Treehouse for kids


Treehouse - ideas on how best to equip?

There is probably not a single child in the world who would not like to have their own treehouse. This is not just a zone for games, it is its own little world with fantasies, dreams, secrets. In the hut you can play with friends or retire from everyone in the summer heat with a book in your hands.

Treehouse for kids

If there is a massive branchy tree in the summer cottage, then you can come up with a simple project and bring it to life. Design ideas for a treehouse are endless — it can be an inaccessible tower of a beauty, a hut of Baba Yaga, a cannibal’s castle, a disguised outpost or a sea ship. The tree in such a structure performs the function of a foundation — it firmly holds the structure itself and its visitors. On a special ladder, you can get right into the house or onto an open platform. When building a house in the lower ceiling and in the roof, holes are made for branches.

Oak, beech, maple, large spruce are considered the optimal breed for construction. A trunk with a diameter of at least 30 cm with multiple branches and roots reliably deepened into the ground can cope with such work. Architecturally, the house can be built on a platform that is anchored to a tree. If necessary, it is reinforced with oblique beams resting against the trunk. There are several more types of structures proven by practice — a suspended house or on stilts.

Hanging tree house

The suspended platform is hung with ropes, chains or cables on powerful branches that can withstand the weight of the structure and children. This is the easiest, but not very reliable way to organize a tree house. The safety of the structure depends entirely on the bearing capacity of the trunk, the size of its branches, and the power of the root system. This mounting method is not suitable for all types of trees; a heavy hanging house is not recommended. For example, a platform without a complex fence or a small hut covered with a film or cloth is ideal for hanging.

hanging tree house

Treehouse on stilts

A frame house on stilts is an independent building in which the roof and floor intersect with one or more branches. The structure itself minimally relies on the tree, does not damage it, does not prevent the plant from developing. The structure is installed on piles, the size of which is determined strictly with the future load. Beautiful treehouses crown is used for camouflage or decoration, the bearing capacity of the tree in this version of the design is unimportant.

A young representative of the plant world is also suitable for the building, behind the green crown of which the intelligence headquarters or a spaceship will be hidden. Almost all deciduous, coniferous, even garden tree species are suitable for a house on stilts. You can climb it on a stationary ladder, its rope counterpart. The design is reliable, so it can be supplemented with a balcony, an open veranda, a porch, a swing, ropes, a hammock.

tree house on stilts

tree house

Buildings on trees are often erected using old trunks. A children’s treehouse can be built by finding one or two unnecessary copies in the garden. They need to be cut down, leaving the trunks at the same height. It is important to consider that children’s treehouses are recommended to be placed at a height of 1.5-2.5 m, the open veranda must be enclosed with railings.

A platform is installed on the trunks under the floor, it is fixed with the help of piles or oblique beams resting against a tree. The design of a house on a sawn stump can be represented as an old hut on chicken legs. The play complex that connects several plantings looks interesting. You can combine them with the help of a suspension bridge, rope ladders, bungee.

felled tree house

Tree house from improvised materials

A children’s house is easily and quickly built from improvised materials. You can build a house from woven branches. The most important thing in this design is to make a reliable cylindrical floor platform. Next, from the bending branches, you need to weave a kind of «cocoon» with windows and a doorway. Such an interesting house will merge perfectly with the garden landscape.

tree house from improvised materials

tree house material

To build a tree house in the country, the most affordable materials are used. They must be wear-resistant in order to last more than one year without additional repairs, environmentally friendly, so as not to harm the health of children. A house for a child is a miniature of an ordinary building, the load on it is small, so complex technologies and materials are not needed for construction.

Wooden tree houses

Wood is the best material for a treehouse. It is durable, environmentally friendly, breathable, fits perfectly into the concept of a hut among the foliage. Wood is a malleable material, it is easy to realize the most interesting treehouse design from it, decorate the building with various carved elements. Any structure can be built from it — from a simple hut with windows, a balcony and railings to a massive ship. It looks interesting cylindrical house with a conical roof with a round base.

Wooden structures can be insulated with polystyrene foam, mineral wool — then children will be able to use the hut all year round. To build a wooden house, different materials are used:

  • slats;
  • boards;
  • pallets;
  • wooden shields;
  • beam;
  • logs.

wooden tree houses

Film house on a tree

A house made of stretch film on a tree is the simplest design. For its construction, you will need several rolls of such material. How to make a tree house out of film:

  1. First you need to select several trees (3-4), between which the structure will be stretched.
  2. The film must be scrolled several times around the trunk at a height of 1.5 m and the trees connected with a contour of 10 layers.
  3. Then the film is stretched between the contour rim parallel to the ground in several layers. This is how the floor of the house is formed, many tiers of polyethylene make it durable.
  4. Further, in a chaotic manner, the walls and roof of the house are made from a film between the trees.
  5. On one side, you need to leave a small arched opening so that you can get inside.
  6. The house is ready, it turns out very bright and protects well from rain.

How to equip a tree house?

It is important to know how to equip a children’s house inside so that it is interesting for kids to stay in it for as long as possible:

  1. The finished hut can be filled with bright curtains, pictures, animal figurines, fairy-tale characters can be used.
  2. It is advisable to fill the house with soft materials, it is better to cover it with rugs and mats.
  3. Various little things will bring comfort to the house — a doorbell or a bell, shutters, clothes hangers, pillows and poufs, battery-powered light bulbs, flowers in pots.
  4. Furniture is required — you can install a small table for classes, a bookcase for books, shelves, a plywood bed so that you can relax. Girls will like it if the room is equipped with a small kitchen.
  5. how to build a tree house

  6. Since the structure is at a height from the ground, it can be supplemented with a slide, a swing, a rope descent, a rope ladder.
  7. How to furnish a house


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