Wooden log houses — the most beautiful one-story, two-story and houses with an attic

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log houses

For suburban construction, wood is often chosen as a building material. A log cabin is a warm and environmentally friendly dwelling for both seasonal and permanent residence. The construction process is time-consuming and requires special knowledge. However, the result — visual and practical — is simply amazing.

Wooden houses from a log

First of all, you need to understand that for building a house from a log, it is possible to use several types of their processing. The external characteristics and performance of the structure will depend on the choice of a specific type of log processing. So, here are their main types:

  1. Rounded. Logs are processed on a special machine, after which they have a perfectly flat surface, the same length and radius. Thanks to this, wooden houses made of logs are very easy to fold. However, there are significant negative consequences of such processing — due to the removal of the bark and the top layer of wood, the tree remains unprotected from moisture and insects. As a result, the house is more prone to decay, fungus development and other damage. Processing it becomes difficult, and still it is not possible to achieve long-term operation.
  2. 1_rounded logs_photo

  3. Planed logs. For a warm and durable home, they are optimal. Their processing is also carried out on machines, but a small protective layer is removed from them. Their surface is not completely smooth, and they themselves will not be perfectly similar, and during the construction process it will be necessary to select and adjust logs, but a large number of positive characteristics of the finished log house compensate for this.
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  5. Carriage. The best tandem of the positive qualities of timber and logs. A carriage is obtained by filing and shaving only two opposite sides of the log. After high-quality antiseptic treatment, a log house made of it will be durable. The cost of such material is higher than rounded logs, but its even shape allows you to save on interior decoration.
  6. 3_carriage for log cabin_photo

  7. Scraped logs. They are considered the most durable. Obtained after debarking and removing the bast using scraping. Finishing grinding is carried out after the assembly of the frame, due to this, the wood remains resinous and very stable.
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  9. Barked logs. They are produced with a minimum of processing, due to which they retain all the positive characteristics and protective properties. The interior and exterior decoration of a log house is made after assembly.
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Having decided to build a house for permanent residence from a log, you should not save on the material, as this will significantly reduce its performance. Among the positive qualities of wooden construction in general, the following can be mentioned:

  • environmental friendliness — since wood is a natural material, it does not emit harmful substances and affects the environment extremely favorably;
  • natural ventilation — wood has high ventilated characteristics, it perfectly passes air and regulates the microclimate in the room;
  • low weight of the structure — thanks to this, it is possible not to build a heavy solid foundation;
  • good sound insulation — wood is able to create a good sound barrier, eliminating strong noise from the outside;
  • low thermal conductivity — in winter the tree keeps warm, and in summer — cool;
  • resistance to frost and temperature extremes;
  • minimum deformation — with a properly folded frame, the wood practically does not deform;
  • relatively affordable cost in comparison with other materials.

With all these advantages, one should not forget about some of the disadvantages of log houses:

  • a long period of shrinkage — about 2-3 years, during which no finishing work can be performed;
  • fear of moisture and insects — in a humid climate it is better to refuse such construction, in other cases special impregnations are necessary;
  • low fire safety — like other wooden houses, log cabins, even after processing with special means, ignite easily and burn out in a short time;
  • the undesirability of finishing, as this leads to the accumulation of moisture, reduced ventilation and, as a result, the beginning of the process of decay.

One-story log houses

Wooden one-story log houses are the best solution for those who do not like stairs. In addition, the presence of an attic makes the construction of the roof easier. If you slightly change the project by increasing the height of the roof ridge, you can almost double the usable area of ​​u200bu200bthe house without any special costs. Another plus is that under such a house you can build a strip foundation.

6_one-storey log houses_photo

Two-story log house

For permanent residence, the best log houses are still two-story. Their usable area is more than twice as large as the area occupied on the ground. In finished projects on the ground floor there is a kitchen with a living room and a bathroom, on the second floor there are two or three bedrooms. If the log house has a large area, the lower floor can accommodate a bathhouse, a terrace, a carport, an additional guest room.

7_two-story log house_photo

Log house with attic

The so-called one and a half-story log houses made of logs have their advantages and disadvantages. The first can be attributed to the lower cost of the building. However, we must not forget that in order to save the entire area, additional vertical walls will have to be erected, which will increase costs. Or you need to go to the loss of some part of the area. The disadvantages also include increased requirements for thermal insulation of the roof.

8_ log house with attic_photo

Log houses with a terrace

Country houses made of calibrated logs with a veranda or terrace provide residents with maximum comfort due to the opportunity to spend time outdoors, sitting comfortably at a table or just in an armchair with a favorite book. Ready-made projects of such log cabins offer various styles and options, using only high-quality materials suitable for our climatic conditions.

9_houses from a log with a terrace_photo

Beautiful log houses — decoration

As already mentioned, the finishing of the log house cannot be started before its partial shrinkage occurs. This applies to both internal and external work. A house made of cylindrical logs goes through a full cycle of shrinkage and shrinkage within 5 years, but finishing work can be started already a couple of years after construction. And the first thing to do is lay communications and treat all surfaces with an antiseptic.

Log houses for permanent residence — exterior decoration

There are several options for exterior decoration for a wooden house made of logs:

  • block housec — contributes to better insulation and a more attractive look;
  • siding — fastened to the crate, it can be wooden or vinyl, the second one has a lot of options for colors and textures;
  • stone — it is used mainly for finishing the plinth, can be combined with other wall finishing materials;
  • profiled sheet — mainly used for temporary protection of the house from harmful weather factors during the shrinkage of the house;
  • varnish — a way to keep the log house as it is, and you can start such processing immediately after construction, without waiting for shrinkage.

log houses exterior finishlog houses facade decorationlog houses facade

Timber house interior

Depending on what kind of interior of a log house you would like to get, you can use different materials for its interior decoration:

  • wagon board;
  • paint and varnish products;
  • drywall;
  • plastic panels;
  • plaster.

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