Top 9 Best Tomato Varieties for Greenhouses


In regions with long spring frosts and a short summer period, many gardeners grow tomatoes in greenhouse conditions. Types of modern greenhouses are diverse. Depending on the coating material, there are the following structures: glass, polycarbonate and polyethylene. By planting tomatoes in them, you can expect a high yield. It is important to choose the right varieties. The presented types of tomatoes have positive recommendations from vegetable growers. Fruits staunchly resist various diseases and are resistant to almost any climate.

The best undersized tomato varieties for greenhouses

banana legs

banana legs tomato

The favorite of millions of summer residents has American roots. The original appearance of the fruit attracts attention. They are yellow in color, which is relatively uncommon for tomatoes. They can be grown both in a greenhouse made of glass and polycarbonate. The variety is in demand in the Moscow region. It adapts to any conditions. Tomatoes have an elongated oblong shape, undersized planting and resemble a thick banana. In greenhouse open spaces, bushes can reach 1.5 meters. Vegetable growers collect from 5 to 10 fruits from one brush per season.

The weight of a tomato is quite impressive — up to 120 grams. The length varies from 7 to 12 centimeters. The taste qualities of banana legs are highly appreciated by consumers. The fruits are juicy and sour. Salads from them are excellent and colorful. The storage of the vegetable differs in duration — it will be fresh for several weeks. Customer reviews indicate that no cons were found as a variety. They enthusiastically note the benefits and recommend Banana Legs for cultivation.

buffalo heart

buffalo heart tomato

A unique variety in the short time of its existence has gained a large number of fans in the face of amateur vegetable growers. In greenhouse conditions, especially from polycarbonate, the plant reaches one meter in height. The absence of predisposition to various diseases is the best characteristic of the variety. Its fruits are large and, of course, quite heavy in weight. The consistency of the tomato is fleshy and dense. A small amount of seeds makes the taste rich and juicy. Tomatoes can be safely transported over long distances — they will retain their appearance well.

All regions of the Russian Federation are suitable for cultivation, including the Moscow region. There, Buffalo Heart is a particularly popular variety. Having prepared paste or juice from fruits, household members will appreciate the taste. One bush per season gives 10 kg of tomatoes. Large-fruited in combination with short stature is beneficial for gardeners. Often, Buffalo Heart is grown for sale. Buyers do not note the shortcomings of the variety.


peach tomato

The original appearance of tomatoes was the reason for the speaking name. The surface of the fruit is covered with a light «velvet», and their color range is diverse. Tomatoes are yellow, pink and red. The bush is undersized, its average height is 160 cm. A powerful stem can hold many fruits. The leaves are potato-like. The characteristic rounded shape gives the tomatoes a resemblance to a peach. Taste qualities confirm this — the tomato is sweet, without a sour taste.

It will be difficult for pests to attack the plant. Peach staunchly resists ticks, bears and other parasites. The fruits will come in handy for those who follow the figure. They are dietary and contain a lot of fiber, which has a positive effect on digestion. Decent yields will become commonplace for gardeners. The external velvety appearance will attract the attention of garden visitors. The plant is generally unpretentious. Landing will not be complicated — there are step-by-step instructions on the Internet.

The best early tomato varieties for greenhouses

Tolstoy F1

Thick F1 tomato

A hybrid originally from Holland is famous for its excellent taste. The size of the fruit is small, weighing 100-110 grams. They have an even rounded shape, which is ideal for salting and whole preservation. Tomatoes of bright scarlet color stand out among garden vegetation. With one brush of the variety, you can collect about 7 tomatoes. The leaves do not shade the ovaries. Ripening dates are early. 5 kilograms, on average, can be harvested per season from one square meter. Plant hardiness is high. It is not afraid of bad weather. Even in temperature extremes behaves with dignity. Therefore, for the suburban districts, the vegetable is optimal.

Harmful diseases bypass the variety. He has excellent immunity. The high mark of gardeners is justified by the best qualities of the Tolstoy F1 species. Their experience shows that the plant is not whimsical. Its reliability has been tested by time. The variety today does not lose ground and is very popular. It is recommended to grow it in central Russia exclusively in greenhouse conditions, preferably made of polycarbonate.

Blagovest F1

Blagovest F1 tomato

Gardeners are unanimous in their opinion: Blagovest F1 is one of the best varieties for growing in greenhouses. This hybrid is of interest to many vegetable lovers. Early ripening of fruits will please the household. Massive brushes can hardly cope with the number of tomatoes, which weigh a lot. For this reason, the variety must be tied up. It takes about 100 days after planting to harvest mature tomatoes. The variety is resistant to various diseases. He is not afraid of pests: the Colorado potato beetle, bears and others. Fruits tolerate moving well, their appearance remains the same. Tomatoes can be used in any dish. They will complement it with their rich taste.

With proper care, tomatoes weigh about 140 grams. Planting seeds is carried out in prepared soil. Due to the volume of bushes, gardeners recommend planting a plant at a short distance. There are about 3 of them per square meter. The vegetable does not like high humidity, therefore, after watering, gardeners are advised to ventilate the greenhouse. Tomatoes Blagovest F1 will be the best help for beginners. Caring for them will only be a joy.


Mazarin tomato

Early ripe vegetable fell in love with many vegetable growers. The rich color of tomatoes does not go unnoticed. In cold regions, such as the Moscow region, Mazarin should be grown in polycarbonate greenhouses. The height of the bushes reaches 2 meters. Vegetable growers celebrate a rich harvest. Fruiting lasts until frost. For beginners, the variety will be a real find. It does not require much effort to grow, it needs moderate care. Observing preventive measures, the vegetable will not get sick and will not deteriorate.

The taste of tomato is delicate with a sweetish admixture. Ripe fruits are compared to huge strawberries. The density of the tomato peel does not allow it to crack, so Mazarin is successfully transported over long distances. The variety is suitable for various dishes and canning. In the reviews of gardeners, one conditional drawback stands out — the need to tie up each bush. However, almost all varieties need it. Basically, Mazarin receives the best feedback from lovers of healthy and tasty vegetables.

The best large-fruited tomato varieties for greenhouses

orange wonder

orange miracle tomato

The variety was bred specifically for Siberia. Therefore, it perfectly tolerates various weather conditions. It is recommended to grow it in greenhouses, preferably from polycarbonate. After ripening, up to 10 large-fruited tomatoes can be found on one bush. The variety is distinguished by the presence of fruity notes in taste. The fruits are sweet, without a hint of sourness. Their color is unusual for standard tomato species. In the garden, they will look advantageous and beautiful. In addition, they can be safely sold on the market. Demand, no doubt, will be high due to taste and attractive appearance.

The almost complete absence of lycopene in the composition allows children and allergy sufferers to use the vegetable. It is able to improve the functioning of the kidneys and pancreas, as it has a large amount of useful substances and vitamins. Tomatoes are early varieties. The pulp of the fruit is sugary and fleshy. In the reviews, tasters note the tenderness of taste combined with juiciness. They do not notice shortcomings, the bushes are not whimsical in their care.

bull heart

Bull’s heart tomato

One of the sweetest varieties. The fruits are gigantic and irregular in shape. The rich taste qualities of a bull’s heart do not leave anyone indifferent. From one bush you can collect up to 12 kilograms of vegetables when grown in greenhouses. The plant has few leaves, but it is very spreading. Tall bushes reach 1.8 meters in length. A brush in a season gives up to 5 large tomatoes of various shapes. Most of them resemble the shape of a heart. The variety is quite resistant to diseases. On long journeys, the fruits will not bring significant losses. Almost all tomatoes will get to the place safe and sound.

The weight of tomatoes ranges from 600 grams to 1 kilogram. The red color of the vegetable will decorate the festive table. Ox heart is preferred to be eaten in its pure form due to the richness of taste, which is worth trying separately from all dishes. The thinness of the peel makes it easy to separate it from the pulp if necessary. There are practically no seeds inside the tomato. The fruits will not lose their original shape for a long time, they will be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks. Gardeners are very impressed after the first harvest, as they write about in reviews on various sites.

Pink Elephant

pink elephant tomato

One of the most delicious varieties of pink tomatoes, bred in Russia. The allegory in the name suggests that large tomatoes are ironically compared with the impressive dimensions of an elephant. Within 3 months, the fruits ripen — the plant belongs to the early varieties. The shoots are large. The leaves are wide, sprawling and look like potatoes. Therefore, the Pink Elephant will require a lot of space. The coral color of the fruit will decorate any holiday table. The variety is more suitable for slicing and salads. With it, the taste of dishes will allow you to experience a unique pleasure. The dense skin of a large-fruited vegetable prevents cracking. It has good transportability.

The main enemies of almost all plant varieties are infections. However, the Pink Elephant actively opposes them and rarely gets sick. The yield from the bush is high (3-4 kilograms per season). Tomatoes are not too demanding to care for. Useful trace elements contained in the variety have a beneficial effect on the human body. The downside, which lovers of spins note in the reviews, is that the Pink Elephant is not intended for canning due to non-standard sizes and shapes, but with a strong desire, they can be pickled with slices.


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