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When summer residents talk about onions, they always say that a garden without it is like an orphan, and a dacha does not look like a dacha. It has firmly established itself in our kitchen. An inexpensive and tasty component is present in almost every dish. On any, even a small area, onions always grow. How to grow quality onions? What to feed onions? Answers to these and other questions can be found here nashsadovod.ru.

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Green spikelets of onions hatch as soon as the snow melts. Summer residents grow it on a feather. It sprouts much earlier, while it is inferior in taste to ordinary onions. Many companies that grow greens create favorable conditions for the development and active growth of onions. It is impossible to grow at home, so an alternative is required. Batun onion in terms of yield, taste and resistance to low temperatures is the undisputed leader. Its second name is «Seven Year Plan». Depending on the type of soil and fertilizers in one place, it can grow from 4 to 7 years. It disappears from the beds only when the first frosts come, and wakes up along with snowdrops. It is possible to harvest up to 5 crops from an amazing plant in one season. As a rule, early onions are the most delicious. In July it gets tougher. But autumn onions are similar in taste to early, spring onions. This plant does not tolerate hot weather very well, which undoubtedly affects the taste characteristics.

Sowing onion seeds begins in early spring, as soon as the snow melts and the ground thaws a little. For several years, the onion does not need special care, weeding and top dressing will be enough. There is no need to replant it. At the same time, some summer residents, in order to increase the yield, seat it. In the process of plant growth, bulbs are not formed, so they cannot be pulled out along with the root. You just need to cut off the regrown feathers and in a couple of months it will be possible to harvest a new crop.

Onion head growing

In order to get a rich harvest on one site, you need to plant several varieties of onions. The maximum result is guaranteed by the size, quality characteristics, different yields and other features of the onion. On sets, it is most convenient to grow onions per head. It is sold on the market both in spring and autumn. Onions of different varieties differ in color, size and shape. Many summer residents opt for the Stuttgarten variety. A huge harvest can be achieved with proper fertilization of the soil, while the weight of the bulbs reaches 0.7-0.8 kg. That’s quite a lot. What to do with such a huge bow? Show off to friends. To cook some standard dish, ¼ of an onion will be enough. Most of the crop will remain unclaimed, while the taste characteristics are deteriorating.

How many varieties to plant on the site, how to properly care for onions. An oblong onion must be present on the site, it is great for making a salad for the winter. Red and white onions are ideal for vegetable stews and fresh vegetable salads. But don’t put too much effort into planting the bow. If the family is small, 200-300 grams of colored onion sets will be enough.

What to look for when choosing a sevka

It is worth planting both large and small sets. In this case, most likely the onion will grow the same size.

What distance should be between planted bulbs

Some of the summer residents plant bulbs at the maximum distance, for whom 15 cm seems not enough. As practice shows, it is more expedient to plant onions at a distance of no more than 10 cm. At the same time, it is possible to save space and achieve a good harvest.

family bow

Previously, this variety was preferred by many summer residents, despite the fact that it is capricious and gives a small harvest. It has a sweetish taste, bulbs reach 200 grams. Currently, the cultivation traditions have remained the same, but the popularity of this variety is declining.

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