Do-it-yourself hot tub

Do-it-yourself hot tub

Do-it-yourself hot tub


  1. Do-it-yourself hot tub
  2. Hot tub mold
  3. Material for the manufacture of the font
  4. We make a wooden font on our own
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1. Traditionally, having steamed up in a hot bath, people tend to plunge into cold water. Such contrasting procedures not only bring great pleasure, but are also very beneficial for health. Therefore, it is no coincidence that baths are built on the banks of rivers or lakes.

But what should an ordinary summer resident do, whose site is located far from the reservoir? The answer is simple: install a hot tub. However, not everyone is ready for unplanned expenses, which are inevitable in case of purchasing a hot tub.

Do-it-yourself hot tub

Hot tub

In our article we will tell you how to make a font with your own hands, at a minimum cost. Of course, you still have to spend money on the material.

Hot tub mold

2. Usually, fonts have oval shape. The fact is that this form saves space. The oval font is very durable and easy to manufacture.

Do-it-yourself hot tub

oval shape

You can often find round fonts. Although, it must be admitted that this form is more suitable for a Japanese bath — O-furo. The Japanese bath is very reminiscent of our font, with a stove installed in it to heat water.

Do-it-yourself hot tub

Round fonts

Square fonts most often made of concrete or plastic. Square fonts made of wood are quite rare, as they have a number of significant drawbacks.

Do-it-yourself hot tub

Square fonts

The fact is that the square font does not have sufficient strength. In addition, the corners of such a font dry longer, which affects the wood in the most undesirable way. Well, plus everything, a square font takes up significantly more space.

Do-it-yourself hot tub

triangular font

Triangular dome. Fonts of this form are simply perfectly integrated into the interior of the bath. They take up little usable space, as they are installed in a corner. Triangular fonts are very popular in our time.

Material for the manufacture of the font

3. Now let’s talk about the materials for making the font. The most popular materials for making a font are wood, concrete or plastic.

Concrete fonts are mounted in the bath floor. It is obvious that such a font can have any shape, since concrete walls reinforced with a metal lattice provide the necessary rigidity to the walls.

As for plastic fonts, they are purchased ready-made. It is only necessary to install such a font on the floor, or in a small recess in the floor and decorate it.

We make a wooden font on our own

4. Next, we will talk about how to make a wooden font with your own hands. First you need to choose the right type of wood from which the font will be made, and here you need to take into account a number of important points. The wood of the font is in constant contact with water. This means that only those types of wood that do not absorb moisture well are suitable for us. The best choice would be: larch, oak, cedar.

Do-it-yourself hot tub

When you decide on the type of wood — do not rush to run to the store. First, you need to draw up a project in order to correctly calculate the amount of material needed. The project is drawn up in several projections.

This is necessary in order to describe in detail the structure of each side, bottom, stairs, benches. For a stand under the font, we need a bar with a section of at least 100×100 mm. The length of the beam should correspond to the size of the font. The walls, bottom, bench, stairs are made of boards with a section of 20X120 mm. We also take into account the necessary metal fasteners in the calculations.

Do-it-yourself hot tub

When the material is purchased, we proceed to the installation of the font. The boards for the walls are cut into equal segments — the size of the height of the font plus 100 mm. Each side of the board is milled with a semicircular cutter. It is this joint that will provide the best tightness.

Do-it-yourself hot tub

Boards for the bottom are milled so that there is a spike on one side and a groove on the other. The milling stage is the most important in the entire process of assembling the font. The quality of the milling depends on how accurately the components fit together. If even small gaps remain between the boards, the font will leak!

Do-it-yourself hot tub

On the boards intended for the walls of the font, we make another groove — under the bottom. The groove must be at a distance of 100 mm. from the edge of the board. Groove depth 8-10 mm.

Finished boards are carefully polished, after which we proceed to the final assembly of the font.

Do-it-yourself hot tub

The bottom boards are glued together with carpentry glue and fastened with a clamp until the glue is completely dry. After the glue dries, the bottom of a pre-planned shape is cut out of the resulting shield. This work must be done as carefully as possible — the price of a mistake is too high.

Do-it-yourself hot tub

The base bars are screwed to the finished bottom with self-tapping screws. It is clear that the screws should not go through the bottom. In general, there should not be metal fasteners inside the font.

Next, wall boards are installed. In order for the boards to fall into place, they are knocked out with a mallet.
When everything is ready, it remains to pull off the font with metal strips, mount the stairs and the bench.

After assembly, the font is carefully polished. A hole is cut in the bottom for the drain and a siphon is installed.

In our article, we talked about what materials are used to make a font, what types of wood are better to choose for making a font, what are the main steps for making a font with your own hands.

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