Best beer, top 9 ranking of the best beer

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Beer has been one of the favorite drinks of mankind since ancient times. Indeed, what could be nicer than sitting on the weekend in nature with a couple of bottles of beer, seizing them with fragrant shish kebab. However, all the pleasure of the holiday can be spoiled if the quality of the beer leaves much to be desired. It is summer outside, many people regularly drink beer, so we decided to review the best brands of this drink. Before considering the products, we decided to tell you a little about the rules for choosing beer so that you definitely like it.

Beer Recommendations

In general, manufacturers, and even ordinary lovers of such products, are advised to purchase draft beer. It has a number of advantages over bottled. First of all, it is stored in chrome-plated steel kegs, which are the most suitable containers for this drink. The fact is that they protect the beer from exposure to sunlight, do not have an extraneous smell or taste.

Choosing the right beer

Live beer is even more preferable, since it goes on sale freshly brewed, it retains all the trace elements useful for the human body — manganese, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and also contains brewer’s yeast, which contains a large amount of B vitamins. that the shelf life of such a drink is only a few days.

If there is no possibility or desire to buy draft beer, then you can give preference to a bottled or canned product. Ideally, you should purchase a drink with a minimum shelf life, as it contains a minimum amount of preservatives. Storage conditions greatly affect the quality and taste of beer, so it is advisable to purchase products that have been bottled not too long ago. In this case, even unfavorable storage conditions will not have time to adversely affect its taste.

It is undesirable to buy beer from the shelf, it is better to take it from the refrigerator, since such a drink likes coolness most of all. Beer lovers are advised to buy it in a glass bottle rather than in a can or plastic container. The can gives the beer an unpleasant aftertaste over time, and plastic is not at all suitable for storing it. In this case, the bottle should be dark so that the minimum amount of sunlight reaches the liquid. In a store, beer should be taken from the depth of the display case — in this case, the likelihood that light fell on it is much less.

When developing our rating, we relied primarily on user reviews and value for money. For each brand, we tried to collect as much information as possible, especially regarding the taste of the drink, we hope this will help you make your choice. Now let’s proceed to a direct review of the types of beer available today for sale.

Price category up to 70 rubles in 2022

3. Beer Three Bears

Three bears photo

This brand, according to user reviews, was rated «mediocre». The taste is average, the beer is produced by the Heineken brewery. The recipe was developed by the German brewer G. Ruther. The taste of the beer is quite balanced, you can feel the slight hoppy notes and bitterness from the malt in it. It is not very suitable for outdoor recreation: the beer heats up quickly, due to which the taste is significantly reduced.

Amber color, completely transparent. When opened, it does not form too much foam, the degree of carbonation is medium, because of which it will quickly exhale. Although the manufacturer does not recommend drinking it too quickly, most users note that it is better to do it quickly, as the stale drink has an unpleasant aftertaste that can cause disgust.


  • Inexpensive;
  • Supplied in various containers — PET bottles, glass bottles and aluminum cans;
  • Not the worst taste for the money.


  • Exhales quickly.

Beer Three Bears

2. Beer Khamovniki

Khamovniki photo

Decent enough beer, according to user reviews. The shape of the bottle is very original, it cannot be confused with others. Aroma and taste are at a high level. There are a lot of varieties of this brand — dark, semi-dark and light. The production technology is original, since in addition to the classic wheat and barley malt, caramel malt is also added to the drink. Largely thanks to this product, beer acquires its unique taste, which makes it difficult to confuse it with other brands. The company engaged in the production of these products has been on the market for not too long — only some 10 years. To date, this beer is the owner of a large number of awards.

The aroma of this beer is slightly sweet, it captures notes of malt and hops, that is, the smell is exactly what a foamy drink should be. The taste is quite mild, but fresh. You can feel the bready and fruity flavors in it, but the aftertaste is usually intoxicating, so some people are perplexed by this variety, while others do not perceive it at all. The original shape of the bottle, which tapers to the neck along its entire height, protects the drink well from exhalation even if it has been open for quite a long time.


  • Original and unique taste, which cannot be confused with anything;
  • An interesting shape of the bottle, you will not find another like it on the market.


  • The hoppy aftertaste may not be to the taste of every beer lover.

Beer Khamovniki

1. Beer Velkopopovicky Kozel

Velkopopovicky Kozel photo

Today it is one of the most famous brands of beer among budget varieties. Initially, it was produced only in the Czech Republic, starting in 1874. On the territory of our country, it is produced at factories owned by EFES. The most popular type is light beer. This is a bottom-fermented drink — a lager variety. The average strength of beer is about 4% with an initial wort density of 10%. This beer is prepared on the basis of pure water, hops, bottom-fermented brewer’s yeast and special barley malt. The color of the drink is pure, golden. The aroma is quite simple, but beer lovers will appreciate it. You can catch notes of bread, malt and coriander in it. The taste is slightly dry, but balanced. The finish is not too long, there are herbal and malt notes in it.

Another popular type is dark beer. The only difference with light is that it is made from dark barley malt. The color is brownish, very beautiful, caramel notes are captured in the taste, it is drunk very easily, it exhales slowly, so the pleasure can be stretched for quite a long time.


  • Produced according to the classic Czech recipe;
  • original taste;
  • Not too long aftertaste.


  • For the price, you can say that they are not.

Beer Velkopopovicky Kozel

Price category up to 100 rubles

3 Warsteiner Beer

Warsteiner photo

This is one of the most famous brands in the world, the original German recipe was developed back in the 15th century, and since then it has not changed. In our country, this beer is brewed by the Baltika company — it received the right to do so 5 years ago, and the company was given an obligation to strictly follow the recipe. The drink is completely transparent, amber in color, it also has a slight bitter taste of quality hops and brewer’s yeast. This beer is made from the purest soft water, hops, yeast and malt, and no artificial additives are added to its composition. In addition to the classic version, on the shelves you can find dark and non-alcoholic beer, as well as various mixes — with the taste of cola, lemon or orange.

This drink is prepared according to the method of bottom fermentation. Taking a sip of this beer, you immediately feel a surge of freshness and cheerfulness. On the palate there are light herbal notes of hops and a sweetish aftertaste of honey. It is quite balanced, fans note that there is nothing superfluous in it. There is not too much alcohol in it — 4.8 degrees. Meat or fish is ideal as an appetizer, this beer will go well with hard cheeses or Japanese dishes such as rolls or sushi.


  • Great taste;
  • A large number of species, from which everyone can choose what he likes the most.


  • You can only find it in major cities.


2 Guinness Beer

Guinness photo

In Russia, this beer is brewed by Heineken. This drink combines a pleasant aroma, rich taste and fairly persistent foam, which protects it from rapid exhalation. According to consumer reviews, this beer received 7 points and a «good» rating. To date, this variety is one of the best types of nitrogen beer, but not all consumers are aware of this characteristic. It’s easy to check: you need to take a can or a bottle of such beer, drink it and see what is left inside the container — there will be a nitrogen capsule there. The recipe for this composition was developed in Ireland for a long time. The most famous variety is the Original — it was he who brought worldwide fame to this brand of beer.

It is essentially a traditional Irish dark ale, although experienced brewers recommend classifying it as a dry south ale. The fortress is small — 4.8 degrees with a must density of 12%. The composition is classic, but in the preparation, roasted or roasted barley malt is used, which is added to the purest artesian water along with hops and top-fermented brewer’s yeast. The color is dark brown, the aroma is slightly tart, teasing, it has clearly expressed hop notes. The taste has a slight bitterness, and the aftertaste contains a little roasted barley, and lasts quite a long time. The nitrogen capsule is added to beer for a reason. When you open a container with a drink, a pressure drop occurs, gas escapes from the capsule, due to which a large amount of the legendary foam is formed.


  • Original cap made of dense nitrogen foam;
  • Unusual taste of the drink;
  • Available in both glass and aluminum containers.


  • The bitter aftertaste may not be to the taste of some connoisseurs of a hoppy drink.

Guinness Beer

1. Edelweiss beer

edelweiss photo

This brand is also produced by Heineken, and the recipe is quite new — it was developed in the mid-80s of the last century. There are quite a few varieties of such beer — amber (it has a weak banana aroma, sourness in taste and a slight aftertaste, as well as a beautiful color), unfiltered sparkling wheat (slightly cloudy, fruity notes are felt in the taste, and the aftertaste has elements of spices and banana). In addition, there is a dark variety of this beer, which is distinguished by a rich brown color, the taste gives off notes of cinnamon and vanilla. As is fashionable today, the company also produces a non-alcoholic version of its product.

Beer is made exclusively from natural products, no preservatives and impurities are added to its composition. This cannot but affect the shelf life — the original genuine drink is allowed to be consumed within a month after manufacture. The ingredients are classic, orange peels, cinnamon and other spices are not added to the beer. The original taste is obtained largely due to the unique patented yeast cultures, which are obtained as a result of top fermentation. The fortress is slightly above average — it is 5.2 degrees, and the extract of the initial wort is 12.3%.


  • It is made only from traditional products, without the addition of spices and various preservatives;
  • Very pleasant and original taste, which is simply impossible to forget;
  • The classic shape of the bottle, which is made of dark brown glass, which minimizes exposure to sunlight.


  • A short shelf life, due to which it is impossible to find this variety in small towns, and in large metropolitan areas, beer is mostly represented only in specialized stores.

Beer Edelweiss

The best beer in the price category from 100 rubles

3. Budweiser Beer

Budweiser photo

This is one of the best varieties of Czech beer, both in terms of sales, consumer reviews and taste of the drink. This product should not be confused with a similar American-made beer, especially since the latter variety is not very popular in the USA itself, in Russia it is produced by one of the domestic companies, it is in the middle price category. Budweiser has been in production for over 120 years. The brewing technology has not undergone any changes since that time — it implies that the beer will not be brewed, but fermented for three whole months. Currently, not a single Russian brewing company is engaged in the production of such products, because it is quite long and expensive, so you can only find original Czech beer on the shelves.

The strength of the product is 5 degrees — for light beer this indicator is quite enough. Beer has a golden color, transparent, when poured into a glass a decent amount of foam is formed. The aroma is not too strong, but present — it combines bouquets of hops, malt, meadow herbs, flowers, fruits and grains. It is worth noting that the beer from each bottle will smell differently. The taste has a barely noticeable sourness, there is a slight sharpness and a little bit of bitterness. The beer itself is quite thick.


  • Very interesting taste;
  • In production, the original manufacturing technology is still observed;
  • It is brought from the Czech Republic, it is impossible to buy a fake.


  • A spicy taste will require a decent amount of soft starter that will dampen the spiciness a little, for example, cheeses are ideal;
  • High price.

Budweiser Beer

2. Beer drink Hoegaarden

Hoegaarden photo

This sort of beer is presented on the shelves both of Russian and original Belgian production. We will talk specifically about the Belgian product, which, according to user reviews, has an excellent taste and a light aftertaste. The beer is so light and so well drunk that it hardly needs to be snacked, some light snacks will do. Original products can be found on store shelves, as well as in various alcohol bars, where it is presented in draft form. The modern recipe for this alcoholic drink was developed in the mid-70s of the last century.

This is an unfiltered product, which is colored light yellow, so beer lovers often call this brand of drink «cold sun». Like any other unfiltered beer, it has a rather cloudy texture, but the first impression of it does not deteriorate, but rather, on the contrary, makes the drink even more original. Its taste is very soft and rich, the aftertaste is just a hurricane of emotions, as it combines orange peel and coriander. It should be noted that this beer has nothing to do with fruit mixes. Such notes are barely noticeable, they well emphasize the main taste of the drink.


  • Interesting taste;
  • Attractive bottle, it is impossible to confuse it with another sort of beer;
  • Doesn’t breathe for a long time.


  • Stronger beer lovers may find this beer weak and slightly watery.

Beer drink Hoegaarden

1. Beer Franziskaner

Franziskaner photo

This variety rightfully topped our rating of the best beer, especially since it has been in the lead for many years. This product is not produced in Russia, so only original German-made beer is on sale. Today on the shelves of stores you can find five types of this drink. One of the most popular varieties is unfiltered, the strength of which is 5 degrees. It has an enveloping and slightly tart taste with an aftertaste of freshly baked bread. It is customary to call it white beer, and this beer is the standard among manufacturers, everyone strives to reach its level.

Dark beer has a unique smell with an optimal ratio of density and alcohol. The taste is not quite ordinary, it has caramel notes, there is a slight kvass sourness, the aftertaste is long, very pronounced. Of course, the manufacturer paid tribute to the existing fashion and released a non-alcoholic version, which does not differ in taste from the light one.


  • The standard of world brewing;
  • Unforgettable taste;
  • Long aftertaste.


  • Not detected.

Franziskaner Beer

At the end of the video

Well, our review of the best beers has come to an end. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. If you want to receive additional information regarding the varieties available in the rating, then welcome to the comments on our article.