Covering for the yard


yard — my favorite place. Most of the summer season takes place here. it «hallway», «living room» and «kitchen» of the site.

And in a secluded corner there is also a «bathroom» hidden. How all this will be equipped — each owner decides for himself.

But the most important element is still the «floor» — the covering of the yard.

Everyone has their own idea of ​​comfort:

  • someone likes a solid hard coating, as in the interior, and in order to walk around it in slippers,
  • someone prefers wide paths framed by greenery,
  • others try to preserve as much as possible the natural grass cover or a mound of small stone in order to please both the eye and their bare feet.

But in the end, most come to a compromise combined option, dividing the yard into lines of movement and separate functional areas.

Yard coverage is divided into two categories:

  • solid — concrete (plain, lined, printed), flooring (terraced, plank), paving (stone, paving stones, brick, concrete elements, wooden beams and tree cuts), fine stone rammed into the sand;
  • soft — grass cover (preferably based on a geogrid), gravel (crushed stone, pebble) embankment, sand (coarse-grained will not be lifted by the wind).

All types of coatings can be combined with each other. I bring to your attention the most interesting and bright ideas.


«Self-leveling floors» in the yard is a solid concrete pavement. It can be called solid rather conditionally. After all, in an open space with a temperature difference, any coating undergoes seasonal expansion and contraction. Concrete is no exception.

In order to avoid the formation of cracks when pouring a concrete coating, expansion joints must be left — gaps of about 1 cm.

Plain concrete is the most affordable type of coating, but it looks boring. Therefore, it is often covered with paving slabs or sandstone plates.

Another option is stamped concrete. This is the same concrete solution, but it is coated with a special composition in its raw form and embossed with a polymer stencil.

«Mosaic» in a modern courtyard, it has long been no longer broken tiles, but a beautiful pattern of pebbles and flat stones.

Such a coating looks luxurious, it is pleasant to walk on it barefoot on a summer evening, when the stones heated during the day give their feet their warmth.

… And it is absolutely impossible to walk on such a coating in heels. Keep this in mind when planning your main tracks.

The thickness of the paving elements depends on the purpose and size.

  • Under pedestrian loads it is 4 cm for elements no larger than the size of the foot (about 15 x 30 cm), 6 cm for all other sizes.
  • Strong mechanical loads can only withstand paving with a thickness of 10-15 cm.

The gaps between the paving elements can be covered with a soil mixture for the purpose of further landscaping or simply with sand.

«Board floor» brings the courtyard and the interior of the house as close as possible. It blurs the line between them and the space of the house smoothly flows into the territory of the yard.

As a modern coating material, a composite terrace coating of wood and polymer material is used. Such a canvas is not much different from natural wood, moreover, it does not slip during rain and lasts up to 50 years. It is not cheap, but they lay it once and for all …

For traditional wood flooring, only dense wood species are used. Their service life will be from 10 to 20 years.

A specialized terrace board is produced exclusively in factory conditions under strong pressure. This procedure preserves the luxurious texture of the wood. This coating is used for expensive designs of the courtyard in the Art Nouveau style, terraces and SPA-zones.

For the entrance and parking area, a lawn grate is laid under the grass cover. It can withstand loads up to 3 tons.

When choosing this type of coverage, keep in mind that it must be cut regularly, once a year “feed” with fertilizers, you can’t “aggressively” clean it — only a rake, an air jet and a snow blower on a walk-behind tractor.

Combined coverage — a good choice for the yard. After all, it is divided into zones with different purposes.

So for a patio, paths, an open hearth, a hard surface is needed, for a recreation area, soft and pleasant to the touch lawn, gravel and sand are more appropriate.

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