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Wooden paths - how to add zest to the design of the landscape design of the site?

On any personal plot, all structures and buildings (house, terrace, gazebo, swimming pool, greenhouse, vegetable garden, etc.) communicate with each other through paths that play an important role in landscape design. Wooden paths are an original way to decorate the local area.

Arrangement of wooden paths

Before starting work on landscaping the garden, you should choose the route along which the future wooden garden paths will pass. Each of them must be laid in such a way that a person can reach any point of the site in any weather without additional inconvenience. In addition, the paths should be wide enough so that one person can safely walk along them.

Wooden walkways have certain advantages over other materials:

  1. Environmental friendliness. Nowadays, more and more owners of suburban areas are striving to equip their homes in an eco-style, so wooden paths will be especially relevant.
  2. originality and beauty. All resulting saw cuts will be completely different in their patterns, so your path will be exclusive.
  3. Ease of installation. For the device of a wooden track, special tools are not needed, as when working with other materials.
  4. Cheapness.

However, along with the advantages, such wooden paths also have some disadvantages:

  1. fragility. Being exposed to external factors, wood can rot, burn, and various insects can destroy it from the inside.
  2. moisture sensitivity. This property of the tree is a very significant drawback.
  3. The need for regular treatment with protective compounds.

arrangement of wooden paths

wooden walkways

This design of the paths is very popular with the owners of summer cottages and fits perfectly into landscape design. Wooden paths in the country are harmoniously combined with lawns, flower beds, paved terraces, and their cost depends on the varieties, which can be as follows:

  • from saw cuts;
  • from planks;
  • from wooden tiles.

wooden walkways

Walkway made of sawn wood

Paths made of wood saw cuts organically fit into the design of the garden plot. Such saw cuts can be cut from almost any tree, both old and recently cut down. Not only tree trunks are suitable for this, but also thick branches, which can also be sawn into circles. Alternatively, suitable material can be found even among firewood purchased for home heating. A path made of wooden circles will allow you to move around the garden without getting your shoes dirty and without injuring the plants.

sawn wood walkway

Wooden paths from planks

If you decide to build paths from boards, then it is better to choose larch wood, which is considered the most durable, although you can choose boards from pine, alder, aspen, oak. Wooden paths in the garden from boards can be of two types:

  1. Walkways on logs. To create them, longitudinal beams-logs are first laid on the prepared base, to which transverse boards are attached. Such a path will be well ventilated, and if you make it with a small slope in one direction, then the water will not stagnate on it, which will make it more durable.
  2. paths on the logs

  3. Paths laid on the ground. For them, they dig a base in the ground equal to the width of the planks. After that, drainage is laid in the form of sand and gravel, and wooden boards are laid on top.

paths laid on the ground

Wooden tiles for walkways

The so-called decking is wooden tiles made from high quality boards. The square slabs of this «garden parquet» are 30x30cm in size. Decking is made from burnt larch, pine, cedar, as well as various tropical trees. The latter material is very resistant and durable, however, its cost is 3-4 times higher than the price of ordinary wood. Paths in the country house made of wood can be made from tiles impregnated with polymers or subjected to mineralization. Such material acquires the properties of petrified wood.

wooden walkway tiles

Paving slabs for tree paths

Tiles imitating wood can fit very organically into any rural landscape. Paths made of such paving slabs will be especially durable and resistant to atmospheric phenomena. Wooden garden paths can be laid out with paving slabs of the following types:

  • hemp;
  • boards;
  • piece board.

paving slabs for paths under a tree

How to make a wooden path in the country?

Before you learn how to make a path in a country house out of wood using saw cuts, you need to prepare the material. When cutting or buying wooden mugs, remember that they should all be of the same thickness, and their diameter can be very different: from 7 cm to 55 cm. Before starting work, treat the saw cuts with an antiseptic, and the part that will be in the ground with hot drying oil . Installation of a path from saw cuts of a tree consists of the following steps:

  1. Trench. According to the markings made in advance, we dig a trench 20-25 cm deep. Its width should be equal to the width of the future track.
  2. Waterproofing. It is done so that the wood has as little contact with the ground as possible. We lay a dense film or geofabric at the bottom of the trench.
  3. Drainage. It will drain rainwater and protect the tree from rotting. To do this, you can use crushed stone of the middle fraction. It must be poured to the bottom with a layer of 10-15 cm, lightly moistened with water and tamped well.
  4. Pillow. Saw cuts will be laid on this layer, consisting of sand or a gravel-sand mixture. Therefore, the pillow should be dense and even. Its thickness can be about 10 cm.
  5. Laying saw cuts. We install the circles in the trench and, tapping with a wooden or rubber mallet, press them into the pillow. Make sure that all saw cuts lie in the same plane.
  6. Filling in the gaps. Since the saw cuts are round, we fill all the gaps between them with sand. After that, we spill the path well with water and, if necessary, add sand into the cracks formed.
  7. Finishing the edges of the path. You can simply add earth to them and tamp it well, or decorate the sides with high wooden blocks or stone.

how to make a wooden walkway in the country


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