Well in the country


Well in the country

Clean and tasty drinking water is now worth its weight in gold, it is not surprising that more and more people are thinking about how to build a well in their country house — with their own hands or by hiring a construction team. Oddly enough, the first step to answering this question is talking to your neighbors. Despite the fact that experts say that water is absolutely everywhere, it would be useful to hear other people’s versions. Perhaps the stories about the construction and arrangement of a well in the country, which eventually dried up, will disappoint you, but you won’t have to waste your efforts.

The important points that you will have to learn from the residents of nearby houses are how deep they had to dig, how far the well is from the house, why they chose that place, and so on. If you notice that all the wells in the area are approximately on the same line, you should not make unnecessary experiments, try to better dig a well in the same place, even though a couple of extra loosening of the soil will not damage the country house.

Also don’t forget to find out what kind of soil others have come across while digging. This, firstly, will give you the opportunity to estimate how long the workflow will take, and secondly, it will become another argument on the scales of the decision to build a well in the country.

Stages of creating a well

So, where does the creation of a well begin? You have to decide how deep a tank you need, depending on what kind of water flows in the area. Then determine the location of the well. You can, of course, invite a couple of charlatans who walk around the site with twigs and aluminum sticks, carefully depicting a mysterious view, but it’s better to just take an example from your neighbors.

Then the main part begins — a hole is dug for the well. In the process of excavation, cover your head with something like a helmet, in case there are collapses of loose soil. Still, safety comes first.

Further, how a well will be made at your dacha depends on the material that you trust more — wood or concrete. In principle, wood is more environmentally friendly, but its service life is usually shorter than that of concrete.

In any case, the technology is essentially the same — wooden beams or concrete rings are placed on the bottom of the well, starting somewhere in the middle of the excavation. They sag and the next ones are placed on them. The bottom is covered with pebbles or covered with boards. It sounds simple, but in fact the process requires a lot of concentration and accuracy. Of course, do not forget about considerable physical effort.

Well design in the country

Having reached the top and lining the well from the inside with the selected material, you can build the top. Again, the choice of material is yours — wood, stone or the same uncomfortable concrete.

The general appearance of the garden and the plot largely depends on how you decorate the well in the country. In addition, a well-built well will serve you for a long time and may even pass to the next generations, which means that its design should be carefully considered.

A well built of wooden beams looks very nice. It is not only possible, but also necessary, to decorate it with flowers to give charm and make it easy to fit into the outlines of the garden. If you have at least a little artistic inclination, it’s a great idea to make a painting or a funny drawing on it. As a last resort, just write something memorable for you, so that even in cold winters, going for water will bring you a smile.

If the house on the site is made in the old aristocratic style, it is better to make a well in an appropriate way, to match it:

Fans of everything unusual can overlay the well with tiles or modern tiles. And if you are afraid that the neighbors who helped you yesterday will slip to you at night for water tomorrow, build a small building to protect it and hang a padlock, as in the photo below.


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