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Autumn is not only a time for harvesting and preparing for winter. This is the best time to plant garden crops. But what if there are doubts about: “is it possible to transplant a culture in the 3rd quarter?”. As well as what shrubs and when you can plant, we will tell below.

how to plant shrubs

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When to Plant Shrubs in the Fall

Trees, shrubs, i.e. planting fruit and berry bushes in autumn, is the most optimal time of the year. Also, during this period, there is definitely more choice of plants for planting, in terms of: quantity, quality and varieties.

shrubs how to plant

Bushes are planted in 25-30 calendar days, i.е. before the hard frost!

If everything is done on time, then the root system will have time to grow and adapt to a new landing site in the country.

planting shrubs in autumn

And in the spring, the bushes in the garden will immediately begin their vegetation. This suggests that the timing of the autumn transplantation of shrubs is 100% suitable for the seasonally established nature, when bushes can be transplanted.

planting shrubs in autumn

Depending on the region, the landing dates will be different, where the next month is recommended:

— for gooseberries — landing is better in October;
— for red currants — September will be the best;
— for grafted roses — this is mid-October.

planting shrubs in autumn

Also, you need to take into account one more thing, if it turned out to be an «Indian summer» and even hot in September, with the planting of shrubs, it is better to wait and wait for the heat to end.

what shrubs to plant in autumn

Well, if in winter, severe frosts hit, then it is possible that such severe bad weather will destroy plants that are not fully strengthened and the planting of shrubs in the fall will be nullified.

shrubs planting in autumn

Autumn planting technology

As for shrubs — raspberries, currants, gooseberries, usually the technology of their planting is violated by gardeners, from ignorance of elementary rules.

  • After the seedling is planted, you need to leave a distance of 40-50 cm from the soil and cut off the unnecessary part of the plant with garden shears.

how to plant shrubs

Important: Even if the trunk of the shrub, after “wintering”, “dries up”, then this is not as important as the preservation of the buds, which are located next to the root collar.

It is from these buds that powerful shoots will grow in the new season from which the crop will grow. But for this, another factor is important — this is the survival of the bush.

shrub planting

  • Raspberries need to be deepened as much as they were deepened before the upcoming planting.

Important: The buds at the root neck should be almost near the surface of the earth or, in extreme cases, 1-2 cm deep.

planting raspberries in autumn

  • As for planting currants and gooseberries, these shrubs deepen from the root system by 5-10 cm.
  • Immediately, after planting, count from the ground level, up 4 buds and above the last with an indent of 3-5 mm — cut off the seedling with garden shears.

planting currants

Comfortable distance for shrubs

Shrubs are planted 1-1.5 m from a neighboring object.

how far apart to plant shrubs

Since shrubs do not grow in one season, therefore, the free distance between them can be filled by planting bulbous annuals.

how far apart to plant shrubs

Preparing the planting hole

  • Between bushes and rows, a distance of 2.5 m is maintained.
  • The size of the pit should be the following parameters: depth — 50-70 cm and width — 70×70 cm.

preparing a hole for planting shrubs

Chip: In order for the hole to turn out to be even, it is necessary to mark it with pegs. If the hole is square, insert 4 stakes into the ground, and if it is round, put a stake in the middle and dig it in to the desired diameter.

preparing a hole for planting shrubs

  • The dug hole must stand for 3 calendar days so that it is “saturated” with oxygen.
  • Then, alternately add fertilizer to it in the form of: humus and superphosphate, for a normal vegetation process.

preparing a hole for planting shrubs

Important: All fertilizers must be added in the proportion in which they are recommended by the manufacturer.

When choosing a place and preparing a pit, clarify this point in advance: does the plant belong to the shady or does it still need a lot of sun? And starting from the correct information, dig a hole in the right place. When the pit is ready, you can plant a planting crop.

Features of planting ornamental shrubs

These include: «cinquefoil» or «Kuril tea», «vesicle», «panicle hydrangea», etc.

planting ornamental shrubs in autumn

The most successful moment of autumn planting for a gardener is to plant shrubs in a drizzle.

  • First clean the ground, remove the layer of weeds — the soil must be clean.
  • For shrubs, they dig a shallow hole with a size of 40×40 cm.
  • Then, you need to add fertilizer to the ground and mix everything with a shovel.

planting ornamental shrubs in autumn

Important: Shrubs, it is necessary to bury 5 cm into the ground. This is necessary so that they are stable in the soil and branch better.

  • We put the seedling in the hole and bury it. Then we trample the soil with the sole of the foot.
  • Even if the soil is moist, you need to water the plant with at least 10 liters of water.

planting ornamental shrubs

Features of planting fruit bushes

Planting fruit trees and shrubs in autumn is carried out as follows: in the prepared planting pit, first you need to send — a bucket of vermicompost. Then a portion of organo-mineral fertilizer is applied. Mix everything well with a shovel.

biohumus fertilizer for shrubs

Important: On the root neck of a fruit bush, green buds should be developed. They are clearly visible, they are gently green. Do not damage them in any way!

  • When planting, the shrub is deepened by 20 cm so that the green buds are underground.
  • The buds, which, when planted, will go into the ground, will give “growth” powerful shoots in the spring.
  • And those buds that remain above the ground simply form the crop.

planting shrubs

  • The shrub can «sit down» both vertically to the soil and at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • In the spring, many berry bushes should grow — shoots.
  • Part of the earth from the landing pit, you need to sprinkle the shrub. “Spill” it well with water — a watering can without a nozzle.

shrubs planting in autumn

Important: It is impossible to forcibly compact the soil with your hands, otherwise you can break the kidneys.

  • When the water is absorbed, add the rest of the soil. Pour a second time with water.
  • Next, you need to cut the ground part of the shrub into 2-3 buds.

planting shrubs

Chip: If there are live buds on the cut cuttings, in this case, you can bury them in the ground for reproduction or share with neighbors.

planting shrubs in autumn

Based on the foregoing, we can draw the following conclusion — planting shrubs is inherently not difficult, one has only to take into account the “light” recommendations that are “reflected” above and later, a question of the form: “how to plant a plant correctly?” — will be completely exhausted. Shrubs in this case will please with their “growth” and fruits.

planting shrubs in autumn

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