What are the best garage doors?

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Car protection is a priority for its owner. Garage doors must be strong and secure in order to protect the car from criminal encroachments. When choosing a model, the role is played by the decorativeness of the design, the type of material, automation and additional features of the product.

What is the best garage door?

The room for installing the car is equipped with overall doors of different configurations. There are well-known swing structures, which have now been improved with the help of modern profiles and cladding. More convenient are sliding, lifting models, jalousie gates for the garage. They are compact, do not take up much space when opened, do not require snow clearing before the room. Garage doors must be durable, warm, and provide high burglary resistance. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Folding garage doors

The design can be folded up or sideways. Folding iron garage doors consist of three or more sections, which are made from metal sheets. More often, a type of product is used in which spans rise horizontally and are fixed above the entrance opening. The side-folding model, in which the sections are held by latches, is less common, it occupies a certain span width. The design can be supplemented with an electric drive, windows on the sashes.

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Roll up garage door

The model is a shield that covers the entire area of ​​the opening. Metal gates for the garage open with the participation of a hinged-lever mechanism, allow you to fully use the width and height of the span. When lifting, the sash moves along the guide rails on rollers located under the ceiling of the garage and along the sides of the passage and turns from a vertical position to a horizontal one.

In the open state, the shield is located under the top of the room and does not interfere with movement. The model is equipped with an electric drive, if desired, viewing slots made of glass, gates are made in the wings. The product is made of sandwich panels, which are galvanized and painted steel sheets with insulation. The outer surface is stylized as bronze, walnut, copper, marble, wood. To protect against corrosion, the shields are covered with enamel.

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Swing garage doors

This is the most common type of construction in which the sashes are hung on a vertical support with hinges and open outward. Swing models are made of wood or metal, equipped with two canvases. One of them is equipped with a door for entering the room, which is convenient if you need to go inside, for example, for a tool. The lightest products from a metal profile. Their advantage is high burglary resistance. The design is equipped with reliable pins, crossbars, safe-type locks. If desired, it can be automated with two drives.

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Wooden garage doors are made of a frame and rails that can be mounted vertically, horizontally, diagonally, due to the different directions of laying the lamellas, beautiful design options are obtained. Models have significant weight, so they need a reliable profile; outwardly, they can be decorated with curly overlays. The disadvantage of the hinged design is the need for significant additional space before construction to open the doors, which still needs to be cleared of snow in winter.

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Roller garage doors

This type is a novelty on the market, their design is similar to the roller shutters that are placed on the windows. Roll-up garage doors consist of steel or aluminum lamellas connected to a flexible sheet. When lifting, the product moves along the guide rails, which are installed in a protective box above the span, and is wound onto the upper shaft. It can be inside or outside the premises.

Roll models are equipped with electric drives, they are appropriate for large or high spans, save space near the premises. Thanks to thin metal lamellas, the sheets are light, polymers provide them with excellent heat-saving performance and a beautiful appearance. A significant disadvantage of the roll structure is low burglary resistance and the impossibility of using a gate.

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Sliding garage door

They are installed indoors if there is enough space on the side where they will move, equal to the size of the sash. Sliding garage doors open with a roller device, they can be mounted inside or outside the building. The sashes are metal lattice, they are easy to decorate with wood. Retractable models are attractive in that they save space before entering, their disadvantages include the need for an additional length of the building wall to open the canvas.

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Garage doors — design options

A special room is the main place for the location of the car and caring for it. No building will provide reliable protection for the car without a good garage door. They must be reliable, durable, functional. Modern ideas differ significantly from the designs of past years. The best garage doors are characterized by high performance, aesthetic appearance, are equipped with automatic opening mechanisms, insulation, additional gates.

Sectional garage doors

This is a modern model that is increasingly gaining the sympathy of consumers. Sectional metal garage doors are iron blocks filled with polystyrene foam. They look like longitudinal panels that move along side guides and fold like an accordion at the junctions. In the open form, the structure is located under the ceiling inside the room.

Sectional models are considered optimal warm garage doors. The presence of synthetic foam between the sheets and rubber seals along the edges provides excellent sealing and prevents freezing of the doors and the room even in the most severe frost. Sectional folding garage doors are equipped with an electric drive and a remote control. Safety sensors block the closing of the curtain if there are people, vehicles or large objects in its path. The surface of the canvases can have a different look — small, medium, large corrugation, with wood embossing. Their advantages include a wide range of textures and colors, no need for locking mechanisms.

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Automatic garage doors

Modern technologies make life much easier. Various devices allow you to close or open the garage door directly from the car with the participation of a remote control and sensors. The sashes are equipped with concrete thresholds, mechanical rods, photocells, magnetic or radio control, pneumatic or electric drive.

Automation additionally provides lighting of the garage during the operation of the device and a few minutes after its completion, smooth movement of the doors and their careful operation, which significantly extends the service life of the structure. The drive saves a person from unnecessary movements and saves his time, if every minute counts. To open or raise the doors, you do not need to get out of the car in the rain, snow or in the dark, you just need to press a button on the remote control.

Automatic garage doors have many additional features. For example, you can set the time at which they will close themselves — even if the owner forgot to lower the doors in a hurry, this will not be a problem. Automatic drives are installed on any type of gate — swing, lifting, sectional, sliding or roller. Their use does not limit the possibility of manually opening the structure if necessary.

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Garage doors with wicket

Additional openings will help to enter the room in which the car is located without opening the main doors. A span is a section of a metal frame that violates the integrity of the structure. The gate is supplied with vertical and horizontal beams, which reinforce the canvas, with an additional lock. Often it is faster to open it than the entire sash to go into the room and pick up something. The most popular — swing garage doors with a gate. An additional passage is also equipped in sectional, lifting, sliding models.

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Garage doors are designed to protect your car. The choice of design is influenced by the availability of free space in front of the room, the convenience and appearance of the product. The sashes are constantly opening and closing, their main task is to ensure flawless operation in any weather. Modern materials, improved designs, innovative additions will help you choose a functional product of a beautiful appearance that will make life easier for the owner of the car and protect the car from ill-wishers and bad weather.


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