Beautiful wooden gate for a private house

Beautiful wooden gate for a private houseBeautiful wooden gates for a private house + photo

Modern summer cottages are hard to imagine without a fence — durable, beautiful, and also protecting from strangers. The most critical part of the fence is the installation of the gate in the entrance area.

You can purchase ready-made products, make wooden gates at home with your own hands, or even order in a workshop from specialists according to individual drawings.

A convenient option is wooden gates, which are no worse, and in some respects even better than them.


Wooden gates are a traditional option for Russia, and they can be combined with other types of fences that are popular in this area. In this way, you can achieve the appearance of the fence, which is similar to dozens of others. If you want to stand out and show your status, then you can use toning or wood carving.

To achieve harmony, it is enough to make a fence in the same style as the house made of wood, which stands on the site. Many masterpieces made of wood have been standing under snow, different temperatures and rain for centuries. If you do everything right, according to technology, then the gate will last a very long time. It should be noted that for windy places, the use of solid canvases would not be the best option.

Styling comes with different variations, for example, the lower part is solid, and the upper part is lattice or openwork. So you can not only decorate the fence, but also make the wind load less, constantly affecting it. As a result, after strong storms, it will not be necessary to raise a leaning fence.



Wood is a classic building material that has been used for over 1,000 years, and is also easy to work with and relatively inexpensive.

Wooden gates have the following advantages:

  • Do-it-yourself manufacturing using inexpensive building materials is acceptable.
  • The possibility of using all kinds of decor types in order to add individuality to the product.
  • Environmental safety — wood does not emit harmful fumes into the atmosphere.
  • Long service life (more than 10 years) if the wood is treated with a special protective impregnation.
  • Low price compared to metal models.
  • High strength characteristics.

But do not forget about the cons.

High strength characteristics.


Wooden gates for a private house also have negative sides:

  • Low resistance to vandal attacks — traces of paint from a spray can or marker will be quite difficult to remove from the surface.
  • Large weight — fences sheathed with profiled flooring or polycarbonate weigh much less.
  • Fire hazard — wood ignites easily, and in case of fire, the gate can burn clean.
  • Susceptibility to the process of decay — the material begins to break down under the influence of moisture and water.
  • Strength characteristics are lower than those of metal.

Next, let’s talk about installation.


The installation process should start from the base, since the gates have static and dynamic loads, and the base must be quite heavy and strong. A huge wooden log can be used as a foundation, which should be dug in, and doors should be hung on top. But in dampness, a tree with temperature changes one way or another begins to rot, even if it is impregnated with bitumen.

It is best to make a base of concrete with a reinforcement rod (for this, rods or a metal mesh are used). The depth of laying the foundation on heaving soil should not be less than the freezing depth. This value is in special tables, in the North-West of the Russian Federation the parameter is 1.75 meters. To equip a reliable foundation, you should dig a rectangular hole with sufficient depth.

Low price compared to metal models.

A film or roofing material is laid on the bottom, large boulders are placed on top, and then everything should be poured with concrete. After that, installation should be carried out using the building level, and then carefully poured on the sides with the same solution, which can be mixed with small stones or gravel.

Wooden gates with a gate for a private house are easy to make. The pillars on which the gate will be held are made of simple solid bricks, but reinforced concrete is also suitable. Metal supports to strengthen the door leafs should also be poured with cement solutions to prevent the structure from swinging. Hinges or places for fixing can be welded to metal poles immediately at the factory. If a solid brick is used, it is worth fixing the hinges at the laying stage. For modifications made of wood, the hinges are screwed onto nuts; ideally, the tree should be covered with an antiseptic in advance.

The gates must be installed at a distance of at least 5 cm from the ground, otherwise the gate will not open if snow or fallen leaves get in. The frame for the gate can be made of picket fence or wood, fastening all the elements to metal corners or without them. It is also possible to connect opposite corners with braces, and it is possible to connect the tree to a dovetail or spike. Welded structures are much more reliable, and such a product can be made from a metal profile using welding.