Best Branch Shredders, Top 10 Garden Shredders

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To clean the suburban area from excess branches, trimmings of shrubs, fallen leaves and tops of agricultural plants, you can use a special device called a chopper. Such a product allows you to quickly get rid of all unnecessary without harm to the environment.

What garden waste shredders are there?

All shredders can be divided into two classes — electric and gasoline, they are also classified according to the type of knives used:

  • The disk system is best suited for working with grass or leaves; it will also process thin twigs. Thick branches should not be loaded, as this can lead to breakage of the knives;
  • Milling knives are equipped with a gear — they will quickly grind branches up to 7 cm in diameter, however, soft debris will wrap around the knives or simply chew it up.

The work of a garden shredder of branches and herbs

When forming this rating of the best shredders on the Russian market, we took into account a number of features: price-quality ratio, service life; operational qualities of the equipment; failure rate, and so on.

Grinders appeared in Russia not too long ago, so there is little information about them, it is not enough for a full-fledged choice. We hope that our top 10 ranking will help you get the most suitable equipment that will serve you faithfully for many years to come. The rating is conditionally divided into two parts — in the first we considered electric models, in the second — gasoline ones, since they differ too much from each other to be in the same top.

Top 5 Electric Shredders

5. AL-KO Easy Crush MH 2800

AL-KO Easy Crush MH 2800

This equipment is equipped with a reliable cutting mechanism that allows you to grind branches up to 4 cm in diameter. The design also includes a large-diameter funnel, thanks to which it will be very convenient to load garden debris. The frame is quite wide, the unit is equipped with large diameter wheels, due to which it will stand steadily on the ground during operation. The capacity of the waste bin is 48 liters — this is quite enough for a small area.

The chopper is equipped with a knife-crushing mechanism, with its help it is possible to process not only dried garbage, but also freshly cut grass or branches. The engine power is 2.8 kW, it is protected from overloads by a special 16 A fuse. A large garbage bag can be placed in the bin, which facilitates its subsequent transportation. To ensure that all work is absolutely safe, the container has a closing contact. The case is made of hard plastic — it is not afraid of direct sunlight, moisture, high and low temperatures.


  • High power;
  • Large diameter wheels provide good stability on uneven surfaces;
  • High-quality plastic from which the body is made;
  • Works very quietly;
  • Reliable and absolutely safe operation.


  • The quality of the knife included in the kit leaves much to be desired, but if necessary, it can be replaced;
  • The power cable is quite short — you have to use carriers.

Electric garden shredder AL-KO Easy Crush MH 2800



An electric device that is perfect for working with branches and other waste. It is ideal for a summer cottage or a country house. The device from the manufacturer turned out to be very powerful — 2200 watts. The largest diameter of the crushed branches is about 40 mm. The product is perfect not only for knots and branches, but also for working with stems of large weeds. The output is quite useful and nutritious fertilizer for cultivated plants and lawn grasses.

The power buttons are located on the back of the device. The controls are intuitive and very simple. There is a reverse function that starts the rotation of the knives in the opposite direction. This function will allow you to remove the stuck item. If the branch gets stuck, the device will automatically turn off and start beeping, informing users of the need to clean. This feature prevents the engine from wearing out too quickly. The case is made of high-quality plastic, it can withstand even severe temperature changes.


  • Reliable and durable motor;
  • There is a function of reverse rotation;
  • It can grind branches up to 40 mm in diameter.


  • Not very informative guide.


3. Patriot Garden PT SE24

Patriot Garden PT SE 24

This is a model from a German manufacturer, which has long established itself in the market of gasoline equipment and electric tools. The main performance indicators of the product is the high power of the motor, which is about 2.5 kW, which ensures good performance.

The speed of rotation of the knives at maximum speed is about 4500 per minute. The mass of the device is only 14 kg, which facilitates its transportation around the site, it is able to work from an ordinary household electrical network. The kit includes a stand on wheels, a pusher for grass and branches, there is also a screwdriver and a hex wrench for assembling the device — they will also come in handy if it becomes necessary to clean the unit.


  • A good assistant in the suburban area;
  • Rich equipment;
  • Reliable build quality;
  • Wide frame and large wheels;
  • Does not make too much noise during operation;
  • There are no harmful emissions.


  • In the absence of electricity, it will not work for its intended purpose;
  • The length of the cord is small, which is why you have to resort to extension cords.

Electric chopper Patriot Patriot Garden PT SE 24

2. Makita UD2500

Makita UD2500

In second place in our ranking of the best wood shredders is a model of a world-famous manufacturer. The power of the electric motor is 2.5 kW. The model is intended including for work in the intensive mode. A grinder is useful even if the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe site is quite large. The device is designed for grinding grass, tops, stems, branches, tree trunks. The maximum branch diameter is 45 mm. This is a pretty serious indicator.

The model is allowed to be used to work with large waste. The resulting mass can be used as fertilizer. The design includes a convenient grass collector with a capacity of 67 kg, so you don’t have to make extra efforts to collect the processed product. A stand with wheels is very convenient, especially if you need to move the device from one place to another. The body of the product is made of durable plastic, which withstands shock loads well.


  • It grinds thin trees just fine;
  • All material tightens to knives independently;
  • If suddenly the branch gets stuck, then the model itself will turn on the reverse rotation, get rid of the blockage and try to grind the problematic branch again.


  • The collection container is not very convenient;
  • There is a fuse on the grass catcher basket, without which it will not be possible to start the model.

Makita UD2500

1. Bosch ATX Rapid 2000

Bosch ATX Rapid 2000

This is the best shredder equipped with an electric motor. The leader of the rating helped him to become a high throughput, low weight, attractive appearance. The device weighs a little, so it is convenient to move it from one place to another.

The unit is equipped with a Power Drive electric motor with a power of 2 kW, it provides a knife speed of up to 17500 per minute, and the speed remains constant regardless of the degree of workload. Within an hour, the design is able to process about 80 kg of grass or branches, including freshly cut ones. The blades are of high quality, laser-sharpened during production, and have a long service life — about 70% more durable than similar products. The grinder has a convenient pusher, which significantly speeds up the process of work. Weighing only 11.5 kg, there is a comfortable handle and wide wheels.


  • There is a wide funnel, providing easy loading of large volumes;
  • The engine is reliably protected from overload and power surges;
  • Reliable knives;
  • Compact dimensions.


  • None, except for a narrow outlet for crushed material.

Bosch ATX Rapid 2000

Top 5 Gasoline Shredders

5. MTD 465 (MTD ROVER 464 Q)

MTD 465 (MTD ROVER 464 Q)

The device is equipped with a powerful gasoline engine, which makes it completely independent of the power supply. The loading hopper is large, due to which branches of large diameter can be loaded there, in addition, there is another receiver that is placed on the ground. It is convenient to rake garbage there with a rake, it will be drawn in like a vacuum cleaner, after which the waste is ground almost into dust.

The engine is compact, equipped with a system of valves located close to each other, which increases the number of revolutions, reduces fuel consumption. The motor has a muffler that makes the operation as quiet as possible, saves oil.


  • Autonomous work;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Ergonomic height-adjustable handle;
  • The volume of the garbage collector is 50 liters.


  • Significant weight — about 29 kg, which makes it difficult to transport around the site.

Branch shredder for the garden gasoline MTD 465 (MTD ROVER 464 Q)

4. Patriot Garden PT SB76

Patriot Garden PT SB 76

This unit is a multifunctional design with a Briggs & Stratton brand motor and is used for thorough grinding of dry and semi-dry branches, twigs, and various plant waste. The upper funnel is designed to load fresh, wet or soft material, as well as branches up to 1 cm in diameter. A separate receiver allows you to grind branches, whose circumference is not more than 76 mm, and turn them into chips.

The device is equipped with a reliable stainless steel case, which is of high build quality, due to which this product is absolutely safe during operation. The motor power is 6.5 horsepower, the highest blade rotation speed is 3600 per minute. The product is quite heavy — it weighs about 70 kg, so a special mount is provided for transportation, which allows it to be transported as a trailer to a car.


  • Good build quality;
  • High power;
  • Performance;
  • Long service life.


  • Large mass;
  • During operation, it makes a lot of noise.

Garden chopper petrol Patriot Patriot Garden PT SB 76

3. Champion SC2818

Champion SC2818

This design is designed specifically for only cut grass, fresh branches and leaves in suburban areas. The main working element of the device is a four-stroke engine with a power rating of 2.5 horsepower. It is started by a manual starter, has a long service life and excellent reliability. The fuel tank holds almost one and a half liters of gasoline — the manufacturer recommends filling at least AI-92. The cutting discs are located on the crankshaft.

Branches are cut with flat blades, and smaller waste is passed through a V-shaped blade. Shredded waste exits through a special pipe and enters a 10 liter bag. The maximum diameter of loaded fresh branches is 28 mm, it is strictly forbidden to lay waste of a larger diameter or dry garbage, because of them the knives will quickly become unusable.

The set comes with an ergonomic pusher that fits comfortably in the hand. You don’t even have to press hard on it. The whole structure is located on a metal base, which makes it stable even on uneven surfaces. The equipment weighs only 16 kg, it is convenient to carry it from one place to another.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Reliable performance;
  • Very sharp knives;
  • Easy to maintain.


  • It is possible to work only with fresh material;
  • In some models, the knives are at a slight angle to each other, which can cause them to stick.

Petrol chopper Champion SC2818

2. VIKING GB 370


One of the best wood shredders powered by a gasoline engine. It moves around the summer cottage due to the presence of two metal wheels in the design. The device has a small mass, which makes it as mobile as possible among all gasoline shredders.

The design has a good build quality, the knives are sharp, parallel to each other, moving at a speed of about 4000 rpm. This allows you to process not only plant debris, but also various kinds of household waste — polyethylene, plastic and other unnecessary trash. The maximum diameter of the branches that can be placed in the receiver is 45 mm, the weight of the device is 44 kg. Runs on gasoline grade not lower than AI-92.


  • Modest overall dimensions;
  • High power — 3.2 horsepower;
  • Reliable system of protection against injuries;
  • It doesn’t make too much noise during operation.


  • High price;
  • Knives intermittently jam.


1. Patriot PT SB 506 (732107070)

Patriot PT SB 506 (732107070) photo
Finally, we got to the leader of this section of our roundup of the best garden shredders. This product was designed to work with fairly hard materials such as branches and branches, but it is able to grind soft vegetable waste. The device is equipped with a reliable four-stroke engine, the power of which is 6.5 horsepower. Such opportunities are quite enough for the device to maintain the number of revolutions even under serious loads. The working shaft rotates at high speed, thanks to which it is able to work with branches with a diameter of up to 50 cm. The body of the device is made of thick sheet steel, which is painted with special powder compounds that can withstand significant physical exertion and not scratch during the entire service life.

The knife chipper system is made of stainless steel and has a self-sharpening design, so the knives will always remain very sharp. The number of revolutions reaches 3600 per minute. There is no grass catcher in the design, so you need to think in advance where the ground garbage will be collected. The motor runs on ordinary AI-92 gasoline, where you will need to add a certain amount of oil. Use the device in strict accordance with the instructions, follow the safety rules, otherwise you can get serious injuries.


  • The device is able to work with fairly thick branches and branches, both fresh and dry;
  • Decent engine power;
  • Self-sharpening knife system;
  • High-quality assembly of the device;
  • Long period of warranty service.


  • Waste bin not provided.

Patriot PT SB 506 (732107070)

In conclusion, an interesting video

It is up to you to choose which grinder to give preference to — electric or gasoline. We have reviewed the most popular products in each group, providing the most detailed information for each unit. You can share your impressions of the equipment in the comments under this article.