DIY tree house

DIY tree house

Childhood dream — do-it-yourself tree house

Many parents, remembering their childhood, try to fulfill the desires of their children and build a house for them. And it is desirable that he was on a tree. Dads who decide to build such a treehouse with their own hands will find a lot of useful information in this article.

An important detail of such a project is certainly the floor, which will also serve as a support frame. There should also be an open platform that can be reached by a prepared ladder.

Safety precautions:

Most importantly, reliability! The structure must be strong, as a tree house, if poorly built, can be destroyed by strong winds. The exact construction plan should be created independently, based on the situation of your construction site.

Required materials and tools:

All of the materials and tools listed below can be bought or used from the remains of construction, which we are accustomed to store thriftily. The type of wood does not matter, you can choose any.

For construction, stock up on the following materials: boards, wooden beams and shingles for the roof.

Of the tools, it is important to have a drill, a hammer, a tape measure, various wrenches, bolts, screws, a saw, a plumb line and a ladder.

Finding the Right Tree:

Wood should be selected with a suitable structure for construction. After the tree is selected, you need to test it for strength. This will ensure that the structure is reliable and will not collapse, leading to undesirable consequences. The most optimal types of trees offered by builders are oak, maple and large spruces. A good tree is considered one that has a strong trunk and is firmly buried in the ground by its roots.

  DIY tree house

Building permission check:

Most people neglect this point, after which some of them have problems. Initially, you need to contact the city council and discuss all the details.

House fixing:

There are different ways of fastening, consider each of them.

Screw fixing to wood — the most common way. It consists in the direct fastening of the platform support beams with screws to the tree trunk.

A suspended house is a rarely practiced method due to the difficult search for a suitable tree. The bottom line is hanging the house on ropes to strong branches.

  DIY tree house

The use of supports — support pillars are buried in the ground near the tree, while not touching it itself. This method helps keep the tree intact.

Staircase to enter the house:

Any staircase is suitable for access to the house. For example, there is the most common fixed staircase that you can buy in any of the themed stores. There is also a rope ladder, it will be a little unstable, however, in combination with the house itself, it creates a beautiful connection, which adds positive emotions.

  DIY tree house

Main stages of construction:

The support beams should be measured in advance, and then begin to be screwed to the marked height according to your prepared plan. The beams should be as ideal as possible according to the calculations, because this determines the future reliability of the treehouse. Do not forget about additional supports under the entire platform as a whole.

Once the support is ready, you need to lay and attach the floor boards. We cut out the places where the branches need to be cut in advance. After we put a fence around the perimeter.

  DIY tree house

If desired, you can simply set up a tent on a finished platform, or continue building the frame of the house. Houses come in a variety of designs, you should choose the one that you like. Having finished with the frame, it remains only to lay the roof and attach the walls.

Now you can make your children happy and show what happened in the end.

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