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How to choose FBS?

To build a low structure (residential building, public building), it is convenient to use FBS (solid foundation blocks). A tape structure is assembled from them (located under all load-bearing walls, like a tape). This is the most popular type of foundation for light buildings of low height. It is collected before the construction of houses from various materials (wood, brick, concrete). Now each person can independently choose and buy FBS in Nizhny Novgorod.


Foundation blocks are made of concrete of high grades. It withstands exposure to high humidity, temperature changes, chemicals contained in the soil. The material has great strength and is not afraid of strong compression. Inside it are laid reinforcing metal elements that resist stretching. That is why the parts remain intact during bending (applying an uneven load), when compressive loads occur on one side and tensile loads on the other.

Standard FBS have the following dimensions:

  • length 580–2380 mm;
  • width 300 or 400 mm;
  • height 580 mm;
  • weight 325–975 kg.

From these blocks it will be possible to assemble a foundation of almost any height and shape. It can be a simple rectangle or a structure of non-standard configuration, on which, for example, a house with load-bearing walls located at an acute or obtuse angle to each other will be installed.

Selection of materials

FBS are selected at the design stage. To do this, you need to perform the following calculations:

  • Determine the mass of the structure along with people, equipment and snow on the roof.
  • Find out the bearing capacity of the foundation soil and understand what the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe sole of the foundation should be so that it does not fall down. If necessary, wide FBS (concrete pillows) are used.
  • Determine the depth of the foundation, understand how many rows of blocks will have to be laid.
  • Calculate the required number of parts to assemble the structure.

It is not necessary to place the blocks close to each other. Between them there may be a small empty space in which the smallest (additional) FBS does not fit. In this case, the gap can be used to enter communications or filled with broken bricks, concrete, rubble. Crossbars will be installed on top, and the load will still be distributed evenly. When choosing them, it is important to ensure that the joints are in the central part of the FBS.

Using foundation blocks is convenient and profitable. Of these, the design of the required configuration is quickly assembled. They are connected to each other with a small amount of concrete. You can not wait until it gains 100% strength, and proceed with further construction. Due to this, the construction of a building on a FBS foundation will take less time than on a monolithic one. On the site https://kniele.ru/produktsiya/bloki-podpornykh-sten-k-blok you can find out what other products are needed for the construction of various structures.