Wooden house interior design


wooden house interior design

When planning the interior of a wooden house, it is worth making the most of the natural texture of the material. Therefore, it is important to choose the right design style, materials that are best combined with wood.

In general, for the interior design of a wooden house, the following styles will be optimal:

  1. Colonial — the internal architecture of a wooden house (log-house walls, ceiling beams, etc.) is preserved, but the interior is designed in a classical style, it is not alien to noble luxury. Dominant colors are brown, beige, white. Decor: porcelain, forging, high-quality textiles, landscapes, genre scenes or still lifes on the walls, elegant interior details, including exotic souvenirs. The colonial style would be especially appropriate for the interior of a living room in a wooden house, when the owners want to emphasize their respectability.
  2. Country – rustic style, cozy and family. Typical for him are: simple and rough furniture, checkered and striped textiles, homespun cloth, interior details and dishes made of ceramics and other natural materials.
  3. Ethno style very close to country, but it traces the national motifs inherent in a particular culture: in patterns on textiles, ceramics, wall paintings, decorative trifles. Country style dominates more Western European traditions, while the ethno geography is almost unlimited.
  4. Eco style – concise, simple and ergonomic interior, also perfect for creating a beautiful interior of wooden houses. In fact, we are talking about minimalism, in which natural materials are used instead of high-tech materials. Eco-interiors combine all comfort, aesthetics and functionality and therefore will be ideal for creating the interior of a room in a wooden house.


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