Types of gazebos made of polycarbonate, timber, metal

types of gazebos with barbecue


Types of gazebos

Until recently, the dacha was a place where city dwellers went to work on the land: in the spring, lay out beds for vegetables, take care of them in the summer, and harvest them in the fall. Nowadays, many people go out of town to have fun with friends or relax with their loved ones. For the equipment of the site, many use different types of gazebos.

Types of gazebos for summer cottages

Each owner of the site wants his summer vacation to be not only pleasant, but also comfortable. Therefore, before you start building a gazebo, you need to decide which model is right for your site. Country gazebos differ according to some criteria:

  • according to the material of manufacture;
  • in form;
  • open;
  • closed.

Winter gazebo

Having installed a closed winter gazebo at their summer cottage, it will be possible to relax in it in any weather. You can choose the option of a separate building. In this case, during the construction, it is necessary to adhere to the «winter-summer» project. Such a gazebo made of timber or brick will have everything you need for relaxation indoors. If you already have a light building, then you can insulate it by getting an arbor, in which it will be comfortable to relax in the winter.

timber gazebo

The combined version of the gazebo may consist of a winter room, a canopy with a platform and a summer kitchen. In order to be able to fry kebabs in the cold season, indoors, you need to place a stove, barbecue or barbecue. In any model of a closed country gazebo, window and door openings should be present, which will visually separate this building from the surrounding landscape.

winter gazebo

Summer gazebos

For summer holidays in the country, you can build an open structure, after choosing a suitable place for it on the site. Sometimes a summer altanka is installed under a large sprawling tree that will protect from the bright sun. So that a strong wind does not put rest, it is better to install a structure next to the fence.

Summer buildings can be:

  • stationary, which are installed on the foundation, such a model is suitable if the owners constantly live on the site or if there is a good security system;
  • portable (prefabricated) are installed for the warm season, and for autumn-winter the structure is removed for storage.

summer gazebo

Modern gazebo design

The gazebo has been one of the main decorations of any garden for many years. Sometimes you can see a real work of architectural art on the site. When developing a project for such a structure, it is necessary to take into account the style in which the main building is designed, as well as the design of the landscape of the backyard. Garden gazebos, made in the same style with all buildings, look very impressive.

Arbors made of wood

The simplest option for giving can be an open gazebo made of wood of a simple design, which you can make yourself. The forms of such gazebos can be very different, and they are decorated with pergolas entwined with flowering plants. If the exterior of the main building is designed in a modern style, then the gazebo should look minimalistic. Laconically and stylishly look wooden gazebos, built from polished boards, which are covered with colorless varnish.

wooden gazebos

The octagonal country arbor, decorated with carved elements, looks beautiful. The roof in such a design can be multi-level. A wooden white gazebo looks gracefully at their summer cottage. Such a structure looks best against the background of a house made in the style of American country or French Provence. Such a white gazebo favorably sets off a pond or any other body of water on the site. The effect of soaring can be achieved if this structure is located at some elevation above the lake.

white wooden gazebo

A wooden gazebo in the form of a carriage can become a wonderful decoration of the garden plot. The walls of such a structure can be made of wooden crates or have the form of windows curtained with curtains. Another original building is a gazebo in the form of a house, next to which there may be a built-in sandbox for children. A log arbor is durable and multifunctional. It is quite possible to make such a design yourself.

gazebo in the form of a carriage

Metal gazebos

A gazebo made of metal is a durable and reliable structure. Its shape can be square and rectangular, six- and octagonal and even round. Such a structure can be installed in two ways: with or without a foundation. All metal gazebos are divided into several types:

  • Forged arbors are distinguished by their elegant appearance and special strength. They can harmoniously fit into the landscape of any site;
  • the pipe structure is light in weight and can be moved from place to place, but the appearance of such structures looks rustic;
  • mixed arbors are considered the most popular, their frame consists of pipes, and the side parts are decorated with openwork forged elements.

metal gazebos

Arbors made of polycarbonate

Nowadays, polycarbonate gazebos are becoming increasingly popular. They are reliable and durable, their appearance is very attractive, and they are relatively inexpensive. Existing types of polycarbonate gazebos differ in:

  • installation method — stationary: fixing the gazebo once, you can relax in it at any time, and portable, which are easy to install anywhere on the site;
  • type — closed, in which it is comfortable to relax in any weather, and open, where there is a special unity with nature;
  • the complexity of the design, it can be an ordinary canopy, and an intricate structure;
  • functionality;
  • level of equipment: from a simple gazebo for family gatherings to a complex structure with a barbecue.

The roof for the gazebo is mainly made of polycarbonate. It can be of very different shapes: straight and semicircular, four-, six-, octagonal. The gazebo with an oriental-style roof looks original. A spherical gazebo in the form of a ball will be a real highlight of your entire suburban area.

polycarbonate gazebos

Brick gazebos

A brick gazebo needs a solid foundation, and its construction will cost more than a wooden structure. But beautiful brick gazebos will be strong, reliable and durable. With the help of various finishing materials, you can decorate such a structure, and it will perfectly fit into the design of a summer cottage. There are the following types of brick gazebos:

  • open — their design consists of a roof that rests on pillars, they are used only in the warm season;
  • semi-open — have one or two walls. Such a gazebo can protect from wind or rain;
  • closed structures look like a small house like a summer kitchen, so they can be used at any time of the year.

brick gazebos

Gazebo with BBQ

If you decide to build a gazebo in your country house, then it makes sense to install a barbecue in it. And then a pleasant feast with barbecue will be provided. Often, the owners install a wooden or brick pergola on the site. These types of gazebos with a barbecue will be an excellent decoration for your summer cottage and a great place to relax with guests. You can also build a combined structure, in which the cooking zone is built of bricks, and the rest part is made of wood. The walls near the barbecue can be decorated with ceramic tiles.

types of gazebos in the barbecue

On a spacious suburban area, a gazebo with a large stationary barbecue oven, which has a chimney and a pipe, would be appropriate. Under such a furnace, a solid foundation must be poured. For a small cottage, a smaller gazebo is suitable, in which you can install a portable stove. It is better to install it at the northeastern or northern wall of the gazebo.

outdoor gazebo with barbecue

Types of gazebos with barbecue

Cooking barbecue outdoors is not always convenient: wind or rain can interfere with this action. It will be much more comfortable to cook this dish under a canopy. Those owners of summer cottages who decide to equip a place to relax are interested in what types of gazebos are. If you want to install a barbecue in the immediate vicinity of your home, then it is more convenient to build a small canopy over it in the form of an open gazebo. If a place to rest is chosen away from a residential building, then it is better to equip a more durable structure.

what types of gazebos are

The easiest way is to install an openwork structure made of polycarbonate on a wooden or metal frame on the site. The brazier will perfectly fit into the arbor finished with a natural or artificial stone. You can organize a real summer kitchen in a closed structure, in which, in addition to the barbecue, there is a stove and a sink, and a table with chairs or even benches is installed in the dining area.

types of gazebos with barbecue


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