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The advantages of a cottage over an apartment are considered to be a large living space and the availability of a land plot. Many houses have several levels, because this allows them to accommodate twice as many rooms. The staircase for country houses serves as a link, so it is important to properly equip it so that it is both stylish and safe.

How to choose a staircase for a country house?

It is necessary to choose a model, design and materials already at the stage of repair or construction of a cottage, because it is impossible to fit it into the finished interior without deforming it. The main importance in this case is played by the design characteristics that each staircase has in the living room of a country house:

  1. The form (straight, screw, L-shaped, U-shaped);
  2. Mounting method (edges, metal studs, balusters and self-tapping screws);
  3. Raw material (solid wood, metal, glass, concrete).

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Wooden stairs for a country house

The main attention should be focused on the choice of material: the service life of the lift and its design depend on it. Most cottages use wood, followed by steel and concrete, which is sometimes combined with stone. Wooden stairs in the interior of a country house have a number of advantages over other materials:

  • they are not subject to corrosion and the appearance of mold fungi;
  • the dimensions of the lift can be adjusted to the size of the housing, which cannot be said about the stone;
  • The number of supports can be increased or decreased at any time.

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Metal stairs for a country house

Steel structures are durable and lightweight: they do not overload the floors and can even be used on the bearing wall of the cottage. Internal stairs for a country house made of metal are considered maintainable and suitable for any interior style. The metal does not creak and does not need to be coated with antiseptic impregnation, it does not dry out over time, as a solid wood does. And its most important advantage is that replacing a damaged step takes several minutes and does not require parsing the entire flight of stairs.

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Concrete stairs in a country house

Concrete is an inexpensive and versatile stair climbing material. Steps from it are installed on a metal structure with protruding beams. When deciding how to finish the concrete staircase of a country house, you should choose between marble chips and crushed granite. The solution as a basis for them is formed on the formwork and mesh for reinforcement. To preserve the geometric shape of the steps, a cut board or plywood is used for formwork.

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Design of stairs in a country house

Flights of stairs should not be taken solely as a forced necessity that cannot be decorated or modified for the convenience of the residents of the cottage. The type of construction and the type of materials for them are selected not only on the basis of the number of available square meters, but also taking into account their own taste. Stairs in a country house to the second floor can and should be useful. On its steps, you can place pots with kitchen herbs or indoor flowers, and in a wooden filly (the base of the step) you can equip boxes for storing small items.

The design of a staircase for a country house plays a significant role, since it is considered a key detail of the layout due to its size and regularity of use. A wisely designed span will emphasize the thoughtfulness of the interior and at the same time meet the banal safety requirements. The basic design rules are:

  1. Compliance of the material and style with the status of the owner and the decoration of the house (concrete steps are in harmony with high-tech, and wooden carvings with rustic Russian decor);
  2. Proper lighting (openwork and forged parts require bright light, wide steps require spot lighting);
  3. Correction of the shortcomings of the cottage (if the country house is made of a log house or wooden panels and looks too massive, the stairs should balance it — be floating and weightless).

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Straight stairs in the interior of a country house

A straight staircase, also called a marching staircase, is considered the most popular option for multi-level country houses. On a continuous course of steps and beams connected by landings, if necessary, it is easy to climb and descend. According to the complexity of the design, one-march, two-march and multi-march lifts with rotary or helical directions are distinguished.

The only condition that dictates the design of stairs in a country house with marches is a sufficient area for its placement. In order to determine the dimensions of the future span, it is required to measure the height of the wall to which it is planned to attach the load-bearing balusters of the structure. On the drawing calculations of a staircase for a country house, based on the measurement made, it is necessary to build a triangle, the leg of which will be the supporting wall, and the hypotenuse of the figure will be the future flight of steps. For ease of use, the angle between them cannot be less than 45 degrees.

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Spiral staircases for a country house

The device of such a staircase is more complicated than that of the classical design, so the owners of summer cottages and cottages often refuse it. This solution is fundamentally wrong, since it has a number of advantages:

  1. Safety. The railings are located close to each other so that they can be leaned on in case of an accidental fall;
  2. Health comfort. For people with sore joints, additional support and low step steps Beautiful stairs in country houses can also be useful: the knee and hip joint of an elderly person is too susceptible to high loads when raising the leg to a high level;
  3. Space saving. Not every dwelling can find free space for a straight or L-shaped opening with turntables, and a couple of square meters are enough for a screw pin and corner steps.

A spiral indoor or outdoor staircase for a country house requires less building materials than any other design. From the point of view of the originality of the design idea, it is difficult to find a solution that leaves more space for the interior. Decor specialists distinguish the following types of screw lifts:

  • classic wooden;
  • carved from figured stone;
  • forged with openwork details;
  • glass;
  • high strength plastic construction.

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