Best heat pumps, top 10 heat pump rankings

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In private households, cottages, and often in country houses, people live year-round, respectively, the question of providing housing with heat in the cold season is always very acute. Many people continue to use quite familiar options — stoves, boilers, some resort to infrared heating systems. However, in recent years, heat pumps have become increasingly popular among consumers.

These devices allow you to ensure the stable and correct operation of water, air or geothermal heating. Every year they get more distribution largely due to the high efficiency and low operating costs. These boilers are also characterized by excellent reliability, long operating life and low maintenance costs. Unfortunately, not all people who want to install such equipment at home know how to choose the right one. Experienced members of our editorial team decided to help readers solve this problem and developed a rating of the best heat pumps. As part of this review, we will not only talk in detail about the key performance characteristics of these products, but also give a number of useful tips regarding the selection of such equipment.

How to choose the right heat pump in 2022?

Such devices function approximately like a traditional air conditioner, and in terms of energy efficiency they are approximately equal. The heat pump is designed to transfer heat from one environment to another through three heat circuits that are interconnected. The function of the first medium can be performed by soil, atmospheric air or water, the second can be a coolant that fills the radiators, a water-heated floor system, or the air in the room itself.

Proceed to the selection of the appropriate heating equipment should be based on the calculation of its required power. To do this, it is necessary to perform a thermal calculation of the room itself, and in this case it will be necessary not to forget about heat losses, and also to take into account the amount of water required to provide hot water in a comfortable amount. All work related to the production of calculations is best entrusted to a specialist in this field — such an approach will help to avoid mistakes.

After that, they proceed to the choice of the type of device, taking into account the characteristics of the land. If there is a fairly large reservoir at your disposal, containing several hundred cubic meters, then it is highly likely to be suitable for installing the system. It resembles a coil made of flexible polymer pipes, which is laid on the bottom of a reservoir and fixed there with a load.

Air heat exchangers are more suitable for windy southern regions or they can be used in bivalent systems. Such structures must be placed at a distance of up to 30 m from the indoor unit. However, in most cases, they tend to be installed as close as possible to the heated building, since a significant length of connecting lines leads to an increase in losses and, consequently, a decrease in useful power.

When we chose models to include in this rating of the best heat pumps, we took into account all these factors. However, we took into account some other points that also greatly influenced the overall range of this review — value for money, as well as user reviews. The rating did not include too expensive devices, so most of our readers will be able to afford to install such a modern heating system in their private house or cottage.

geothermal models

2. Stiebel Eltron WPW 13 Set

Stiebel Eltron WPW 13 Set photo

The design of this equipment includes everything necessary to ensure stable operation for many years. The heat pump is an indoor unit. The functional side of the device is designed exclusively for heating, and the resource of the device is quite enough to heat the water up to 60 degrees. Such a solution allows you to provide a very comfortable air temperature in the house, even in severe frosts. Soil or water can act as a heat source in this device, and support for water heating systems is also provided.

The overall dimensions of the device are as follows: it is 1319 mm high, 598 mm wide, and 658 mm deep. This pump was developed by German engineers. The structure is housed in a galvanized steel case, powder coated. All elements are tightly and securely fitted to each other. The model takes up a minimum amount of free space in the room, so it is perfect even for small houses. Its power will be quite enough to fully heat the house, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich does not exceed 120 square meters. The pump is also supplied with a heat exchange station and a ten-liter canister with MEG coolant concentrate.


  • Comfortable body shape with well-thought-out ergonomics;
  • The room warms up at a very high speed;
  • Works on an elementary principle;
  • Perfectly warms the room even in severe frosts;
  • Pleasant design.


  • During installation, various difficulties often arise.

Heat pump Stiebel Eltron WPW 13 Set

1. Daikin EGSQH10S18A9W

Daikin EGSQH10S18A9W photo

This model includes the internal block in which water heating and hot water supply is located. The pump is designed for only one mode of operation — for heating. The design has a built-in storage tank, the capacity of which is as much as 180 liters. To obtain a sufficient amount of thermal energy, water or soil is used. The maximum heating temperature of this device reaches 60 degrees, but it is possible to heat it up to 65 degrees if you use the backup heater. The mass of the device is quite decent — as much as 210 kg, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to carry out installation work alone. The overall dimensions of the model are as follows: height — 1732 mm, width — 600 mm, depth — 728 mm.

As users note in their reviews, the manufacturer’s design turned out to be quite overall, but quite powerful — it can easily provide heat even for a fairly large building. The model is unpretentious in terms of operation, and also does not require serious energy costs.


  • With its help, it is easy to maintain a comfortable temperature even in fairly severe frosts;
  • There is a capacious tank for hot water supply;
  • Quickly warms up even a large house;
  • Elementary control system;
  • Consumes a small amount of electricity.


  • Too much weight and overall dimensions do not allow installation alone.

Heat pump Daikin EGSQH10S18A9W

Air source heat pumps

3. Cooper&Hunter Ch-S09ftxla-Ng Arctic Inverter

Cooper&Hunter Ch-S09ftxla-Ng Arctic Inverter photo

This device was developed specifically for use in regions with a fairly cold climate, so it is perfect for areas of the far north, but it is also successfully used in the middle lane. Its functionality is quite enough to warm the air of the room up to +24 degrees, provided that it is 25 degrees below zero outside. The pump is equipped with a unique algorithm that allows you to provide the most optimal and efficient space heating, depending on climatic conditions, in uninterrupted mode.

The unit has several modes of operation at once: traditional heating of the house, as well as protection of the building from freezing. In the latter case, it will consume the minimum amount of energy. The mass of the device is 9 kg with dimensions of 275x790x200 mm. The design will be quite effective in the summer, as it can provide good enough cooling.


  • Provides good heating of the room;
  • Possesses compact overall dimensions;
  • Great even for the northern regions;
  • Saves energy;
  • Has a decent number of modes of operation;
  • Ease of installation.


  • Too many features can confuse the user.

Heat pump Cooper&Hunter Ch-S09ftxla-Ng Arctic Inverter

2. Gree U-Crown Dc Inverter Gwh09ub-K3dna4f

Gree U-Crown Dc Inverter Gwh09ub-K3dna4f photo

This design is equipped with quite interesting functionality. When developing this model, only innovative technologies and the latest materials were involved, thanks to which the engineers managed to significantly increase the energy efficiency coefficient of the product. The pump is able to function in a significant temperature range — from -30 to +54 degrees. In this interval, it can maintain room temperature that is comfortable for a person. The unit has several useful modes, both for heating and for cooling the air. The device does not weigh too much — only 47.5 kg, so you can install it on your own.

The pump is equipped with an air circulation function, due to which the air masses in the room will be constantly mixed, which will ensure the most uniform heating. The heat pump is quite suitable for the climatic conditions of the middle lane and the northern regions.


  • Extended operating temperature range;
  • Stylish and attractive appearance will allow the device to fit perfectly into any interior;
  • Allows for a constant supply of fresh air;
  • A large number of various useful functions and many modes of operation.


  • One of the most expensive on the Russian market today.

Heat pump Gree U-Crown Dc Inverter Gwh09ub-K3dna4f

1. Mitsubishi Electric Mfz-Kj35ve2 / Mufz-Kj35vehz Zubadan

Mitsubishi Electric Mfz-Kj35ve2 / Mufz-Kj35vehz Zubadan photo

The design is designed for installation on the floor. It is used in rooms where there is no possibility to place wall blocks. The device is designed for premises of any purpose, including warehouse, office, residential, catering facilities, and so on. The unit is characterized by quite compact overall dimensions, so it will not take up much free space and is perfect even for small rooms. It is placed in a metal case, the assembly is of good quality — the parts do not bend, fit snugly together, and so on. It looks very attractive, so it will fit perfectly into any interior of the room.

The product is able to effectively perform the functions assigned to it in the temperature range from -25 to +46 degrees, it can work both for heating and cooling air. The design contains a high-quality filter, which will additionally filter the air, improving its quality. The model turned out to be not too heavy — its weight is only 15 kg with overall dimensions of 600x750x215 mm.


  • Doesn’t take up much space;
  • The kit includes a remote control;
  • It heats the room very well, regardless of the time of year;
  • Attractive design;
  • There are several operating modes.


  • It’s pretty expensive.

Heat pump Mitsubishi Electric Mfz-Kj35ve2 / Mufz-Kj35vehz Zubadan

The best models of water source heat pumps

5. Fairland AHP10A

Fairland AHP10A photo

This unit is presented as an external monoblock, designed for a water heating system and hot water supply, capable of operating exclusively in heating mode. The design is a kind of inverter equipment. This model heats water up to 60 degrees in a matter of minutes, the air in the room can warm up to 55 degrees. The main source of heat for this device is air.

The device is quite noisy — this figure often reaches 55 dB. The mass of the device is 65 kg with overall dimensions of 730x1100x380 mm. It is best to install it in a room where noise pollution is often present, such as in the kitchen. The device easily provides a comfortable air temperature in the house even in case of very severe cold weather. It is easy to install and operate.


  • Sufficiently high power, so the rooms warm up faster;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Effectively maintains a comfortable temperature even in severe frosts;
  • Easy to install and use.


  • Works loud enough.

Heat pump Fairland AHP10A

4. Kitano KSF-Genso-12E

Kitano KSF-Genso-12E photo

The device is represented by an external monoblock, which can be used not only in heating systems, but also in hot water supply systems. Of the functionality, only heating is presented here. The design works on the basis of a rotary compressor of increased power. With its help, you can very quickly heat water up to 60 degrees. Air acts as a heat source here.

If necessary, you can connect additional electric heaters, as well as solar collectors. Manufacturers have also added an auto-defrost fixer feature. The model from the developers turned out to be quite overall and heavy — its weight is 102 kg with dimensions of 1260x960x340 mm. It is most often used in industrial or commercial buildings, as it is designed for heating large rooms.


  • It is characterized by a very high quality assembly;
  • It is made from technological components;
  • Can be used in conjunction with other heating equipment;
  • There are a number of additional useful features.


  • Designed for fairly large buildings;
  • High price.

Heat pump Kitano KSF-Genso-12E

3. Hitachi RAS-2WHVNP

Hitachi RAS-2WHVNP photo

The presented design is an external monoblock, which has a very attractive design, and is also characterized by a reliable and high-quality assembly. The device is placed in a metal case, whose parts are tightly fitted to each other, the cracks are not noticeable at all. The design is able to work with systems of water heating and hot water supply. This is a universal model, which is usually not typical for products of this type, as it is able to work both for heating and for cooling.

The unit belongs to the inverter type, the design includes a scroll compressor. Air acts as a heat source here, there is a function of automatic defrosting of the evaporator at a sufficiently low temperature. The mass of the product is 43 kg with overall dimensions of 600x792x300 mm.


  • Very practical shape and stylish appearance;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Decent power figures;
  • Ease of installation;
  • It can work both for heating and cooling.


  • Not suitable for large rooms.

Heat pump Hitachi RAS-2WHVNP

2. Panasonic WH-SQC12H9E8

Panasonic WH-SQC12H9E8 photo

The device was designed specifically for use in residential buildings, but some users install it in apartments. This is due to a number of specific design features. The model looks very neat, is an indoor unit with a reliable and durable heat pump that can work both for heating and cooling. The last factor allows you to use the unit at any time of the year.

For heating, thermal energy obtained from the environment is used here. The device is not very loud — the maximum level of noise pollution is 33 dB. It is also suitable for providing hot water supply, as it is able to heat water up to 60 degrees. The product weighs 44 kg, while it has overall dimensions of 892x500x340 mm.


  • Efficiently heats the air in the room;
  • There is a cooling function;
  • Doesn’t make much noise during operation.
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Fairly easy to manage.


  • Some difficulties may arise during the installation process.

Heat pump Panasonic WH-SQC12H9E8

1.Mitsubishi Heavy Industries HMS140V1

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries HMS140V1 photo

One of the most effective models that can only be found today in the domestic market. The device was designed specifically for use in cold climates. It is made on the basis of the latest generation of components, thanks to which it was possible to achieve high-quality heating of apartments or houses.

The indoor unit can heat water up to 65 degrees. This device works exclusively in heating mode, if necessary, it can be additionally connected to external heat sources. The mass of the structure is 60 kg, dimensions — 1004x513x360 mm.


  • Can heat large areas even in extreme cold conditions;
  • Convenient to operate;
  • Heats up water quickly.


  • Large-sized design — it will not work to install alone.

Heat pump Mitsubishi Heavy Industries HMS140V1

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best heat pumps has come to an end. We tried to tell about each model in as much detail as possible, gave the pros and cons of the units. We hope that now you know exactly which device will be the most suitable for your home or cottage. If you still have any questions, you can always ask us in the comments to this article. Our editors will try to answer them as soon as possible.