Wicker furniture for a summer residence


wicker garden furniture

The natural texture of wicker furniture makes it attractive in many ways, and at the same time limits its scope in urban interiors. But for dacha design, wicker sets and objects are a classic of the genre. They will be appropriate in the interior of a country house, on the veranda and in the garden.

The range of wicker country and garden furniture is quite wide. Products differ in appearance and price, they are also classified according to the place of production, material, design …

The raw materials from which wicker furniture is made for summer cottages:

  1. Willow is a familiar material for the northern hemisphere, from which traditional folk crafts (including Russian and Ukrainian) furniture are made. Willow furniture is not very durable, but it is sometimes strengthened with a frame.
  2. Rattan is a liana-like shoot of the rattan palm, a durable and flexible material that, among other things, is resistant to high humidity and temperature extremes.
  3. Reeds — durable furniture is also woven from ordinary lake reeds. The main advantage of this material is elasticity, most often chairs and armchairs are made from it, as well as baskets.

In addition, when choosing wicker country furniture, you should pay attention to the place of production:

  1. In Asia, relatively inexpensive rattan wicker furniture is made, which is suitable for the garden and the street. Practicality and reasonable price make Asian braids very popular. And by the way, craftsmen from China and nearby territories have learned to perfectly imitate stylish European design.
  2. In Europe, various materials are used for the manufacture of wicker furniture, sometimes they resort to hybrid designs: elements from a wicker or rattan are combined with bamboo, natural stone, glass, metal, and less often plastic is used. European wicker furniture is quite expensive — among other things, this is due to the thoughtful and original design of the products.
  3. It is also worth paying attention to local products, including those offered by folk craftsmen. They, among other things, can make wicker furniture to order.

In general, wicker furniture cannot be classified as cheap: it is usually assembled by hand. But choosing a quality product, you can be sure that it will serve you for more than one year.

Do not forget about additional decorative details in interiors with wicker furniture, especially textiles: pillows, tablecloths, bedspreads, covers. We advise you to stick to the eco-line and choose natural fabrics: linen, homespun cloth, canvas.


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