handle
No boundary cable included and no GPS

7. Bosch Indego 350

Bosch Indego 350. Photo:
Bosch Indego 350. Photo:

Designed for lawn treatment up to 350 sq. m. Emission of grass can occur both from the side and from behind. Working width 19 cm. The robotic lawnmower can automatically determine the optimal mowing cycle with the AUTO Calendar Function. Using built-in sensors, it remembers the location of obstacles, as well as the size and shape of the lawn. After drawing up the map, the lawn mower itself will suggest a suitable work schedule. Attempted theft triggers an alarm. Height from 30 to 50 mm. Operating time 30 min, fully charged in 45 min. Weight 7.5 kg.

Main characteristics

Processing area up to 350 m2
Cutting width 19 cm
Cutting height adjustment from 30 to 50 mm
Work on the slopes up to 25%
Time of continuous work 30 minutes
Full charge time 45 minutes
Weight 7.5 kg

Pros and cons

Lots of extra smart features, low noise. The Bosch brand has a large network of service centers throughout the country
Small processing area, no GPS, users complain about low battery capacity

8. Gardena Sileno City 250

Gardena Sileno City 250. Photo:
Gardena Sileno City 250. Photo:

This model is slightly cheaper than the previous one, mainly due to the smaller processing area. However, it is ideal for smaller lawns. Can mow grass in hard-to-reach places, such as under trees. It is possible to connect a mulching nozzle. A convenient application allows you to flexibly and easily set up a work program. Can move on a site with a slope up to 35%. The waterproof case allows you to clean the devices with a garden hose.

Main characteristics

Processing area up to 250 m2
Cutting width 16 cm
Cutting height adjustment from 20 to 50 mm
Time of continuous work 65 min
Full charge time 75 min
Weight 7.3 kg
Noise level 58 dB

Pros and cons

It works very quietly, you can control the robot through the application from your smartphone via Bluetooth
No GPS, you need to buy a boundary wire

9. Robomow RX12u

Robomow RX12u.  Photo:
Robomow RX12u. Photo:

The most budgetary robot lawn mower from our selection, but at the same time it has all the necessary functions and is not inferior in the quality of work to many more expensive models. Suitable for owners of very small areas, which at the same time can be divided into 2 separately programmable processing zones. It has 27 levels of cutting height adjustment and two travel speeds. Allows you to control using a smartphone through a proprietary application, optionally can be equipped with a remote control. Anti-theft protection is implemented by pin-code protection and an alarm in case of theft. There is a rain sensor.

Main characteristics

Processing area up to 250 m2
Cutting width 18 cm
Cutting height adjustment from 15 to 45 mm
Work on the slopes up to 15%
Time of continuous work 90-120 min
Full charge time 16-20 hours
Weight 7.5 kg
Noise level 64 dB

Pros and cons

The most budget option from those presented in the rating, there is a multi-stage cutting height adjustment
The two-wheeled system allows you to work only on flat areas with small elevation changes, takes a very long time to charge, according to user reviews, sometimes slips on the ground, there is no GPS

How to choose a robotic lawnmower

The main distinguishing features of robotic lawn mowers are the processing area, the time of continuous operation, the type of knives used (a rigid rotating disk or floating blades on a plastic disk), the trajectory of movement, additional control options, as well as the presence of various sensors to increase the efficiency of the lawn processing process. We turned to experts with a request to explain what you need to pay attention to when choosing.

General remarks

Maxim Sokolov, expert of the online hypermarket I am sure that when buying, first of all, you should take into account the characteristics of the lawn. The robotic lawnmower is suitable for large open lawns. If the lawn is small green islands between flower beds, beds, shrubs and trees, it is better to give preference to a trimmer or a manual lawn mower, the robot is not effective here. Going around obstacles, he will leave patches of grass. As a result, you will have to constantly finish the work behind him.

The best cordless lawn mowers

There are many worthy models from different manufacturers

Processing area

There are robots for 250, and for 2200, and even for 5000 m2. The area limitation is related to the capacity of the battery installed on the mower.

Cutting height

For different models, it is regulated in different ranges: from 20 — 30 mm to 60 — 80 mm. The wider the range of adjustments, the easier it is to adjust to the type of grass and the task — regular mowing, mowing an overgrown lawn, etc.

Max Slope

The characteristic is important if the site is located on a slope. Many models can safely work on a site with a slope level of 25 — 30%. To do this, they have large-diameter wheels with a special tread pattern.

The need to install a boundary wire

The vast majority of mowers are oriented in space with the help of such a wire. Only a few, usually very expensive models can work without it. Pay attention to whether there is a wire in the kit and whether its length is enough for you.

GARDENA SILENO — there are two modifications in this series. SILENO city mowers are designed for areas up to 500 m2, SILENO life — for areas up to 1250 m2. Their main feature is quiet operation. Most analogues work with a noise level of 68 dB or more. Compare with 58 dB for GARDENA SILENO. An important function is CorridorCut. Thanks to it, the robot works quietly even in narrow aisles with a width of 60 cm or more.

Husqvarna Automower is a wide range of models for lawns from 600 to 5000 m2. Thanks to reliable moisture protection, they work in the rain. Separately, it is worth considering the X-line modification models equipped with the Automower Connect navigation system. It allows you to monitor the operation of the lawn mower and make settings using your smartphone. The AUTOMOWER 435XAWD robot is interesting — this is the only model in the series that works on a slope of 70% (this is 35 °).

Terrain and grass height

Marina Altukhova, project manager for the development of competencies in the category «Garden» of the company «Leroy Merlin» believes that it is most important to assess the complexity of the terrain on the site and compare it with the capabilities of the robot. In addition, tall, fast-growing and tough grass more than 8 cm long will be a problem for the robot. When choosing in favor of a robot, you need to pay attention to the fact that autonomous devices are not equipped with a grass catcher. The robot mows the grass and spreads it over the lawn in mulching mode.

Way of orientation

The main difference between expensive and budget models is in the principle of navigation. The most expensive and advanced models are guided by cameras with machine vision technology and process the received data using a powerful built-in control unit. Budget models are guided by a special cord laid along the boundaries of the site. The robot «sees» obstacles inside the perimeter with the help of cheaper locator sensors. The main information processing process is organized not in the internal unit, but in the cloud environment, with which the device connects the application in the owner’s smartphone. Thus, regardless of the navigation design, the robot effectively “learns” a given perimeter and learns to bypass obstacles. A simpler navigation system by cord is not a disadvantage — it is a way to make the technique accessible to most site owners.

The best electric lawn mowers

Let’s talk about the best electric lawn mowers


When choosing a robot, it is better to give preference to a model protected from precipitation by a sealed housing. In conditions of unpredictable summer weather, this option will be useful. Sealed robots continue to operate in moderate rain. They are equipped with rain sensors and, in case of too heavy rain, independently return to the charging station, which can be placed under the roof.

Power, operating time, swath width

These characteristics are essential for choosing between models. Power affects the efficiency of the device and the size of the area that the robot can process. The width of the mowing strip also affects the efficiency of work. But this parameter has an even greater impact on the maneuverability of the device. Robots with small or medium coverage are more maneuverable and can pass between obstacles. With this model, you will most likely not have to mow the grass yourself in the area along the curbs and between landscape elements.

Operating rules

Fedor Maltsev, online store consultant DONT.RUdraws the attention of buyers to the basic rules for operating robotic lawnmowers.

  • Before starting work, it is necessary to lay the perimeter wire. When buying, you need to pay attention to whether the wire comes with the robot or whether it must be purchased separately. Specialized accredited companies in Russia selling robotic lawn mowers offer, in addition to service and consulting support, a robot installation service. It is recommended to use their services.
  • In the area where the robot works, there should not be many obstacles that need to go around. The slope of the lawn should be no more than 30 degrees. There should be no stones and large branches that can dull the knife. The base station is not afraid of rain, but nevertheless, it should not be located in the automatic watering area.
  • With regard to safety, it should be ensured that there are no small children and pets on the lawn during the mowing period. During operation, it is convenient to control the robot using a mobile application that some manufacturers have. Using the application, it is convenient to set the work program, for example, days of the week and mowing times. Moreover, in some models, you can set up multi-zone mowing, in which the robot independently, according to a given schedule, moves between zones along narrow corridors, and after mowing various areas, it returns to the main area to the base.
  • When the humidity is high, for example, in the rain, mowing is not recommended, as the grass is strongly crushed, and the mowing process becomes inefficient. In this regard, a convenient function in the operation of the robot is the rain sensor. By monitoring the humidity of the environment, the sensor puts a ban on leaving the base in case of too wet weather.


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