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Not every owner can boast of a vast suburban area. Most often, the most necessary buildings and a garden are located on it, and places for flower beds are rarely provided. In such small areas, the placement of vertical flower beds will be an original and constructive solution. They take up little space, can hide poorly crafted walls of buildings, gazebos, and simply look unusual and interesting in any design of a country house.

In such an unusual way, you can not only decorate beautiful flower beds, but also grow fruit crops.

The design of flower beds can be very diverse, it all depends on the materials available for their construction and the preferences of the owner.

In regular flower beds, it is important to arrange the plants in such a way that one color does not overlap with another, and also that the figures are separated from each other by a small distance. But, there are also disadvantages, this decorative element of the garden is not too long-term, it will delight you only during that time until the planted flowers wither. But, at the same time, there is a significant plus, such decorative panels can decorate events and themed evenings, decorate sections of the city for a holiday.

DIY flower garden ideas

DIY flower garden ideas

DIY flower garden ideas

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Such flower beds can be located both directly on the ground, and suspended or attached to the wall. The indisputable advantage of such placement of plants is the complete absence of the need for weeding the flower garden and protection from pests. When caring for a vertical flower bed, the selection of soil and plants and high-quality constant watering are important.


In order for a vertical flower bed made by your own hands to please you for more than one month, you should choose the right plants and soil for it. Since the soil with which the base will be filled will be of the same composition, the plants for the flower garden should be approximately the same in terms of soil, watering and sunlight requirements.

For planting, use bright, lush plants that will hide the structure in which they grow with flowers and leaves. Well suited for a vertical flower bed are petunias, morning glory, clematis, begonias, violets, geraniums, dichondra, marigolds, lobelia and nasturtium.

Plants with an extensive root system are categorically not suitable for vertical flower beds. Opt for small or climbing plants such as honeysuckle, ivy, or wild grapes.

Experienced gardeners create vertical flower beds for strawberries, while getting high yields. Also, a flower bed in which spices are planted will be a beautiful and useful decoration: basil, rosemary, oregano or mint.

Varieties and materials

These flower beds have many shapes and come in different sizes. Popular are flower beds made of plastic pipes, plastic containers, wooden pallets. Front gardens are easy to create and look beautiful in the form of hanging panels or rolled up from a metal mesh.

Any materials are suitable for vertical flower beds, depending on the author’s idea. You can use both purchased clay and plastic pots and containers, as well as home-made structures made of wood, plastic and metal pipes, old tires, plastic bottles, remnants of a chain-link mesh.

Purchased designs

In large garden stores, you can buy special planters with mounts that create pyramidal hanging flower beds. Also on sale are metal coasters for pots.

Such coasters are usually used in city parks, but they can harmoniously merge into the design of a private garden plot.

Homemade designs

To make a vertical flower bed with your own hands from improvised materials, you do not need a lot of skills or money. Despite the apparent complexity of compiling such flower beds, they are very easy to create, install and maintain.

flower towers

Despite its name, this design does not necessarily have a conical shape. It can be either a ball or a cube, or an animal figurine. Building a flower bed of this type is as easy as shelling pears — you need to vertically install 4 wooden or metal rods of the length you need and wrap them around the perimeter with geotextiles.

Lutrasil is also suitable for this purpose. Immediately take care of drip irrigation of plants — install irrigation tubes with punched holes in them. After installing the irrigation, you need to fill the form with soil with baking powder. Perlite is commonly used as baking powder.

You also need to add sphagnum moss, it will serve as a natural hygroscopic material. Holes are made in the geotextile for planting plants selected for the composition.

It is not necessary to plant flowering plants — remontant strawberries are suitable here, which will not only look original on the plot, but also bear fruit abundantly all season.

You can also use PVC pipes of different diameters. The outer one should be much thicker than the inner one and have holes for planting, while the inner one is thin for watering. Before filling the pipes with soil, first a layer of expanded clay is laid out on the bottom.

A tower in the form of a simple figure can be made using a steel wire mold. To make a small frame, you can use a thin wire, which is used to braid an object of the desired shape (ball, large soft toy, animal figurine).

After you need to carefully cut the wire and remove the frame. After you can connect the halves, fill with substrate and fasten together. After that, you can plant in the cells of the plant.

Hanging flower beds

Most often, hanging flower beds are mounted on walls or ceilings. You can create a cascade of pots hanging on chains.

Panels of succulents look great. This requires a wooden frame, on the back of which a mesh is attached. Next, soil is poured into the frames and covered with geotextiles, after which they are fixed with plywood.

Succulents are planted in the recesses made on the front side of the frame. Before hanging the panel, it is necessary to allow the plant to take root. This usually takes two to three weeks. Only after the plants have established themselves in the ground can they be planted vertically.

Also, a hanging flower bed can be created from simple plastic bottles. Clean bottles without labels should be cut into 2 equal parts across. A mount is made in the upper part of the lower half of the bottle, and the part with a lid is intended for soil and flowers. The upper part of the bottle with the bottom is placed and an impromptu flower pot is attached in the chosen place.

On the Internet, you can often see magnificent photos of vertical flower beds — petunia balls. The design looks unusual and complex, but in reality it is easy to manufacture.

A sphere is created from the wire, which is filled with soil with the addition of peat and moss — sphagnum to prevent the mixture from spilling. After the mount is mounted and petunias are planted.

Often, in order to make a vertical flower bed, old car tires are used. They can be installed in a checkerboard pattern or in several layers. The shape of a flower bed made of tires depends only on the imagination of the owner of the site. The advantage of this design is the budget and no need to install drip irrigation.


In addition to good watering, vertical flower beds require frequent top dressing. If perennial plants are used in the flower garden, then in winter they must be protected from soil freezing. Pots and pallets must either be brought into the room or covered with sawdust and burlap.

Vertical flower beds are an original, inexpensive and elegant solution for decorating small plots of land that many will like.

Photo of vertical flower beds

DIY flower garden ideas

DIY flower garden ideas

DIY flower garden ideas

DIY flower garden ideas

DIY flower garden ideas

DIY flower garden ideas

DIY flower garden ideas

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