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Modern furniture for summer cottages and gardens will help you relax and escape from the bustle of the city. A serious function is assigned to country furniture — it should embody all the joys of country life, where there is simply no place for the eternal city fuss and problems. Therefore, when choosing furniture for summer cottages and gardens, do not try to look for some variety of forms. Remember that you come to rest outside the city not only with your body, but also with your eyesight. Materials for country furniture are chosen mainly natural: wood, wicker furniture, but without practical plastic in the country, there is simply nowhere.

Wicker garden furniture is chosen because it is made of natural materials and is quite uncomplicated in itself. However, wicker chairs and chairs seem very simple only at first glance, the technologies that are used to create them are actually very complex. In ancient times, hand weaving was a very popular craft all over the world — from Russia to Ancient Egypt, and a wide variety of things were made in this way, and not just furniture. As in those ancient times, today we continue to appreciate wicker furniture not only for its ease of carrying, but also for its strength and beauty. The most suitable material for wicker furniture today is exotic rattan. Wicker rattan furniture is light, beautiful and wind-blown, which contributes to excellent ventilation.

The wood beloved by the Russian people is actually popular not only with us, but throughout the world. What can be compared with an amazing «wooden» pattern, a warm surface and a light woody aroma. Recently, artificially aged furniture with traces of bugs, chips and cracks, decorative scuffs, which are applied using a special technology, has become especially popular.

The active slogans of the «green» society call for saving the natural resources of our planet, and thus resonate with conscientious designers who increasingly give their preference to modern plastic. This tendency is easy to explain: after all, plastic is the real champion among imitation materials. It can easily «pretend» to be marble, glass, wood, metal, and you can declassify it only when you touch the surface of the product. In this regard, for a long time, plastic furniture was treated as something cheap and fake. But fortunately, these times have already passed and today plastic furniture is valued for its appearance, lightness, bright colors and incredible shapes.

Plastic furniture improves its characteristics every day: it bends less under weight, does not fade so much under the sun’s rays, and most importantly, it has become environmentally friendly. The designs of modern models have become much more complex, the surfaces are covered with laser patterns and a variety of prints, which makes plastic furniture fashionable and expensive looking.

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