Tiles for summer cottages — we create beauty and comfort in a suburban area

how to use broken tiles in the country


Tiles for summer cottages - we create beauty and comfort in a suburban area

If you need a tile for a summer residence, then you should understand the basic requirements for this building material. There are different options with their own advantages and disadvantages that will help you decide. It is important to consider for what purpose you need tiles in the first place.

Outdoor tiles for summer cottages

When designing a summer cottage, it is necessary to think over not only the arrangement of the house, but also the territory. Of great importance is the laying of paving slabs in the country for the organization of different sites and paths. To date, a wide range of materials suitable for this purpose is presented, which differ in their parameters. The tile should be selected, focusing on its functional loads and the chosen style for the design of the site.

Tiles for country paths

There are a number of criteria to consider when buying paving tiles:

  1. When using concrete tiles, keep in mind that it should not be too bright, as this will indicate the presence of a large amount of coloring pigment, and this reduces strength.
  2. Paving slabs in the country should have a uniform color. If possible, break one block to make sure the entire piece is painted over.
  3. The surface of the tile must be flat and smooth, without cracks, bubbles and other defects, which reduces the quality of products.
  4. Choose building material from manufacturers who can provide a quality certificate for products.

Tiles for parking in the country

When choosing a tile for a platform for a car, it should be borne in mind that the load on it will be large. If you do not comply with the emerging requirements, then the coating will quickly become unusable and deformed. Tiles for parking a car in a country house should be even, durable and have a dense base. It is important to provide curb fencing and outflow of water. Please note that periodically you will have to update the coating by pouring sand and so on.

Manufacturers of building materials offer vibropressed and clinker tiles. The first type is frost-resistant and durable, but its appearance is more modest, while the second option is presented in a wide range of shapes and colors. If the weight of the machine is not more than a ton, then clinker tiles are suitable for giving, and if the weight is greater, then it is better to lay the pressed look. To test for abrasion, you need to take two stones and rub their faces against each other. With quality materials, the surface should not change.

parking lot tiles

Border tiles for summer cottages

Stones intended for fencing garden paths, in most cases, have the form of a concrete bar, in which the upper inner corner, in relation to the garden path, is beveled. First, the tiles are laid in the country house, and then the curb is installed. Its standard length is 1 m, but there are also shorter options with a length of 0.5 m.

If we talk about production technology, then it is better to choose vibropressed stones that resist climatic tests well and last up to 20 years. Such border tiles have a rich range of colors, so the most popular are brown, red and gray. The color of the borders can be chosen in the color of the tile for giving or it can be contrasting. If desired, the gray border can be painted with a weatherproof facade paint, which should be renewed every 1-2 years.

border tiles for summer cottages

Country tiles — options

There is a wide range of materials that can be used to make walkways and playgrounds. The popular concrete, rubber, plastic and ceramic tiles will be discussed below, but consider a few more interesting options:

  1. Walkway made of stone. This is a versatile option that is suitable for any style of country landscape. It is important that at least one edge of the stone is even, otherwise laying will cause many problems. This material is durable.
  2. country tile options

  3. Walkway made of wood. The original solution is wooden saw cuts that look like tiles. Circles of different diameters look best.
  4. country tile options

  5. Road tiles for brick cottages. A great option for creating «patterned» alleys. A brick is laid on the mortar and a curb is necessarily used, otherwise the masonry will fall apart after a while.
  6. country tile options

Concrete tiles for paths in the country

The most popular material used to create ground cover. Concrete tiles can be laid out as paths and entrance area. Such material is presented in a wide range of shapes, for example, there are options in the form of a rectangle, hexagon, wave, and so on. Interestingly, on sale you can find forms that allow you to independently make tiles at home. As for decorative concrete, it will have to be treated with a special solution every year, so the demand for this option is low.

Concrete tiles for summer cottages have an affordable price, high strength and durability. In addition, high humidity and low temperatures are not terrible for such material. It is important to bear in mind that laying work is laborious, since mortar and formwork have to be made. During soil shifts, cracks may appear, this is especially true for monolithic concrete paths.

concrete paving slabs for walkways

Rubber tiles for paths in the country

For the manufacture of such products, old car tires are used, which are crushed into crumbs and it is already mixed with an adhesive composition, dyes are added and pressed. Rubber tiles for summer cottages have different thicknesses, and the choice depends on the scope of application. For example, a 1 cm thick option is suitable for ennobling the area around the house and paths, and 4 cm thick tiles are laid on playgrounds where there are requirements for increased safety.

There are tiles of different shapes and colors, so you can create original flooring options. The most common colors are black, green, terracotta, blue, burgundy and so on. As for the shape, use the following options: square, wave, brick, cobweb and others. Rubber tiles made according to the standards have the following advantages: high wear resistance, water resistance, durability and anti-slip properties. Minus — fire hazard and high cost.

rubber tile for walkways in the country

Plastic tiles for paths in the country

Plastic tiles are made from polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride, which in most cases has a square shape (30×30 cm) and a lattice structure. Plastic paving slabs for giving fit very simply, because it has grooves for fastening parts. There are also options that simply stick into the ground, so they can be used to organize temporary tracks.

Plastic tiles for summer cottages weigh little, so working with them is easy. During installation, it is not necessary to install an additional foundation and the work can be done independently. In addition, among the advantages of the material, it is worth noting water permeability, durability, strength and the ability to quickly dismantle the coating. Due to the relief of the surface, the effect of sliding is excluded. This coverage also has disadvantages:

  • a negative reaction to certain chemicals, which can lead to deformation;
  • smooth tiles are very slippery;
  • under the influence of sunlight, the color of the coating becomes dull;
  • wears off faster than concrete or pavers.

plastic tiles for walkways in the country

Ceramic tiles in the country

For more expensive arrangements, you can use regular or mosaic ceramic tiles, which are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. If desired, you can use the styling of natural stone or pebbles. Tiles on the ground for giving should have a relief and non-slip surface. Another common option is porcelain stoneware. The main advantages of tiles include: environmental friendliness, strength, durability, resistance to mechanical damage and changing climatic conditions. Cons — high price and heavy weight.

ceramic tiles in the country

How to use broken tiles in the country?

If after the repair there is a broken tile, you should not throw it away, as there are many options where it can be used. Suitable for both large and small pieces. An excellent solution is a mosaic of broken tiles in the country, from which you can make garden paths and or highlight some area, for example, the center of the site or a place for relaxation and barbecue. You can use this technique to decorate countertops, flower pots and so on.

how to use broken tiles in the country


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