Top best varieties of roses for Siberia


Rose lovers grow them even in regions with a harsh climate. With the development of winter-hardy and hardy varieties, the cultivation of this plant became possible in the gardens of Siberia. In this unfavorable region, gardeners must know and follow the rules of agricultural technology, as well as carefully select winter-hardy varieties.

Each variety must meet certain essential requirements: early flowering ability, disease resistance, and good frost resistance. You need to properly approach their shelter in the winter season, as too harsh air temperatures can damage wood and soil.

The best varieties of floribunda roses for Siberia

Home and Garden

Home and Garden rose

The variety blooms with brushes and almost evenly. Buds measuring 9-10 centimeters effectively stand out among other vegetation in the garden or yard. Reviews of rose lovers confirm resistance to various diseases. Gardeners say that Home and Garden has never been seen in a painful condition. In addition, buyers note the durability of the variety.

The plant can be safely called romantic — the color really carries warmth. In Siberia, such a rose will delight every owner and every guest. Flowering will be almost continuous. This fact is especially appreciated by rose growers. A densely leafy bush complements the image and gives it unimaginable beauty. In order to give preference to Home & Garden, there is a good reason — the variety is one of the most hardy and unpretentious. The plant has received various awards in Australia and France.


gartenfreud rose

A relatively recently bred variety has a rich pink color and instantly catches the eye. The doubleness and small size of the buds look great in the garden. Resistance to frost, as well as to various precipitation, makes it possible to grow them in Siberia, where cold prevails. Translated into Russian, Gartenfreude sounds like «The joy of the gardener.» The speaking name justifies itself. Reviews of many buyers reflect positive emotions from seeing such beauty in the yard and garden.

Wavy petals give each bud an unusually beautiful look. At first glance, all the flowers are the same, however, if you look closely, you will notice that they are all different from each other — they have a different size and even color. Creeping shoots cover the space with a bright canvas, blooming in 10-15 pieces. The contrast of roses with green leaves stands out in particular. The bush after flowering will have a neat appearance, since such a variety is able to self-clean when it wilts. Minus Gartenfreud in the absence of smell, however, some people even like it.


Solero rose

The plant with this name was bred in 2009. Slightly fragrant bright yellow flowers will be a worthy decoration of the front garden. Any stage of flowering is distinguished by grace. Roses have small bud sizes with a diameter of 6-7 centimeters, they are quite thick in volume. Bushes are resistant to various climatic conditions: rain, sun and frost. With active flowering, the buds turn from yellow to light milky.

In the process of growing Solero is unpretentious. The harmonious shape of the bushes looks spectacular. The variety has received the Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheitenprüfung certificate, which confirms its resistance to fungal diseases. Experienced gardeners are confident in the durability of these roses. In their reviews, they recommend Solero for growing in Siberia, as the variety will not care for powdery mildew, as well as sub-zero temperatures. Reviews are full of positive comments. Some buyers do not like only the fact that the bush has a low size.

The best climbing varieties of roses for Siberia

Rosarium Uetersen

Rosarium Uetersen rose

The most beautiful climbing rose of pink color is today one of the most popular in the circles of lovers of beauty. A plant appeared in Southeast Asia, and after that it began to «travel» around the world. The variety is whimsical in care, but worth it to protect it. Landscaping is done in an upright position and fences and any fences are decorated with flowers. Decor with Rosarium Uetersen will look elegant and cute. It stands out among its counterparts in the number of petals — there can be about 100 of them on one bud, which turns it into a lush flower.

The aroma of the variety spreads around the district, it has an apple tint. The green leaves are shiny. Unfavorable weather is not terrible for such roses — they are quite stable in both heavy rain and frosty air. Therefore, they are able to please the eye in the Siberian regions. For several years of flowering Rosarium Uetersen will turn any architectural structure into a wonderful view, growing around the entire perimeter. Reviews of rose growers are positive, everyone likes a pleasant smell and magnificent beauty. Only you will have to take care of the plant responsibly and correctly, then it will bring only pleasure.


Jasmine rose

The rose was bred in 2005. A few years later, the plant began to win awards at exhibitions and competitions. The cascade of Jasmine inflorescences stands out with luxurious weaving. Lush buds have a pleasant aroma. The strong and straight stem is weather resistant. The ability to grow on poor soils makes it possible to plant this variety in the Siberian expanses. Cut roses will last for several weeks in a vase with little to no change in their fresh appearance. In care, flowers are not capricious, which is a real find for every gardener.

Frost resistance confirmed in customer reviews. The plant will live at temperatures up to -24 degrees. With the help of Jasmine bushes, arches, arbors and fences are successfully decorated. Any yard, garden and vegetable garden will change and take on an incredible look when such roses bloom in it. Experienced rose growers prefer the variety because of the clear ratio of beauty and plant durability. The only disadvantages can be attributed to the fact that in frosts the bushes must be bent down in order to avoid wilting.

Swan Lake

swan lake rose

Roses have a pleasant light shade. The flawless shape of the buds is pretty and beautiful. It is noteworthy that, depending on the intensity of flowering, the variety changes the appearance of the flower — from goblet to cup-shaped. The stem has sharp and frequent spines. Swan Lake is quite popular among rose growers, this is due to numerous reviews. The variety tolerates the winter season well, which means that it can be bred in Siberia.

Abundant flowering can decorate the surrounding view. When cut, you can safely expect a long fresh standing. Roses smell «delicious», the smell is strongly pronounced, it can be felt at a long distance. Swan Lake will add sophistication and elegance to any garden design. Most experienced gardeners recommend planting this plant. It will require a lot of maintenance. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the variety is not resistant to rain.

The best hybrid tea varieties of roses for Siberia

Black magic

black magic rose

A German breeding company developed the variety in 1997. The bewitching shade of dark color delights all people. Created for cutting, Black Magic has shown over time that it can easily grow in garden conditions and at various temperatures. Amateur flower growers often plant bushes of these roses and speak well of them. At each stage of blooming, the buds have an unimaginable beauty. They open up to 10 centimeters in diameter. The structure of the petals is velvety and shimmers with brilliance.

The smell of flowers is not very pronounced. The richness of the foliage around it decorates the general view. The stem has a height of 1 meter, which is optimal for both the flower bed and the house. The rose is hardy both in the cold period and in the heat, which allows you to buy seedlings in frosty regions. In the 2000s, Black Magic received numerous awards and won the title of «Queen of the Show». Decorative flowers will not lose even in rainy weather. The variety is characterized by increased resistance to any external factors. If no mistakes are made in cultivation, Black Magic will enchant everyone around her.

blue moon

blue moon rose

Favorite variety of millions. Due to the unusual color — silver-lilac — roses are in great demand both in warm regions and in cold ones. They are hardy and able to admire beauty for a long period. A strongly pronounced aroma can be felt, being «a mile away» from planted plants. The variety quickly adapts to external conditions, so it is the best fit for snowy Siberia. The rose has passed various tests and received the ADR certificate.

One of the best selection products, certainly stands out among similar quality. Due to the rare coloration, Blue Moon attracts the attention of even people who are indifferent to the beauty of nature. A small number of thorns suits many gardeners. In their reviews, you can find only positive comments. However, some are concerned about the fact that the bushes need care. Proper planting and worthy protection of the variety will allow you to enjoy its views.

Red Intuition

Red Intuition rose

An unusual rose that has a red tint with dark stripes. Appearance always attracts the attention of gardeners. A distinctive feature is the absence of spikes or their insignificance in quantity. In the sale of seedlings, Red Intuition occupies a leading position. The light and unobtrusive aroma delights, and the shape of the flowers arouses the increased interest of others. The backyard will become one of the best places for relaxation if you plant a Red Intuition plant on it. Buds will bring magical beauty to any yard.

Each flower is goblet shaped. Shrubs endure bad weather, and also do not have a predisposition to fungal diseases, which is considered to be the best advantage of Red Intuition. The rose will not deteriorate in frost down to -35 degrees and will delight the eyes of guests throughout the flowering. Moderate watering and periodic pruning will keep the buds looking fresh for a long time. Bushes will not do without preventive care, otherwise the rose can suffer a disease called chlorosis.


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