Do-it-yourself garage-pencil case + drawing and photo

Do-it-yourself garage-pencil case + drawing and photoDo-it-yourself garage-pencil case + drawing and photo

The garage-case is a compact, but at the same time spacious rectangular structure, which is designed to store personal vehicles and other things.

For the production of this type of garage, profiled flooring is most often used, and there are also buildings made of high-strength plastic.

But the 1st option is the most popular, and this is largely due to the structural properties and the many advantages that it has.

Design features

Most owners of personal cars have long decided to replace traditional shell garages with pencil cases. Their design is nothing out of the ordinary. The box is made of pipes and galvanized profile. The assembly process is carried out using welding and bolts, and all seams are coated with a special agent that protects against the appearance of a corrosion process.

After that, the surface can be painted with pentaphthalic enamels. The roof and walls of the structure must be covered with profiled flooring, and profiled flooring with a height of up to 5 cm is used for roofing. The roof is laid on horizontal ceiling beams without intermediate gratings. Gates can be made swing or even lifting, and in this case, the choice will depend only on the personal wishes of the manufacturer (customer).

Lifting types of gates are distinguished by their convenience in the operational process and durability, and therefore they are chosen most often. The dimensions of the garage can be very different and be designed for motorcyclists / bikes with an area of ​​​​7 to 9 square meters, or designed for large vehicles with an area of ​​​​6 * 4 meters or more.


Standard sizes

The dimensions of the penal garage will directly depend on the size of the car. You should also understand in advance whether free space is required for mounting racks. According to the standard, steel structures must have an outlet within one meter on each side.

At the moment, there are 2 types of garages made in the form of a pencil case:

  • Product for one personal car with dimensions of 2.5 * 3 * 6 meters.
  • A wide building, which is intended not only for storing a personal car, but also for a small workshop with a size of 3 * 3 * 9 meters.

The choice of the type and size of the structure will depend on the requirements, as well as the personal desires of the customer. Despite the fact that visually such a garage in the form of a pencil case seems heavy and massive, in reality its weight, together with a roof without a base, will vary within 2 tons. Due to the fact that the design parameters are compact and small, this particular model is chosen by most car owners. At the moment, there is simply no need to install powerful structures with bases. It should be taken into account the fact that the mass of the structure depends not only on its size and shape, but also on the thickness of the metal used. if you use profiled flooring with a thickness of 0.2 cm, then the weight of the garage will be approximately 1 ton. In the case when the sheet thickness is about 0.6 cm, then the garage will weigh more than 2 tons. Consider this when choosing a manipulator for cargo.

Before buying, it is important to decide whether you need a place

When it’s needed

A garage made in the likeness of a pencil case is a great option for those who want to save money. Its price is significantly lower than the cost of capital buildings. Such garage buildings will perfectly fit into any type of exterior, while not violating the overall plan of architecture. The price of a garage does not depend on its colors, and therefore buyers can choose absolutely any shades. These garages are a great choice for saving space. You can choose designs only for storing a personal car, and also choose a garage, taking into account the fact that other types of accessories will be stored in it. Before buying, it is important to decide whether you need a place to store tools and spare parts, and how much more space you need to service the car. Taking into account all the nuances, you can choose designs that will meet all the wishes and requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages

The indisputable advantage of the shell garage-pencil case is that it is a team, and for this reason you can transport it and mount it on a different site. Garages reliably protect vehicles from the effects of the external environment, and it is also not afraid of terrible weather conditions, falls and blows from branches. Pencil garages are installed either separately, or you can attach them to the house. There are regular, standardized design dimensions, but it is possible to create custom orders. It is also worth noting that the product is durable — the service life is 75 years. If necessary, the owners can insulate the walls by making shelving or shelves inside, on which small items will be stored.

There are other advantages of garages made in the form of a pencil case:

  • You do not need to register this object.
  • The surface is coated with a specialized agent that protects the surface from corrosion.
  • It is not required to make a powerful foundation, it helps to save not only finances, but also time.
  • Beautiful appearance, regardless of color.

When choosing a design, it is worth stopping at models in which the roof is tilted, because water will not stagnate on it after precipitation.

Features of car storage

The demand for a garage design has been proven for a very long time, and a pencil case garage is the best place to store personal vehicles. With proper assembly and installation process, the car will receive protection from wind and all kinds of precipitation. According to manufacturers, the roof is designed for a maximum load of up to 100 kg per square meter. Usually there is no insulating material inside, there is no water vapor and condensate in the room, which makes storage of the highest quality. In summer, thanks to the heated roof, structural ventilation only improves, and the low weight makes it possible to mount a garage without a foundation, and therefore it is considered a temporary type of building. The only disadvantage of this type of construction was the poor resistance to burglary, and therefore it is important for the owner to take care of additional structural protection.

shaped like a pencil case

How to make a garage pencil case: assembly process

The cost of the assembly process and installation of the building is only 10% of the price of the object. But most of the people who once at least once encountered construction and repair prefer to assemble the structure on their own. First, it is worth preparing the site for installation, removing the sod and carefully leveling the entire site using a level and rammer. As a rule, the site is initially sprinkled with gravel, and then tamped with a wooden mallet.

After pouring a sandy layer, and then you can start assembling and installing the garage.

  1. First you need to assemble the side walls and the base. Before the assembly process, it is worth calculating everything according to the scheme and preparing pieces of steel of the required size and shape. According to the installation scheme, each of the parts is marked and signed according to the position on the frame.
  2. Assemble the lower contour, drive the mounting pegs into the ground, and then lay out a rectangle on the lower contour, fasten with bolts and fix all points with welding equipment. If all the diagonals clearly converge, then it is worth welding them completely. At the end, weld the lower transverse segments.
  3. Attach vertical racks to the bottom, you should align them with construction tape, a level and a plumb line.
  4. Horizontal pipes should be installed on bolts, and they should also be fixed with a welding machine.
  5. Weld the contour at the top from the profile and pipes, and install the side sections on the vertical racks and attach after alignment with bolts and welding. Still similar work should be done with the lintels of the back and front walls in the pencil case garage.
  6. It is worth fixing the profiled flooring on the frame with self-tapping screws, and then install the gate.

Experts strongly recommend that you remove the screwdriver groove with an angle grinder or, after assembly, weld the heads of the self-tapping screws. When choosing a gate, pay attention to lifting types of models that reduce and distribute uniform loads on the front wall of the building. The price of swing gates is less, but after a couple of years they will often need to be aligned and folded along the frame, and therefore they will not last as long as you want.

If you are not sure that you are able to cope with such large-scale work, then it is better to immediately seek help from experienced craftsmen who assemble the structure as quickly as possible, due to which it will serve for a long time. If desired, such a garage can be insulated with mineral wool, which reduces temperature fluctuations and improves ventilation, which will provide better conditions for storing a car inside.

You can use polystyrene foam in the situation if the garage will be mounted in protected areas, since otherwise ill-wishers can easily set fire to the structure. Also, keep in mind that snow and water do not accumulate inside, and the gap between the bottom of the finish with soil should be closed with a blind area made of sand cushion and paving slabs.

For the successful completion of the construction of a garage in the form of a pencil case, even the smallest elements should be thought through in advance and to the smallest detail, and it is also worth indicating everything on the drawing. The construction of schemes helps you determine the required amount of material as accurately as possible and makes it possible to save a lot of money. It is worthwhile to provide for the presence of various compact, but quite roomy lockers in the room, where spare parts and tools can be stored. About assembling a garage from profiled flooring is worth watching in the next video.